Compare Majestic KHS with JW Scheduler

KHS Majestic (Kingdom Hall Scheduler) and JW Scheduler are apps or theocratic software programs designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses. The two JW software programs have some similarities and some differences.

Our intention is not to criticize other software programs, since we are all “standing firm in one spirit, with one soul, striving side by side for the faith of the good news” – Philippians 1:27.

Instead, we invite you to compare the similarities and differences between JW Scheduler and KHS Majestic.

As software products often change, if you notice any errors or mistakes in any of this information, please Contact Us and we will immediately update.

What is Majestic KHS?

Majestic KHS is also known as Kingdom Hall Schedules. It is a software program used by elders and ministerial servants to create and maintain many of the schedules needed by a congregation.

Majestic KHS and JW Scheduler Features


JW Scheduler

Majestic KHS

Majestic KHS and JW Scheduler Key Differences


Majestic KHS requires a $25 USD donation per year per user who wishes to receive updates, support and access to the latest Life and Ministry schedule. No support is provided during the 30-day free trial.

JW Scheduler costs $10 USD per year for an individual license. Any brother who can’t afford this amount can donate $2 per year and still register, receiving all updates, support and the latest Life and Ministry schedule. Support is provided during the 60-day free trial.

JW scheduler also offers a Congregation License for $30 USD per year, which allows an unlimited number of brothers in your congregation to use JW Scheduler.

Data Ownership and Compatibility with other software

Majestic KHS End User License Agreement states: “KHS, including all data and programs contained therein, is owned by Majestic Software(retrieved June 2020, bold ours). Anyone using Majestic KHS must agree to this before they install the software.

JW Scheduler believes that you own your data. You may do whatever you like with it. We do not believe in locking you in to our software, and have provided comprehensive Data Export functions in common file formats.

JW Scheduler is happy to work with other brothers to increase compatibility between software programs.


Majestic KHS is available in 6 languages. The program and congregation language must be the same.

JW Scheduler is available in 41 languages, with more regularly added. You can use the program in one language, and have the congregation schedules and reports output in another language.

Privacy and Security

Majestic KHS requires each and every user to personally register, providing their First and Last Name, Email address and Congregation. This data is then stored by KHS according to their data retention policy.

JW Scheduler does not require any personal information from you or about your Congregation. We deliberately do not want or need to know these things. To register you only require your Paypal email address and a name for the registration.

Congregation Sharing

To share your data with other Majestic KHS users in your congregation, you must Export a Data Exchange file, save to USB, and then give the USB every other brother. He must then Import the Data Exchange file from USB to his KHS software. This process must be repeated after each change is made by any brother, or your data will not be synchronized and consistent. According to the Majestic KHS End User License Agreement, users may not email data files.

JW Scheduler has a special feature called Congregation Sharing. This allows all congregation and schedule data to be automatically and securely shared to all other appointed brothers in your congregation. Congregation Sharing helps all elders keep up-to-date with what is happening in the Congregation at all times. Congregation Sharing fully complies with sfl and does not store confidential data online.

Of course, Congregation Sharing can be disabled if you prefer.

Viewing the Schedules and other data

Majestic KHS and JW Scheduler can both print or email many reports and schedules, with multiple templates to choose from.

In addition, JW Scheduler has a free Publisher Edition iOS and Android App, where publishers and appointed brothers can see upcoming Christian Life and Ministry meeting assignments, Public Talk assignments, Weekend meeting assignments, Duties and Cleaning assignments.

Midweek & Weekend Meeting and Field Service schedules are also readily available, as well as Congregation Events & Congregation Announcements.

Publishers can also submit their Field Service Reports using the App.

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