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JW Scheduler is the quickest and easiest way to schedule and organise the Christian Life and Ministry meetingPublic Talks, JW Secretary Records, Field Service schedulesDuties and even more!

JW Scheduler 6.4

Release Date: 2022-07-21


This update mostly includes bug fixes and reliability improvements, especially regarding NW Publisher app and Congregation Sharing.

We have also spent time improving Public Witnessing Scheduling based on user feedback and suggestions.

Important Information

  • Any congregation previously using either ‘North America East’ or ‘Pacific’ Sharing Regions, who has not already done so, will need to please re-setup Sharing on the new ‘2’ servers.

Release Notes



  • New North America East 2 and Pacific 2 Sharing Servers. Other servers will be gradually updated, in due time.
  • Congregation Administrators can now Backup “Shared Persons” including User Access, and Restore if needed. Occasionally, new Sharing Servers are created or existing ones are updated, which requires re-setting up Congregation Sharing. If you backup your Shared Persons, this will be a much quicker and easier process.
  • Non-Administrators can no longer accidentally “re-setup” Congregation Sharing.


  • Added “Assign” Filter to Persons.
  • “Active Brothers” filter has been renamed and adjusted to “Non-appointed Active Brothers”.


  • New Service Overseer Quick Step: Send Public Witnessing Schedule to all approved publishers.
  • Updated Public Talk Coordinator Quick Step: Weekend Assignments Reminder. The Chairman Assignment now includes details of the upcoming Public Talk, including speaker, congregation, outline and song.


  • When creating a Public Witnessing Reservation in JW Scheduler, a warning will display if the person will be away.
  • Using JW Scheduler, can now make multiple Public Witnessing Reservations for the same publisher on the same shift. (E.G. They are bringing a friend from another congregation)
  • NW Publisher app notifications are now sent for Public Witnessing Reservations created in JW Scheduler.
  • Can now display the Public Witnessing Schedule on the NW Publisher app and not allow publishers to make Reservations (see App Features).


  • Email Send To now includes more filter options, including Assign. (e.g. it is now much easier to send to all Approved for Public Witnessing)
  • New Email Tags for First Name [TO_FIRST_NAME], Last Name [TO_LAST_NAME] and Gender Title [TO_GENDER_TITLE], e.g. Dear Brother Smith.


  • New 4 Weeks per page for Public Witnessing
  • Territory Assignment Records now includes the explanatory message down the bottom to help brothers understand what the Last Completed column actually means
  • Maintenance Duties by Person now includes the description of the task
  • Public Speaker Exchange Summary added an option to Show Contact Information. Also, if no Outline has been assigned, the speakers “Public Talks can give” will be included instead
  • Away Public Talks List now includes an option to Show Contact Information
  • Missing Reports now includes an option for One page per group

NW PUBLISHER APP (*requires NW Publisher app 2.5.0 or greater*)

  • Added a new App Feature Allow Public Witnessing Reservations. This will either allow or disallow publishers to make reservations using the NW Publisher app. (NOTE: Publishers must be using NW Publisher app 2.5.0 or greater!)
  • App Logs – Public Witnessing has now been separated and is much clearer.
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements, especially regarding to sending Field Service Reports.


  • Bug fixes are usually released in Build Updates. If you have a problem or bug, please click Me > Updates > Check for Updates
  • This release also fixed several bugs relating to NW Publisher app, Congregation Sharing and more

Previous Versions of JW Scheduler

JW Scheduler 6.3

Release Date: 2022-06-24

Download Link: JW Scheduler 6.3


We are excited to announce both Public Witnessing (Cart) scheduling and Maintenance Task scheduling! We are sure you will find these new features helpful.

This update also includes many, many improvements to the NW Publisher app, Territories and Scheduling, especially Field Service, Cleaning and Garden Care scheduling.

Important Information

  • User Access will need to be re-setup for the following new and updated features: Territories, Public Witnessing, Maintenance and NW Publisher app
  • Any non-numeric Territory Numbers need to be manually converted to numbers after the update. Assigned Territories might need to be refreshed to see the new Territory Number, Notes and DNC fields on NW Publisher app.
  • The Service Overseer should double-check all Group Field Service Meetings correctly converted to regular Field Service Meetings and are on the schedule. Field Service Templates will need to be re-saved with these new field service meetings.

Release Notes


  • Public Witnessing (Cart Scheduling). JW Scheduler can now schedule Public Witnessing, including Cart Locations and Shifts. After the initial schedule is setup, publishers can Reserve shifts via the NW Publisher app. Please see Schedule > Public Witnessing.

  • Maintenance Tasks (LDC) Scheduling. LDC Maintenance Tasks can be added to JW Scheduler and then assigned to up to 4 brothers, groups or congregations. Tasks can be marked as Completed. These tasks will appear on NW Publisher under Duties. Please see Scheduling > Maintenance.

  • Import EPUB Meeting Workbook. You can now import the EBPUB Meeting Workbook directly into JW Scheduler, if the meeting data is missing.

    • Note: We will continue to automatically update the midweek meeting data every 2-4 weeks. If you do not want to wait, you can now import the EPUB yourself as soon as it is available.

  • New “Change Meeting Day” Congregation Event. This can be used to change your midweek or weekend meeting day for one week only (e.g. another congregation has their CO Visit)

  • Tips. When JW Scheduler is opened, helpful Tips can be optionally displayed to help you learn to use JW Scheduler’s advanced features.


  • Congregation Field Service Totals. Similar to the Summary provided on the S-21 for Circuit Overseers.

  • Public Witnessing Schedule

  • Maintenance Calendar

  • Maintenance Schedule Yearly

  • Maintenance Schedule Monthly

  • Maintenance Duties by Person



  • Added “Shared Persons re-verify period” option. This lets Administrators choose how long before a Shared Person must re-verify their device (via an email code)
  • Congregation Sharing Passwords now must be a minimum of 10 characters.
  • Sample Congregations can no longer use Congregation Sharing or the NW Publisher app. That is not the purpose of a Sample Congregation.


  • Missing Reports Only option has been moved to top Filter list


  • Territories interface has been split into 3 sections: Information, Assignments and Map. The design is similar to Persons
  • Added Territory Type with Code. E.G. C – City. The Code will be prepended to the Territory Number, e.g. C-1, C-2, etc.
  • Territory Numbers should now be numeric only. An automatic conversion will be applied, but some numbers might need to be manually updated
  • Can now Import Territories from Territory Helper
  • Territories now contain 2 Custom Fields (default is Notes and Do Not Calls)
  • When publishers Check In or Complete a territory, they can send Notes from the NW Publisher app.
  • Added new Territory Filters: by Type, Overdue, Not Completed in 6 months, Not Completed in 12 months
  • Overdue and Assigned Territories are now highlighted
  • Territory Types and Areas are now edited directly from Territories
  • Territories User Access has been split into Territories and Territory Assignments


  • Literature Servant Role will now show outstanding requests on the Me view.


  • Export to JW Scheduler file button added
  • Coordinates field for the publishers address added to Person Information, with a Locate button
  • 2 extra Custom Spiritual fields added to Person Spiritual
  • CLM Student moved to Assign tab
  • Assign tab design improved to better fit the extra duties, cleaning and maintenance options
  • Added button to “Link Emergency Contacts” if they were received from the NW Publisher app


  • Language Groups midweek meetings can now schedule their own unique Living 1 and Living 2 parts.


  • Refresh buttons added to Living 1 and Living 2 parts, which will re-add the Meeting Workbook titles and timing for those parts.


  • Select Public Speaker screen minor design improvements
  • Public Talk Outline History now shows who was the last speaker to give that talk in your congregation
  • Last Public Speaker can be added to Enter Past History


  • Field Service scheduler has been completely re-designed, and now allows multiple Field Service Meetings per time period.
  • “Group Field Service Meetings” have been moved to the Field Service Scheduler
  • Can now assign a Conductor for all Field Service Meetings, including Group Field Service Meetings
  • Multiple groups can be assigned to one Field Service Meeting (e.g. for combined field service meetings)


  • Cleaning Schedule now shows any Congregation Events for the selected week
  • Cleaning can now Auto-Assign by person, group or neighbor congregation


  • Garden Care name can be customized with 2 new Custom “Garden Duties”
  • Garden Care can be scheduled Per Week or Per Month
  • Garden Care can be assigned to persons, groups or neighbor congregations, with up to 2 per “Garden duty”.


  • Email Tag for Kingdom Hall has been split into Kingdom Hall and Zoom tags, since Zoom details are not needed when emailing Public Talk reminders.


  • Preview will now launch a PDF, not XPS. XPS viewer is no longer required to preview.


  • S-13 design improved and added Letter size
  • Territory Cards design improved, added QR Code and optional Notes and Do Not Calls
  • Assignments by Person renamed to Assignments and Duties by Person
  • Persons Spiritual Summary added recent Field Service Averages
  • Header will now show on each page of the following reports: CLM Assignments by Person, Public Talk Schedule Alternate, Public Talk History and Duties Schedule.

NW PUBLISHER APP (*requires NW Publisher app 2.3.2 or greater*)

  • User Access has been split into App & App Persons and Send App Data. This allows Ministerial Servants to still Send App Data without have access to App Persons.
  • Public Witnessing! (Cart schedule) Publishers can now view and reserve spots for Public Witnessing. Enable in App Features.
  • Field Service Activity – NW Publisher can now be used to record your field service activity during the month
  • Maintenance Tasks (LDC) now shown in Duties
  • Schedules screen design improved to fit more schedules on the screen, including Public Witnessing
  • Me screen button moved to bottom menu
  • Yellow ‘Me’ icon will show next to a schedule if you have a part, public witnessing reservation or CO visit activity
  • Added “Apply to whole family” option for Away Periods
  • Added option to Use Device PDF Viewer, instead of the in-built PDF viewer. Publishers should enable this if they have problems accessing PDFs on their phone, or if you want to use Editable PDFs.
  • New shortcut to your Field Service Activity on the top menu bar
  • Many other design and performance improvements, and bug fixes


  • Cebuano
  • Chuukese Chuuk
  • GA
  • Hawai’i Pidgin
  • Kabuverdianu
  • Lingala
  • Nepali
  • Persian
  • Punjabi
  • Slovenian
  • Tongan Faka-Tonga
  • Uzbek
  • Wallisian Faka’uvea


  • Afrikaans
  • Croatian hrvatski
  • Korean
  • Swahili Kiswahili


  • Bug fixes are usually released in Build Updates. If you have a problem or bug, please click Me > Updates > Check for Updates
  • This release also fixed several bugs relating to NW Publisher app, Language Groups and more

JW Scheduler 6.2

Release Date: 2022-04-25

Download Link: JW Scheduler 6.2


JW Scheduler is used by many different congregations in many different ways. Some congregations are small, some are large. Some use many features, some use only a few. To better accommodate all our different users, while still supporting the development of new features, we are happy to introduce three Registration Options: IndividualCongregation Standard and Congregation Premium.

To help everyone transition to the new Registration Options, all existing Congregation Registrations have been given a complimentary upgrade to Congregation Premium for the remainder of your license. After, you may downgrade to Congregation Standard if you prefer.

Warm Christian Love, JW Scheduler Team

Important Information

  • Please first adjust any Custom Duty titles before making assignments. This ensures the new titles are correctly sent to the JWS Publisher app.

Release Notes


  • Literature. Literature Requests and Literature Items can now be entered into JW Scheduler! Publishers can also make Literature Requests directly from the JWS Publisher app. A default selection of Literature Items has been added, and you can also add your own custom Literature Items. Please see Congregation > Literature.

  • Custom Duties. Due to the new Hybrid Meeting arrangements, JW Scheduler now supports up to 8 fully customizable Duties. Each meeting you may now assign up to 20 different brothers to perform these duties! Please see Scheduling > Duties.

  • Registration Options. JW Scheduler is used by many different congregations in many different ways. Some congregations are small, some are large. Some use many features, some use only a few. To better accommodate all our different users, while still supporting the development of new features, we have introduced three Registration Options: IndividualCongregation Standard and Congregation Premium. Please see Me > Registration to see the features of each option.

    • Note: To help everyone transition to the new Registration Options, all existing Congregation Registrations have been given a complimentary upgrade to Congregation Premium for the remainder of your license. After, you may downgrade to Congregation Standard if you prefer.

  • Registration. You can now Register, Renew, Upgrade or Downgrade directly from within JW Scheduler. Please see Me > Registration.

  • License Server. Registration Keys no longer need to be manually entered. Instead, JW Scheduler will automatically connect with our License Server to check your Registration. This should greatly simplify registration. Please see Me > Registration.


  • Duties Schedule. Several new templates to better display large amounts of duties and brothers.

  • Weekly Overview. New Colorful template.

  • Cleaning and Garden Care. New Cleaning only and Garden Care only templates.

  • Other Groups. New Other Groups template to print all Other Groups.

  • Field Service Groups. Added checkbox for “Show Unassigned”.

  • Away Public Speakers List. Away Public Speakers List changed to Public Speakers List, and includes an option to include Local Speakers.

  • Emergency Contact List can now choose the Name Format.



  • Language Groups are now created from Other Groupsnot Field Service Groups. This allows more flexibility, e.g. multiple Field Service Groups are part of the Language Group, or your congregation has multiple Weekend Meetings, etc. All existing Language Groups will be automatically converted to Other Groups, but you may need to remove the previous Field Service Group.
  • Language Groups can now set their own Living as Christians part themes and timing.


  • Cleaning can now be assigned by Week or by Meeting, the same as Duties.
  • Cleaning assigned by Week will show the Cleaning Duty twice on the JWS Publisher app, once for each meeting.

JWS PUBLISHER APP (requires JWS Publisher app 2.1 or greater)

  • Literature Requests can be sent from the Me screen, if enabled by the elders.
  • Can now open PDFs using phones default viewer (to allow for printing, links, etc)
  • Star now shows next to recently updated Schedules
  • Added warning when re-sending Field Service Report


  • Bug fixes are usually released in Build Updates. If you have a problem or bug, please click Me > Updates > Check for Updates.

JW Scheduler Download Archives

For other previous versions of JW Scheduler, please visit JW Scheduler Download Archives.

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