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JW Scheduler is the quickest and easiest way to schedule the Christian Life and Ministry meetingPublic TalksDuties such as Attendants, Sound, Platform, Microphones, Kingdom Hall Cleaning, Lawn & Garden Care and more! JW Scheduler can also organize Field Service Groups and now includes JW Secretary software. Sharing with all brothers in your congregation can be enabled in one-click and is fully automatic & secure.

JW Scheduler 3.6.3

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Note: If you receive any Microsoft Smart-Screen or Anti-virus warnings, you can safely ignore these warnings. JW Scheduler is 100% safe.

Release Date: 2020-03-05


  • FIX: Congregation ID bug
  • FIX: Duties Printing bug
  • FIX: Auto-Assign Duties bug
  • FIX: Field Service Report duplicates bug
  • FIX: CLM Explorer Import
  • FIX: Several other minor fixes.


  • NEW LANGUAGES: Ewe Èʋegbe and Iloko Ilocano
  • UPDATE: Added Middle Name and Display Name. Display Name will show everywhere except Publisher Records, which shows FULL name.
  • UPDATE: Security and Attendant Duty split into two duties.
  • UPDATE: Added Public Talk Coordinator Email field
  • UPDATE: Auto-Assign updates: Wont schedule CLM Student Talk if student had a recent talk within 3 weeks. Wont schedule Watchtower Reading for the Watchtower Conductor.
  • UPDATE: Rename Sharing Logs to Server Logs. Server Logs are limited, please see Local Sharing Logs for much more detail.
  • UPDATE: Data Conversion for Assignments and Duties to allow compatibility with the upcoming iOS and Android APP.
  • FIX: Minor template fixes, such as alignment, averages rounding, etc.
  • FIX: Active Publisher Count
  • FIX: Import from TSWin
  • FIX: Import from Hourglass
  • FIX: Several minor fixes to Neighbour Congregations and Public Talks


NOTE: If you are using Congregation Sharing, updating to 3.6.1. will causes anyone in your congregation using 3.6. to crash the next time they open. Please ensure all members update to 3.6.1. as soon as possible to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • NEW FEATURE: No Report (Missing) and Nil ‘0’ Report (No Service Activity). Please see Help > Publisher Reports.
    NEW FEATURE: Detailed Local Sharing Logs. Please see Help > Congregation Sharing.
  • UPDATE: Members – Publisher Record View now shows Member name and highlights the name in Yellow.
  • UPDATE: Members Filter added Disfellowshipped and Custom Field #2
  • FIX: Congregation Sharing fixes, mostly with sharing Publisher Reports. If some still have problems, please Re-Share with them and/or check their Local Sharing Log.
  • FIX: Bug with Active, Irregular and Inactive publisher count
  • FIX: Life and Ministry Schedule minor fixes.
  • FIX: Chairman Outline fixes.
  • FIX: Several other minor template fixes.


  • NEW FEATURE: Congregation Events. Add upcoming Congregation Events to the Congregation Information page, such as Memorial, Circuit Assembly, Circuit Overseer visit, Maintenance Day, etc. Relevant events will then display on all Schedules (e.g. CLM, Public Talks, Duties, etc).
  • NEW FEATURE: Multiple Away Periods. Brothers and Sisters can now be listed as Away for multiple periods.
  • NEW FEATURE: Importing Members into an existing Congregation. You can now import members from Majestic KHS, TSWin, Hourglass or CSV into an existing JW Scheduler Congregation. Click Members > Import.
  • NEW FEATURE: Open Congregation from Automatic Backup. Note: This only opens files on your current computer. No automatic backups are ever saved to our servers or anywhere else. Please make regular offsite backups to USB.
  • NEW TEMPLATES: Several new attractive and practical Life and Ministry Templates, called 2 Weeks per Page and 4 Weeks per Page. Check them out!
  • NEW LANGUAGES: Swahili and Yoruba. Zulu language fixed. Many translation updates.
  • CONGREGATION SHARING UPDATES: Congregation Sharing no longer requires a JW Scheduler Account. Some brothers had difficulty creating an account, or didn’t have an email address (!?). We now use Favorite Scripture to authenticate, so you will need to set this after the update. This will act like your “password” to prevent other brothers impersonating you in JW Scheduler (although I’m sure this would never happen…)
    • NOTE: If you use Congregation Sharing, please click Congregation > Congregation Sharing after updating to set your Favorite Scripture.
  • UPDATE: Congregation Sharing now shows “Online” or “Offline” status, as well as when a member last connected.
  • UPDATE: User Access has received a major update. It is now more secure, especially when new members join the congregation or leave the congregation.
    • NOTE: Congregation Administrators may need to re-setup User Access for some members.
  • UPDATE: Many, many Life and Ministry, Public Talk and other Templates have been updated, improved and fixed. E.G. Public Talk Templates now show “Away” speakers for that week, during the CO or Assembly weeks many schedules look much nicer, etc.
  • UPDATE: Can now add the CO Talk Theme or Local Needs Theme to the Life and Ministry Schedule. CO Public Talk or Special Talk themes can also be added to the Public Talk Schedule.
  • UPDATE: JW Scheduler Version number will now show in the bottom-left of the screen. The Congregation ID and Sharing Status will display in the top-left.
  • UPDATE: Several new options for reports, e.g. Regular Pioneer Hours report can now be selected by Year, Field Service Groups report can now remove Totals.
  • UPDATE: S-21 Publisher Records now show “blank” when no data has been entered, instead of 0. Clear button added.
  • UPDATE: Duties has a “Clear” button.
  • UPDATE: Neighbor Congregations and Members now sort alphabetically.
  • UPDATE: Auto-Assign minor improvements.
  • FIX: Several bugs in various templates fixed.
  • FIX: Several printing or emailing bugs fixed.
  • FIX: Congregation Sharing connection bugs fixed, such as an intermittent ‘HTTP Anonymous Connection’ bug.
  • FIX: Various other minor bugs and crashes.27


Work on the JW Scheduler iOS and Android APP (for Publishers) is continuing at a rapid pace. We hope to have the first version available in 2020 Q1.

Due to the overwhelming support for JW Scheduler, we have received many Feature Requests and Suggestions. Thank you for your suggestions!

We are pleased to announce that we are currently working on some exciting new features that will make JW Scheduler even better! Please see the JW Scheduler Future New Features which lists new features that should be available soon.

If you have a Suggestion or Feature Requestplease feel free to Contact Us and let us know. 

Previous Versions of JW Scheduler

JW Scheduler 3.5

Download Link: JW Scheduler 3.5.2

Release Date: 2020-01-01

  • Note: If you are currently using JW Scheduler 3.3. or less, and Congregation Sharing is enabled, please see Congregation Sharing Update 3.4. before updating JW Scheduler.


  • NEW LANGUAGE: Ghana Twi
  • UPDATE: JW Scheduler Loading time reduced from about 30 seconds to about 3 seconds (depending on your computer speed).
  • UPDATE: Congregation Sharing faster and more stable.
  • UPDATE: Congregation Field Service Report now has List button, to show which members are Irregular and Inactive
  • UPDATE: JW Scheduler will now install succesfully when using Run As > Administrator.
  • FIX: Public Talk Schedule now correctly displays Special Talk, CO Talk and other special weeks.
  • FIX: Some Life and Ministry Meeting Reports and Schedules contained English data.
  • FIX: Life and Ministry Meeting School Worksheets now print correctly.
  • FIX: Public Talk Schedule printing allows more months into the future.
  • FIX: JW Scheduler Account Email verification minor bug.


  • FIX: Adding Groups and Members caused JW Scheduler to crash for some users.
  • FIX: Initial Sharing of Congregation caused JW Scheduler to crash for some users.
  • FIX: Import from Hourglass some Publisher Reports were displaying incorrect date.
  • FIX: Gems talk time error for some users.


  • NEW FEATURE: Import from Hourglass. Now you can import data directly from Hourglass into JW Scheduler. Please see Help > Import Congregation for more information.
  • UPDATE: Better Bug Reporting. If JW Scheduler encounters a serious problem, a message will now be shown with the error information. To help us diagnose and fix your problem, please send this information to us.
  • UPDATE: Several new messages and labels helping everyone better understand Congregation Sharing.
  • FIX: Congregation Sharing fixes, such as duplicate information, sharing on 2nd computer, etc. Help > Congregation Sharing now includes a “Problems with Congregation Sharing” section. Please read that if you have problems with Congregation Sharing.
  • FIX: Various other interface fixes, e.g. Members Filters, Public Talk dates, etc.
  • FIX: Data Conversion from 3.3. to 3.5. no longer needs JW Scheduler to be opened and closed. All Publisher Reports data is now correctly shown.
  • FIX: Import from TSWin fixes.
JW Scheduler 3.4

Download Link: JW Scheduler 3.4

Release Date: 2019-12-05

  • Note: If you are currently using JW Scheduler 3.3. or less, and Congregation Sharing is enabled, please see Congregation Sharing Update 3.4. before updating JW Scheduler.


  • NEW FEATURE: Restore from Automatic Backup. Available on Congregation > Congregation Information view. JW Scheduler makes an automatic backup every time the program is closed, these can now be restored from within JW Scheduler.
  • UPDATE: New Version Information now displayed when JW Scheduler is updated.
  • FIX: Several bug fixes, including crash fixes, Sharing fixes, template and schedule fixes, etc. Thanks for everyone who reported these bugs!
  • FIX: Older CLM Assignment Slips missing names. Please note you must Restore from Automatic Backup for these to come through. Or you can “Reassign” the part.


  • MAJOR UPDATE: Congregation Sharing has been completely re-written. Congregation Sharing does NOT STORE any confidential data online, and is now fully compliant with sfl and the strict European Union GDPR Privacy laws. Congregation Sharing is now located under Congregation > Congregation Sharing.
  • MAJOR UPDATE: JW Scheduler data has been updated to be more stable, easier to share, more secure, and take less space. All scheduling, field service and meeting attendance data is automatically deleted after 36 months, except for Public Talk data, which is automatically deleted after 60 months.
  • NEW FEATURE: Export Members to CSV (excel). Unlike other popular scheduling programs, we beleive your congregation and member data is *your* data and can be exported as you wish.
  • NEW FEATURE: Congregation Registration Key. When registering JW Scheduler, you can select either an INDIVIDUAL or CONGREGATION Registration Key. The Congregation Registration Key allows all brothers in your congregation to have FULL access to JW Scheduler.
  • NEW LANGUAGES: Tamil, Vietnamese, Arabic, Greek, Cibemba, Dutch and Zulu!
  • NEW REPORTS: (Secretary) Group Field Service Summary and Group Field Service Reports Collection. (Members) Print members according to any Filter or Group, and select which information to include. Assignments Field Service Member List, Assignments Other Member List.
  • UPDATE: User Access is now automatically enabled when Congregation Sharing is enabled, and is now located under Congregation > Congregation Sharing. Fixed a few User Access bugs.
  • UPDATE: Inactive Publisher Record card now shows the last month the publisher shared in the ministry.
  • UPDATE: Member Filters added a few more options.
  • UPDATE: Members > Information now adds a new Custom Field and Last Report field (for Inactive ones). The interface has improved.
  • UPDATE: Members > Assign now contains a new category ‘Field Service’, and Other now has 2 custom fields.
  • UPDATE: Life and Meeting Scheduling now shows the Assistant in Part History.
  • UPDATE: Away Public Talks interface simplified and updated to match the rest of JW Scheduler. More stable.
  • UPDATE: Warning given if Away Public Speaker has no outlines set, and new option to Show All Outlines.
  • FIX: S-21 Printing for CO now correctly prints in Document format.
  • FIX: Printing Field Service Groups now correctly excludes Children and Inactive.
  • FIX: Several bugs with Public Talks
  • FIX: Auto-Assign bugs.
  • FIX: Several interface fixes.
  • FIX: Several fixes to various templates and reports.
JW Scheduler 3.3

Download Link: JW Scheduler 3.3

Release Date: 2019-11-02

  • NEW FEATURE: Import from CSV file. You can now import Members from a CSV file into JW Scheduler.
  • NEW FEATURE: Circuit Overseer Name and Contact Details fields. This will be displayed on the Emergency Contact Information Report (see sfl 26:2).
  • NEW REPORT: Student Usage. Shows what assignments have been given to each student.
  • NEW REPORT: Emergency Contact Information. Condensed contact sheet that can be printed and saved by all members.
  • UPDATE: Various UI updates. Secretary category has been removed. Congregation Field Service Report can be found under Congregation, and Secretary Printing has been merged with Printing > Secretary.
  • UPDATE: Added various new Member fields: Elderly/Infirm, Kingdom Hall Keys, Special Public Witnessing, Conduct Field Service Group and a Custom Assignment.
  • UPDATE: Many language translations updated. Thanks to the hardworking translators!
  • UPDATE: In the future new Translation updates will be automatically downloaded by JW Scheduler, and therefore appear much faster.
  • UPDATE: Members Assign tab now has “ALL” button to allow for quick selecting of multiple Assignments.
  • UPDATE: Email Message can now be edited, including translated into other languages.
  • UPDATE: Password Reset Email if you forget your JW Scheduler password.
  • UPDATE: S-21 can now Save to Word format to allow extra edits.
  • UPDATE: Members List – Auxiliary Pioneer Filter now shows those who are Auxiliary Pioneering for the current month.
  • UPDATE: Members List now shows Last Name first.
  • UPDATE: Various Member Lists now correctly sort by Last Name, First Name.
  • UPDATE: If all Members are correctly assigned to a Field Service Group, the “Unassigned” group will not print.
  • UPDATE: Various Reports and Templates have been updated and now include Letter size, e.g. Assignments by Member, Duties Schedule, etc.
  • UPDATE: Auto-Assign has been improved yet again, and now assigns parts extremely evenly.
  • UPDATE: Public Talk Schedule can now be printed without the Hospitality column.
  • UPDATE: The Enter Key now behaves like the TAB key when entering Field Service Reports, to allow quick entry using the Keypad.
  • FIX: Some Letter-sized Reports and Schedules were incorrectly set to Legal size.
  • FIX: Custom Field and Custom Duty names are now correctly saving and printing.
  • FIX: CLM Students – Available Members not correctly shows all students.
  • FIX: Auto-Assign now checks Away Period dates for Public Talks and Duties.
  • FIX: Various minor User Access errors.
  • FIX: JW Scheduler Start-up should be faster and more stable.
  • FIX: Assistant names not printing under certain circumstances.
  • FIX: Congregation Field Service Groups report minor fixes.
  • FIX: Various dates appearing in English when printing.
  • FIX: Minor problems with some templates.
  • FIX: Average Placements, Videos, Hours, RVs and Bible Studies now showing correctly on the Members view.

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