Compare Hourglass App with JW Scheduler

Hourglass App (also called Hourglass) and JW Scheduler are apps or theocratic software programs designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses. The two JW software programs have some similarities and some differences.

Our intention is not to criticize other software programs, since we are all “standing firm in one spirit, with one soul, striving side by side for the faith of the good news” – Philippians 1:27.

Instead, we invite you to compare the similarities and differences between JW Scheduler and Hourglass App.

What is Hourglass App?

Hourglass App is an unofficial JW app or theocratic software program designed for congregation secretaries of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It allows JW congregation secretaries to maintain electronic Publisher Cards, Field Service reports and other congregation secretary responsibilities.

Hourglass is also known as The Hourglass App or simply hourglass app. It contains a mobile application for iOS and Android. All publisher data and records used by Hourglass App are stored on online storage servers owned by Hourglass. (see sfl 22:28)

Hourglass App and JW Scheduler Features


JW Scheduler

Hourglass App

Hourglass App and JW Scheduler Key Differences


Hourglass App has been designed for JW Congregation Secretaries, and therefore doesn’t include any scheduling ability, and limited other functions.

JW Scheduler has been designed for every elder in the congregation, including JW Congregation secretaries. Therefore JW Scheduler includes scheduling and many more functions.

Data Storage

Hourglass App stores all congregation and member data on Online Storage Servers. No data is stored on your local computer, it is all kept permanently on the Hourglass Online Storage Servers (exact location unknown).

This includes the publishers names, addressed, emergency contacts, Field Service data, disfellowshipped status, etc.

JW Scheduler stores all congregation and member data on your local computer only. Data is encrypted on your local computer at all times. JW Scheduler fully complies with sfl 22:28.

iOS and Android App

Hourglass App for iOS and Android allows publishers to submit their monthly Field Service Report. This data is then stored on online storage servers.

JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition iOS and Android App also allows publishers to submit their monthly Field Service Report. This data is then encrypted, transferred to your local computer and permanently removed from the transfer server.

In addition, the JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App also allows publishers and appointed brothers to see upcoming Christian Life and Ministry meeting assignments, Public Talk assignments, Weekend meeting assignments, Duties and Cleaning assignments.

Midweek & Weekend Meeting and Field Service schedules are also readily available, as well as Congregation Events & Congregation Announcements.

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