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Please carefully check Help & Support before contacting us.

If you have not yet started using JW Scheduler, please also check our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a problem with JW Scheduler, please click Contact Us – Problem

Our Help & Support pages provide comprehensive information about how to use JW Scheduler and how JW Scheduler works. This is our primary method of support. We do not provide training or support about how to use JW Scheduler, or how to use any feature or function, as this is already explained in Help & Support.

Our Help & Support pages should answer almost every question you may have.

If Help & Support do not explain how to do something, this likely means it cannot be done in JW Scheduler. Please feel free to submit a Suggestion if you feel we should add this feature.

If you have carefully checked both Help & Support and Frequently Asked Questions and still have a question that is not answered or explained anywhere on our website, please Contact Us

Why do we ask users to first carefully check Help & Support?

Software development and support is very expensive and very time-consuming. Despite this, we try very hard to keep our registration costs as low as possible. This allows many more brothers, even in poorer countries, to benefit from JW Scheduler.

An important way we keep our registration cost so low is by first asking users to please carefully check Help & Support. Those pages provide answers to almost every question or problem.

Did you know?

JW Scheduler contains at least twice as many features as other software programs, yet is less than half the cost. For example:

Individual user
JW Scheduler: $10
Majestic KHS: $25
CLM Explorer: $25
OCLM Software: $25

Congregation with 5 elders (COBE, Secretary, LMMO, Field Service Overseer, Public Talk Coordinator)
JW Scheduler: $30 (unlimited users)
Majestic KHS: $125
CLM Explorer: $50 (only COBE and LMMO)
OCLM Software: $50 (only COBE and LMMO)

Additionally, JW Scheduler has a LIMITED FINANCIAL MEANS registration of only $2 that is available to anyone who is unable to afford the Standard Registration, not just pioneers or special full-time servants.

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