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JW Scheduler is the quickest and easiest way to schedule the Christian Life and Ministry meetingPublic TalksDuties such as Attendants, Sound, Platform, Microphones, Kingdom Hall Cleaning, Lawn & Garden Care and more! JW Scheduler can also organize Field Service Groups. Sharing with all brothers in your congregation can be enabled in one-click and is fully automatic & secure.

JW Scheduler 2.2

Alternate Download Link JW Scheduler

Note: If you receive any Microsoft Smart-Screen or Anti-virus warnings, you can safely ignore these warnings. JW Scheduler is 100% safe.

Release Date: 2019-03-21

  • NEW FEATURE: Lawn and Garden Care! You can now schedule Kingdom Hall Lawn and Garden Care, also called Lawn and Garden Maintenance. Print a separate Lawn and Garden Schedule, or combine with the Cleaning schedule.
  • NEW FEATURE: Password protection. You can now password protect JW Scheduler. Since all data is already encrypted, this is an excellent way to fully protect all Congregation, Member and schedule information. However please be careful to remember your password!
  • UPDATE: New option to set a Member as “Student only”. This is useful since not all Apply yourself to  Students are publishers or unbaptised publishers.
  • FIX: Auto-Assignment bug fixes
  • FIX: Assignment Slips bug fixes with some languages
  • FIX: Various other minor bug fixes. Thanks for reporting. If you notice any bugs, please let us know!


  • Scheduling Public Witnessing such as Literature Carts, Stands, etc.
  • Public Talk Neighboring Congregations. Allowing Public Talk Coordinators to enter Neighboring congregation speakers and share your speaker lists with other congregations.
  • Auto-Assign for some Christian Life and Ministry meeting parts.

Previous Versions of JW Scheduler

JW Scheduler 2.1

Download Link: JW Scheduler 2.1

Release Date: 2019-03-10

  • NEW FEATURE: Added Backup Reminder for offsite backups. Although JW Scheduler automatically saves and performs backups, it is wise to also periodically backup to USB or a File Sharing website. You will now be reminded every X weeks (default 4, can be adjusted in Settings). Backup Reminders can be disabled by setting Backup Reminder to 0 weeks.
  • UPDATE: Updated the Chairman Outline Template
  • UPDATE: Added Portrait Public Talk Schedule Template. This might fit better on your Congregation Notice Board.
  • UPDATE: Various Language translations. Thank you to those who helped improve the translation into different languages! If you want to help or notice any problems with the translations, please see How Can I Help
  • FIX: Better remembers last used templates
  • FIX: Fixed various bugs related to Templates, Auto-Assign, Away Public Talks, UBP Members, Printing PDFs, etc. Thank you for everyone who reported bugs! If you notice any bugs, please report them.
JW Scheduler 2.0

Download Link: JW Scheduler 2.0

Release Date: 2019-02-25

We are pleased to announce a major update and new name for JW Scheduler!

  • NEW FEATURE: JW Scheduler now supports scheduling Public Talks, both Incoming and Outgoing speakers, Duties including Attendants, Sounds, Video, Platform, Microphones and Cleaning.
  • NEW FEATURE: JW Scheduler can now be used by the Service Overseer to arrange and organise Field Service Groups, including assigning the Overseer, Assistants, Pioneers and publishers.
  • NEW FEATURE: JW Scheduler can now be used by congregation Secretaries to store personal information for all congregation members.
  • NEW NAME: JW CLM Scheduler has been renamed JW Scheduler. This better reflects the fact that JW Schedule is a complete package for scheduling everything in a congregation!
  • NEW REGISTRATION: JW Schedule can now be installed on as many personal devices as you like, e.g. your main computer, laptop and tablets.
  • UPDATE: The User Interface has been updated to be more appealing, while showing more useful information.
  • UPDATE: Members list now allows Filtering by Active/Inactive, Baptised, Male, Female, Elders, Ministerial Servants, Special, Regular and Auxiliary Pioneers and more.
  • UPDATE: Many new Templates for scheduling the Public Talks, Duties and Cleaning Schedules.
  • UPDATE: Can now select whether a Member is the Group Overseer, Group Servant or Group Assistant. Can also select whether they are a Special Pioneer, Regular Pioneer or Auxiliary Pioneer.
  • UPDATE: Chairman’s Outline Template now shows Start times, not End times. This is more in line with branch direction.
  • Bug Fixes: Some small bug fixes for the S-140 template.
JW CLM Scheduler v1.4

Download Link: JW CLM Scheduler v1.4

Release Date: 2019-01-29

  • NEW TEMPLATE: S-140 is now available!
  • NEW FEATURE: You can now schedule for Foreign Language Groups! Mark a School as a Foreign Language Group and you can schedule this group to conduct their own Treasures Talk, Digging for Spiritual Gems and Congregation Bible Study.
  • NEW FEATURE: JW CLM Scheduler now works will small screen sizes, and scales better at large screen sizes. Layout has been re-designed. Further changes are coming to make it even easier to use.
  • NEW FEATURE: Settings will now automatically remember the last View and selected Template.
  • UPDATE: Schedule and Assignment Slips will now use Meeting Day of Week when printing.
  • UPDATE: Video parts now shows who will take the part, namely either the Chairman or Auxiliary Counselor.
  • UPDATE: Monthly Schedule now shows the Weekly Bible Reading for each week.
  • UPDATE: Can now select whether a Member is the Group Overseer, Group Servant or Group Assistant.
  • Bug Fix: Monthly Schedule – Week 2 Chairman
  • Bug Fix: Timing for Living Parts fixed
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes Member data would not save correctly.

FUTURE: JW CLM Scheduler is currently being designed to also schedule Public Talks, Sound and Attendants, Cleaning and much more. The next update will be big!

JW CLM Scheduler v1.3

Alternate Download Link: JW CLM Scheduler v1.3

Release Date: 2019-01-09

  • NEW FEATURE: Assignment Slips can now adjust Font Size, making them easier to read. (Adjust in Settings)
  • NEW FEATURE: Assignment Slips can now adjust Date Format, allowing you to chose which format best suits your congregation. (Adjust in Settings)
  • NEW FEATURE: Selecting Member: Automatically suggests the best member for a part. This saves you time when scheduling.
  • UPDATE: Now uses the new 2019 Assignment Slips
  • UPDATE: Assignment Slips now display further Part information underneath the date.
  • UPDATE: Help section has been updated to better reflect the available JW CLM Scheduler Help options.
  • UPDATE: When choosing the Assistant, can no longer select a member of the opposite sex.
  • BUG FIXES: Chairman Outline fields now all correctly display.
  • BUG FIXES: Assistant Assignment Slips now all correctly print.
JW CLM Scheduler v1.2

Alternate Download Link: JW CLM Scheduler v1.2

Release Date: 2018-12-21

  • Import from CLM Explorer. Do you currently use CLM Explorer? You can now Import congregation, schedule and student data from CLM Explorer into JW CLM Scheduler with a single click!
  • Auxiliary School Overseer. Schedule a different Auxiliary School Overseer each week.
  • Reports View. Templates now contain a Preview showing what they will look like.
  • Templates. Templates were updated to be more appealing, and contain references to the Auxiliary School Overseers.
  • Special Weeks. Weeks can now be set to Circuit Overseer, Assembly / Convention, Memorial or Cancel.
JW CLM Scheduler v1.1

Release Date: 2018-12-12

  • Share data. The COBE and Life and Ministry Overseer can automatically share the Congregation, Member and Scheduler from their own computers. 
  • Schedule the entire Life and Ministry Meeting, including all parts and prayers.
  • Flexible. Schedule some of the meeting, or all of it. Enter some member data or all member data. Can print any schedule without completing the whole meeting. 
  • Supports multiple languages at the same time, e.g. use the program in one language, create the schedule in another. Useful if you serve in a foreign language group or are still learning the language.
  • Tracks the history of all students, including Elders and Ministerial Servants.
  • Modern User Interface using the latest programming techniques.
  • A variety of appealing Templates to choose from, with more and more added with each update.
  • Automatically saves and automatically backs up. No need to press any save buttons (which you might forget!)
  • Font size readable in any languages.
  • Safe and secure. ALL data is locally encrypted. If you choose to Share data, this is again encrypted both during transfer and at storage.
  • Save schedules in DOC or PDF format. Print or email (coming soon) any schedule.

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