Compare JW Scheduler with CLM Explorer

Both JW Scheduler and CLM Explorer are JW apps or theocratic software programs designed to help elders schedule the Christian Life and Ministry Meeting CLM.

Both JW apps do a great job of scheduling the Christian Life and Ministry meeting. However there are some key differences between JW Scheduler and CLM Explorer. One main difference is that JW Scheduler allows you to also schedule Public Talks, Duties, Kingdom Hall Cleaning, Lawn and Garden Care, organise Field Service Groups and more. Whereas CLM Explorer is limited to scheduling the Life and Ministry Meeting.

Of course, our intention is not to criticize other software programs, but rather show both programs running side-by-side. We also would like to highlight how JW Scheduler is quick and easy to use, hopefully saving you time for the more important things: spending time with your family, preaching and shepherding.

User Interface

JW Scheduler uses the latest MVVM Windows 10 programming techniques to create a modern User Interface. This is very similar to the design and layout of the JW Library app. The fonts are large and easy to read. Colors are used to make the program more appealing and provide direct feedback, for example when a CLM part has been scheduled. The buttons are large, easy to click and change colour on hover.

JW Scheduler Summary
  • Modern Windows 10 User Interface
  • Writing and fonts are clear and distinct
  • Colorful and appealing

Adding Members

Adding members is an important part of any CLM Scheduler program, since most congregations have a lot of members!

When adding members with JW Scheduler, you can simply click New and then enter as little or much information as you want. You don’t even need to add a last name! This is very helpful for congregations in restricted territories. All Member information is displayed on one easy-to-read screen, and can be edited in seconds. There is no need to add a Family first, or click on various tabs to access Member information.

JW Scheduler Summary
  • Add a new member with one click
  • Enter as much or little member information as you like
  • All member information is displayed on one easy-to-read screen


The most important part of any JW app that Schedules the CLM is the actual scheduling!

JW  Scheduler can schedule any meeting part with just a few clicks, in a few seconds! Visual feedback is immediately provided when a part has been scheduled. You can also schedule every part, a few parts, or no parts! It is easy to see which are the Assistant, prayers and reader parts. There is no need to “Commit” or “Save” a schedule, everything saves automatically.

JW Scheduler Summary
  • Schedule a CLM part with a few clicks, in a few seconds.
  • Schedule all, some or none of the Christian Life and Ministry meeting.
  • No need to "Commit" or "Save", everything saves automatically.

Printing Reports and Slips

Printing and saving appealing Reports and assignment slips is another key aspect of scheduling the CLM meeting.

JW Scheduler has a wide-range of visually appealing schedules, and allows all schedules to be saved as either Word documents, PDF’s or directly printed to your printer. By saving as a Word document, you are able to easily make any last-minute changes or adjustments. On the other hand, saving to PDF is quick, easy and a great way to distribute the reports. Assignment slips printed or saved with JW Scheduler also display extra information to help the student know which part they are giving, e.g. Initial Call 1.

JW Scheduler Summary
  • All schedules, reports and assignment slips can be saved as Word, PDF or printed directly.
  • Extra information is displayed on Assignment slips to help students.

Saving and Backups

There are no Save buttons anywhere in JW Scheduler. This is because everything saves automatically! There is never any need to press “Save”. Backups are also automatically created every time the program is closed, with the last 15 backups kept.

JW Scheduler Summary
  • There is no need to press Save, since everything saves automatically!
  • There is no need to manually backup every single time, since backups are taken automatically.
  • Can choose to Backup automatically to the Cloud in case of computer crash.


As we can see, both JW Scheduler and CLM Explorer are effective tools to schedule the Christian Life and Ministry meeting CLM.

However there are some differences in design and function. We recommend trying both programs and see which one you prefer and which one saves you time. Remember the less time you spend on scheduling, the more time you can spend with your family, preaching or shepherding the friends!

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