Contact Us – Suggestion

We are only able to accept suggestions and feature requests from Registered Users who have been using JW Scheduler for at least 3 months.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. We receive many suggestions or feature requests from brothers who have only just started using JW Scheduler and therefore do not understand why we made certain design decisions. Please first try using JW Scheduler the way it was designed for several months before making suggestions. While it may be different from the way you are used to doing things, you will likely find it is actually better.
  2. Additionally, we receive many suggestions and feature requests for things that JW Scheduler can already do. Again this is likely due to brothers not taking the time to fully understand the software.

We kindly ask brothers to please only submit a suggestion or feature request if:

  1. You are a Registered User
  2. You have used JW Scheduler for at least 3 months
  3. You have carefully checked Help & Support and confirmed that this feature does not already exist.
  4. You have carefully checked Frequently Asked Questions and confirmed that this feature does not already exist.

If you are a registered user who has been using JW Scheduler for at least 3 months, and if you have carefully checked Help & Support and Frequently Asked Questions, please feel free to Contact Us with your suggestion.

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