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JW Scheduler is the quickest and easiest way to schedule and organise the Christian Life and Ministry meetingPublic Talks, JW Secretary Records, Field Service schedulesDuties and even more!

JW Scheduler 6.0


We are very excited to release JW Scheduler 6, our biggest release ever! This release focuses on making JW Scheduler even easier to use and making the more advanced features even more accessible.

To that end, we are pleased to announce the Me view, which contains My Tasks, My Congregation Responsibilities and Quick Steps. The User Interface was also updated and improved to give nearly 20% more screen space. Enjoy!

Important Information

  • To allow publishers to see their Field Service Group again on the JWS Publisher app, either enable the app feature Show Publishers Contact Information, or if you do not want to enable that feature, simply disable then re-enable the app feature Show Field Service Group.

  • If name highlighting is not working on JWS Publisher app for a schedule, simply refresh that Meeting Schedule.

Release Notes


  • Me view. Provides an overview of JW Scheduler customized just for you! Contains My Tasks, My Congregation Responsibilities and Quick Steps. Registration, Settings and Updates are now placed under Me.

  • Tasks. JW Scheduler will automatically generate My Tasks just for you (e.g. Accounts Audit, Arrange Service Overseer visit, Check RP hours, etc). You can also create Custom Tasks that can be assigned to yourself or others. Tasks have a Due Date and will show a warning when they are overdue.

  • My Congregation Responsibilities. Based on your Congregation Responsibilities, JW Scheduler will show anything outstanding that you need to do (e.g. schedule Life and Ministry Meeting, follow up missing reports, enter missing Publisher contact information, etc).

  • Quick Steps. Customized just for you, Quick Steps allow you to quickly and easily perform common and powerful steps in JW Scheduler (e.g. Send Public Talk Reminder, Send Life & Ministry Meeting Assignment Reminders, Send Missing Reports List to Group Overseers)

  • Schedule Public Talks Combined View. In addition to selecting Local and Away Public Talks, you can now see these together on one combined Public Talks View.

  • Show Publisher Contact Information on JWS Publisher app. Elders can now enable an App Feature to view Publishers Contact and Emergency Contact Information on the JWS Publisher app. This will display under Me > Field Service Group.


  • User Interface (UI) re-design. Almost every View has been updated and refreshed, including a new Sidebar and Topbar which gives nearly 20% more screen space. All fonts, sizes and colours are now consistent throughout.

  • Theme Colors. You can now select a JW Scheduler Theme. See Me > Settings.

  • Shortcuts. Many shortcuts have been added throughout the program (e.g. Schedule Local Public Talks can now navigate to Public Speakers with 1-click!).

  • Tool Tips have been added to most icons and unlabelled buttons. Hover your mouse-over to see.

  • Initial View can now be set in Me > Settings.


  • Congregation Responsibilities by Person. Shows which Congregation Responsibilities each person performs.

  • Landscape Life and Ministry Meeting Schedule with space for three schools.

  • Territory Cards. Territory Cards can now be printed from JW Scheduler.

  • Public Speakers Exchange Summary. Shows all upcoming Local Public Talks and Away Public Talks made with a specific congregation.

  • Email Templates. Dozens of new and updated Email Templates that work with Quick Steps. These have also been translated into most languages.



  • Changing This Year meeting days and times will also update Next Year.
  • Meeting Time changes will now update App data.


  • Congregation Events and Congregation Announcements views have been separated.
  • Congregation Events can now be assigned to Field Service Groups (e.g. Service Overseer visit).
  • Congregation Announcements now include a Display After date, allow you to prepare announcements in advance, but only display after a certain date.


  • Public Speakers can now be moved to another congregation.


  • Meeting Attendance now shows the dates of the meetings.
  • Meeting Attendance will now show BLANK rather than 0 if data has not been entered.


  • Congregation Responsibilities view UI completely re-designed.
  • Added 2nd Assistant for all responsibilities.
  • Added 3 Custom Responsibilities.
  • Renamed some responsibilities to better match od and sfl.


  • Territories can now include a Link
  • Territory Assignments can now indicate if a Territory was completed during a Campaign.
  • New “No Campaign” Territory Filter.
  • Can now Import and Export Territories and Territory Assignments to CSV.
  • Added “Lock” button for Territories to prevent accidental editing or deleting.
  • Territories UI improved to create a better workflow.


  • Members has been renamed to Persons throughout JW Scheduler. This better reflects the language used on
  • New Persons Filter: Appointed Brothers
  • Inactive and Disfellowshipped persons are now highlighted in grey and moved to the bottom.
  • First Report renamed to Date first started preaching.


  • Life and Ministry Meeting schedule can now be Imported and Exported to CSV.
  • Can now select an Assistant from the same family, even if they are a different gender.


  • Local Public Talks UI has been re-designed to be clearer and easier to use.
  • Local Public Talks now has a Notes field which can be used by the Public Talk Coordinator (e.g. Email Reminder send)
  • Local Public Talks includes a Send Email Reminder button for the next 4 weeks.
  • Local Public Talks Custom columns will now disappear if you delete the Custom Assignment text (i.e. you don’t use those columns). This allows more space to display the schedule.
  • When scheduling the Local Public Speaker, can now search for a speaker by Name.
  • Away Public Talks also has a Notes field, which can include special instructions for the Public Speaker and will appear on their JWS Publisher app.
  • Scheduling Away Public Talks will show the Neighbour Congregation meeting Day and Time.


  • Field Service Schedule can now Load Template for multiple weeks.
  • Field Service Schedule can now select the Circuit Overseer as the Conductor.
  • Duties Schedule dates now show the day name Initial.


  • Added Test Internet button if you experience connection problems.

JWS PUBLISHER APP (requires JWS Publisher app 1.5 or greater)

  • Send Data to App greatly simplified, and can now be done in 1-click! (e.g. added “Prepare and Send” button, and waiting Data will automatically be highlighted).
  • App Features moved to the main App View.
  • All JWS Publisher app assignments, duties and events can now be added to your phone calendar.
  • JWS Publisher app now has an in-built PDF Viewer, which can display PDF territories.
  • Field Service and other schedules will now show in 24-hour time if the brother who sent the data is using 24-hour time.
  • App now uses UTC dates where possible, meaning brothers in different time zones should be able to see the correct date.
  • Schedules view re-designed, and now shows 4 weeks.
  • Publishers using old app versions will now receive a reminder to please update.
  • When returning a Territory, publishers will now see a confirmation view.


  • Templates that require a Start and End Period now have default values.
  • Publisher Records S-21 updated.
  • Publisher Records S-21 for Circuit Overseer can now choose Name Format.
  • Publisher Records S-21 can now be Sent Individually to each publisher.
  • Public Talk Schedule templates better spacing, and can remove Outline Number.
  • Away Public Speakers List now includes the Congregation, Public Talk Coordinator and COBE details.
  • Weekly Overview now removes unused duties.
  • Public Speaker Invitations also show the Public Talk Coordinator Assistant Contact Details.
  • Assignment Slips can now include Email address.
  • Congregation Responsibilities report re-designed.
  • Emergency Contact List design improved. This report is also now printed for the Circuit Overseer for his visit.
  • Territory Assignments Records now indicates if a territory was completed during a campaign.


  • Many new and updated Email Tags, that can be customized to show data from a certain week. These are used in many Quick Steps.
  • Email Templates have been split into Default and Custom. New and updated Default Email Templates will no longer overwrite your Custom Email Templates. Quick Steps will use Custom first, and if none found, the Default Email Template.
  • Invitation Email for JW Scheduler and JWS Publisher app.
  • Many new Send To filters: Field Service Group, Appointed Brothers, Shared Persons Not Connected, etc.


  • Me icon will show Orange and Red warnings if there are things requiring your attention, such as Tasks, Congregation Responsibilities, Updates or Registration problems.
  • Settings have been moved to Me View.
  • Settings added Date Range Format.
  • Settings contains many Me View settings, so you can customize what notifications and warnings you receive.
  • Registration and Updates have both been separated from Settings, and moved to Me View.
  • Updates view has been improved to show more information in a clearer way. Please carefully read all Update information when a new version is released.
  • Updates view now includes a link to see the Update Information on our website, which can be automatically translated into your language.


  • JW Scheduler Data Retention periods now fully matches the updated sfl direction (e.g. Publisher Reports are only kept for this Service Year and last).
  • Deleting any data will now show a larger warning.
  • Many, many more updates and improvements.


  • Cebuano
  • Georgian
  • Nzema

JW Scheduler is now available in 71 languages!


  • Bug fixes are are usually released in Build Updates. If you have a problem or bug, please click Settings > Check for Updates.

Previous Versions of JW Scheduler

JW Scheduler 5.2.0

Release Date: 2021-10-28

Download Link: JW Scheduler 5.2.0

Release Information

This update contains nearly 100 new features, updates, and improvements, including several frequently requested features for the JWS Publisher app. We hope everyone continues to enjoy using JW Scheduler and JWS Publisher app!

Please continue to tell others about JW Scheduler, so even more friends can benefit.

Release Notes


  • Territory Maps. You can now attach a Map to a Territory, which can be viewed on the Me page of the JWS Publisher app. See Help > Congregation > Territory Assignment Records.
  • Territory Assignments. Publishers can now see which Territories have been assigned to them from the Me page of JWS Publisher app, as well as Check In the territory directly from the app. See Help > JWS Publisher app > App Features.
  • Away Periods can now be viewed and edited on the Me page of the JWS Publisher app. See Help > JWS Publisher app > App Features.
  • Field Service Group details can now be viewed on the Me page of the JWS Publisher app. See Help > JWS Publisher app > App Features.
  • A new checkbox “Allow local elders to process your data” can be optionally added to the JWS Publisher app Submit Report screen. We recommend only using this feature if absolutely necessary.
  • Help Icons have been added throughout the program to help users quickly access Help. Please click Help if you have any questions or problems.
  • Congregation Sharing Delete Shared Member and Remotely Delete Data. When removing a Shared Member, you now have the option to also remotely wipe their JW Scheduler data and Automatic Backups.
  • Cleaning Types and Descriptions. There are now 4 x Custom Cleaning Types which can each have a ‘Description’. This can be printed on the schedule or shown on JWS Publisher app.
  • Several New Email Templates, including Assignments Reminder, Duties Reminder, CLM Assignment Slips, etc. Press the Refresh button to download the new templates.


  • Circuit Overseer Report. After consultation with many different Circuit Overseers, we have developed this new report to provide Circuit Overseers with an Overview or Summary of your Congregation, including recent activity since their last visit and graphs of Field Service Activity.
  • Territories Checked Out Report. This shows a list of all currently Checked-out territories sorted by Field Service Group.
  • Pioneers. Shows all Auxiliary Pioneers, Regular Pioneers and Special Pioneers for a selected month, including a future month.



  • Areas moved from Territory Assignment Records to Circuits, Locations and Areas
  • Public Speakers can now be Moved to another Congregation.
  • Neighbor Congregations & Public Speakers view can now edit your own Congregation Notes. These notes are sent to other congregations via Public Speaker Sharing (if enabled).


  • Added 2nd Email Address field to Member > Information.
  • Added Date of Reinstatement field to Member > Spiritual.
  • Added ‘Language Group’ option to Member > Assign. This filters Life and Ministry assignments for Language Group parts.
  • Added ‘Active Brothers’ Filter to Members list.
  • Added Lock button to 1st Email Address if the member is a Shared Member.
  • Adding a new Away Period will show a warning if the member is already scheduled for an Assignment or Duty during that time.
  • Marking a member as Moved will remove all future Assignments and Duties. Reminder: ‘Moved’ should only be used if the member will return within 6 months. Otherwise simply Delete the member.


  • Public Talks Local can now Swap a Public Speaker with another week.
  • Schedule Field Service can now include a Territory which will display on the JWS Publisher app and the schedule.
  • Schedule Life and Ministry Meeting Auto-Assign now has an ‘All COBE Parts’ and ‘All LMMO Parts’ checkbox.
  • ‘Foreign Language Group’ renamed ‘Language Group’.
  • Language Group can now be scheduled for ALL midweek parts, including Chairman and Prayers.
  • Language Group Assignments are now added to JWS Publisher app Schedules


  • Open Congregation from Sharing interface improved to make it easier and more user-friendly.
  • Shared member list now highlights yourself


  • Updates and Fixes. If you haven’t yet tried Public Speaker Sharing, now is a good time.


  • App Features moved to a button
  • Weekly Duties will now be sent twice, once for each Meeting
  • Field Service History now includes last years Totals and Averages.
  • Public Talk Details, Zoom Details and other text can now be Copied
  • Time Format will now match your language.
  • Many Design improvements, especially for smaller phones.


  • Graphs have been added to Congregation Field Service Summary, S-21 Publisher Record, Meeting Attendance Records and Territory Coverage reports.
  • Printing View Graphs updated to be clearer and easier to identify trends.
  • Publisher Field Service Summary Averages are now shown per-publisher.


  • Setting up your Email to use a GMAIL account now uses Google Authentication. This makes it much easier to setup, and you no longer need to ‘Allow Insecure Apps’ or provide SMTP server details. See Help > Printing & Emailing > Email with JW Scheduler > Setup Email
  • Several Email Tags have been renamed or replaced, e.g. [MIDWEEK_ASSIGNMENT_DETAILS] has been split into 4 separate tags: [ASSIGNMENTS_THIS_WEEK], [ASSIGNMENTS_NEXT_WEEK], [DUTIES_THIS_WEEK], [DUTIES_NEXT_WEEK]
  • Email Filters added or changed: Regular Pioneers, All Pioneers, Family Heads, Everyone with Assignments – This Week and Next Week, Everyone with Duties – This Week and Next Week.
  • Refresh Email Templates moved from Settings to an icon button in Email View


  • Help, Print, Edit and Unlock icon buttons have been added throughout the program to make JW Scheduler even easier to use.
  • Many design improvements, including Schedule view, Schedule CLM view, Congregation Field Service Report view, App Send Data view, Schedule Field Service view, Help view and many more.
  • New sub-menu and top-menus design, e.g. Members view.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. ESCAPE key will now CLOSE any popup window. ENTER key works on Connect, Verify, Identify, Create Password etc.
  • If JW Scheduler was Full-Screen on close, will re-open to Full-Screen.
  • Watermark text will now display in the Program Language
  • Custom Fields will now change to the Congregation Language if the Congregation Language is changed.
  • Added extra Date Formats and Short Date Formats to Settings.
  • Enter Password Protect view now masks Passwords.
  • List of Translation File Updates is now provided with each new release to help translations know what has changed. Please see Help > Translation Help > List of Translation File Updates


  • Uninstall also give option Remove All Data files
  • JW Scheduler Installer now includes the JW Scheduler logo


  • Chichewa
  • Kabuverdianu
  • Krio
  • Tuvaluan Tuvalu

New JWS Publisher app Languages:

  • Chinese Mandarin (Traditional)
  • Hungarian magyar

JW Scheduler is now available in 71 languages!


  • Bug fixes are released in Build Updates. If you have a problem or bug, please click Settings > Check for Updates.

JW Scheduler 5.1.0

Download Link: JW Scheduler 5.1.0

Release Date: 2021-08-30

Important Information

We are pleased to announce that JW Scheduler has now implemented Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Congregation Sharing! This makes JW Scheduler even more secure.

After updating, anyone using Congregation Sharing will need to click Congregation > Congregation Sharing and create a JW Scheduler Account, then Login.

FINAL REMINDER: All Publishers should be using JWS Publisher app 1.2.7 or greater. Older versions will no longer work.

Release Notes


  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Congregation Sharing. This makes JW Scheduler even more secure, and requires an elder to know both the Congregation ID and Congregation Sharing Password, as well as have the Congregation Administrator manually add their Email Address to the congregation. (Add Shared Member).
    • Note: For security, your JW Scheduler Account Email must *exactly match* the email address of your Shared Member. You must also Verify your email address. Please click Help > Congregation Sharing for more information.
  • New Sharing Logs. Sharing Logs have been completely re-designed, and are now much easier to see what data has changed.
  • New App Logs. App Logs have been completely re-designed, and are now much easier to see what data was Sent to or Received from the App.



  • Congregation Sharing view has been greatly simplified.
  • Shared Members now show the Program Version for each member.
  • Password Update Reminder to change the Congregation Sharing Password every year, or if you have an insecure password.
  • Member PIN no longer need to authenticate with Congregation Sharing.
  • General security improvements and upgrades.


  • Many Updates and Fixes. If you are having problems, please Disable and then Re-Enable.


  • Help view has been updated to include more Help, and better match our website Help & Support.
  • Scheduling “Warning” icon will now show if a member is Away.
  • Schedule View Weekly Overview design improvements.
  • Several minor updates to emailing.


  • Weekly Overview – Design improved to better match JW Library
  • Public Speakers Exchange History – Added Checkbox “Future only”. Also adds Outline.
  • Several other minor updates and improvements to various reports.


  • Armenian Հայերեն
  • Gujarati ગુજરાતી

JW Scheduler is now available in 67 languages!


  • Several Congregation Sharing, JWS Publisher App and Public Speaker Sharing bug fixes.

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