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JW Scheduler 4.8.1

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JW Scheduler 4.8.1

Release Date: 2021-04-30

Important Information

This version includes many updates to the JWS – Publisher app, including how to send data to the App. Please see Help > JWS – Publisher App > Send App Data.

‘JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition’ App has been renamed ‘JWS – Publisher App’. All publishers using ‘JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition’ will need to please download the new ‘JWS – Publisher’ over the next few months. Many Android users should already be using ‘JWS – Publisher’ and will not need to do anything, but some Android users, and all Apple users, will need to please download and login to the new ‘JWS – Publisher’. Please see Help > JWS – Publisher App for more information.

Release Notes


  • App Notifications control. You can now see and adjust what notifications will be sent before sending data to the App.
  • App ‘Field Service History’. Tick to allow all congregation members to see their own Field Service History for the current service year on their mobile device.
  • App ‘Show Phone Numbers on CLM Assignment Slips’. Tick to show the Publisher and Assistant phone numbers on the App Assignment Slips.


  • Our long-running project to consolidate ‘JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition’ into ‘JWS – Publisher’ has now been completed. This will provide many benefits going forward and allows us to add more features into the App.
  • Publishers JWS App Version is now reported back to JW Scheduler, allowing elders to ensure all publishers are using the latest App version. This is important.
  • Sending Data to the App is now separated by Data Type.
  • Notifications are now also sent when congregation Events, Announcements and Assignments are changed or removed.
  • Notifications are now also sent when member Delegates are changed, or a Contact Information Request is sent.
  • Publishers can now control whether they receive Congregation notifications (e.g. Events, Announcements, CI Request) and/or Schedule notifications (e.g. Assignment, Duties)
  • Notifications Log shows what notifications were sent, when and to whom.
  • App Members List can now be filtered by Group and some other criteria.
  • Congregation Announcements can now last more than 30 days. A new Expiry Date field has been added.
  • All future Assignments are now added to the App, not just 6 months.
  • App Summary showing more statistics.
  • Members Emergency Contact Information can now include a Mobile phone number.
  • Adding or changing an Away Period for a Family Head will now ask if that should be applied to all family members.
  • Member Date of Privilege can now be added. (e.g. Elder, MS, etc)
  • Clearer Error message and instructions when Congregation Sharing has an internet connection problem.
  • Many Help pages on the website have been updated. Please always check Help before Contacting Us.


  • New ‘Members Contact Information’ report.
  • ‘Members Information’ report has been renamed ‘Members Detailed Information’, and some minor fixes.
  • ‘App Members’ report now includes more information, similar to the App Members List screen.
  • Various other minor changes and fixes.


  • Notification sending is now more reliable.
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Congregation Events can now show Links
  • Weekend and Field Service Schedules UI updated
  • ‘No Midweek or Weekend Meeting’ messages are clearer.
  • Users have more control over Notifications and Reminders. See Settings.
  • Many other minor design and interface improvements.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Previous Versions of JW Scheduler

JW Scheduler 4.7.5

Download Link: JW Scheduler 4.7.5

Release Date: 2021-03-25



  • Congregation Events can now include a Link to be sent to the App.
    • Note: This will require App Version 1.2.8 which will be available in the future.
  • More Import options for Public Speakers and Members.


  • Sepedi


  • Various emailing, Weekly Overview, Public Speakers, Printing and App bug fixes and improvements.


  • Various fixes and improvements.

Important Information

We have been working hard to eleminate all bugs from JW Scheduler, especially with Congregation Sharing. When you first open this new update, your data will automatically convert and re-sync, which might take a few minutes.

In the future, apart from critical bug fix releases, new versions will only be released between the 21st and 30th of a month, allowing the congregation Field Service Report to be finalized before updating.

Release Notes


  • Data has been greatly simplified and the size greatly reduced. This should reduce sync times.
  • Lots of stability improvements to reduce bugs and make sharing more stable.
  • Added 2 new Sharing Servers: Europe (South) and Africa, and South America. Please see Help > Congregation Sharing to change server.
  • Congregation Sharing now requires a more secure password. Existing passwords will still work, but please Change the Password as soon as possible.
  • Password Hint now shown inside Congregation Sharing. Note: This only works after you Change the Password.
  • Congregation Sharing Error View has been improved.
  • Removed the ‘Re-Share’ and ‘Allow More Devices’ buttons, as these are no longer needed.
  • Congregation Sharing Help has been updated. Please check Help to learn about the new updates to Congregation Sharing.


  • Can now Import and Export Publisher Reports & Field Service data to/from CSV! Please see Help > Import or Export


  • Added 2nd Filter in Congregation Field Service Report to allow a quick overview of many Publisher Reports
  • Added a Folder for User Templates that won’t be removed on update. This allows you to make minor customizations to certain templates. Please see Help > Printing
  • Moved Publishers will now automatically delete after 6 months.


  • Hungarian magyar


  • Several bug fixes with various Reports and Printing, Email, Family Heads, Weekly Overview, etc.

Important Information

JW Scheduler contains major updates to Printing and Emailing, including over 50 new or updated Templates and a completely redesigned Email system, including Email Special Features.

Please see Help for information about these exciting new templates and features!


  • Several bug fixes with App Field Service Schedules (if affected, please click App > Refresh Congregation), Emergency Contacts Printer, Email attachments, Export members, Reports, and a few other minor things. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and included detailed screenshots.


Life and Ministry Meeting Scheduling

  • Can now Sort by Recent School Part as well as Recent Part
  • Can add Closing Song for week of Circuit Overseer
  • Life and Ministry Meeting Schedule will now highlight in blue weeks with relevant Congregation Events
  • Link now provided to the Meeting information on
  • Additional field added to select a Group for Auxiliary School Attendance

Public Talk Scheduling

  • Member History now includes a separate Public Talks History, showing the Congregation visited and Outline given.
  • Can add Closing Song for week of Circuit Overseer

Field Service Scheduling

  • Group Field Service Arrangement can now also be on a Weekday.


Congregation Summary Graphs. The Printing View now contains several graphs to quickly see how your congregation is doing.


JW Scheduler Email system has been completely redesigned to be more flexible, easier to use and add many new features. Click Printing > Email.

  • You can now email without sending or generating a report in JW Scheduler.
  • Can Save, Load and Share multiple Email Templates.
  • JW Scheduler has 18 default Email Templates which you can use, customize or remove.
  • Customize the Subject of the email
  • Added many new Email Tags which can create very powerful emails.
  • Added many new Email Filters to send to the right group, including All Members with Parts this Weekend, All CLM Students, etc.
  • Email Everyone with Part now works for many more Reports.
  • Email Special Features. Many Reports and Schedules support Special Email Features, which is a way to automatically create and send very powerful emails. See Help > Email a Report or Schedule


Printing has also been redesigned to be easier to use and more powerful.

  • Added Preview button for all reports and schedules.
  • All Reports and Templates can now be saved as either Document, PDF, Image or XPS.
  • Many new Templates (see below)
  • Updated and improved over 45 existing templates and reports, including adding extra options, colours, multiple page sizes, design changes, name format option, date and language problems, other bug fixes, and much more.
  • an now set a Default Paper Size in Settings
  • Added extra Filters for Members List

New Templates

  • Life and Ministry Non-School Usage History
  • Life and Ministry Schedule 1-week per page
  • S-89 Assignment Slips on 1-page
  • Public Speakers Exchange History
  • Territory Coverage
  • Group Members Spiritual Summary


  • Congregation Events will no longer clear or lock the Life and Ministry or Public Talk Schedules. Due to COVID, there was a need for greater flexibility.
  • New Assignment – Field Service Group Prayer. See Members > Assign.
  • Public Talk Scheduling – Added a Speaker Confirmed button. This will be checked by default.
  • Split Public Speaker Name into First Name and Last Name.
  • Added both Home and Mobile Phone to Public Speakers.
  • Congregation Sharing – User Access – Member Assign is now separate from Members Information / Spiritual.
  • Congregation Sharing – View access now allows members to see Emergency Contacts, History and Away Periods.
  • Added Territory Notes/Description field.
  • Territories can now be filtered by Area or Publisher.
  • If a member is Away, you are shown a Warning when scheduling them for Public Talks.
  • Members can now be Filtered by Deaf or Blind.
  • Members Export to CSV now includes Field Service Name.
  • Meeting Day/Time for this year / next year has been changed from a checkbox to Toggle-box.
  • Added an Icon showing which Shared Members are Congregation Administrators.
  • Kingdom Hall Servant name changed to Maintenance Coordinator.
  • Cleaning Servant changed to Cleaning Coordinator.
  • Better Error Reporting if your JW Scheduler fails to start. The most common cause is still Anti-Virus software affecting the installation.

New Languages

  • Albanian shqip
  • Bislama Bislama
  • Brazilian Sign Language Língua brasileira de sinais
  • Cambodian ខ្មែរ
  • Hiligaynon Hiligaynon
  • Indian Sign Language Indian Sign Language
  • Marshallese Kajin M̦ajel̦
  • Papiamento (Curaçao) Papiamentu (Kòrsou)
  • Pidgin (West Africa) Pidgin (West Africa)
  • Sesotho
  • Sinhala සිංහල
  • Slovak slovenčina

This brings the total languages to 57! This is far more than any other non-official theocratic software program.

App Updates

  • Added a “Less than 1 hour” toggle to the App. This will show as 0.1 hours in JW Scheduler.

Bug Fixes

  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements, such as Living Parts not synchronizing properly, Congregation Sharing errors, Circuit Overseer Event removing from the App after 1 day, extra Away Public Speakers, etc.

JW Scheduler 4.6.4

Release Date: 2020-12-24

Download Link: JW Scheduler 4.6.4

Important Information

We are pleased to announce an exciting new feature: Public Speaker Sharing!

We have also added many new features and updates regarding scheduling Public Talks, so if your Public Talk Coordinator is not yet using JW Scheduler, now would be a good time to have a look.

All Google Android App users should please download the new ‘JWS – Publisher’, instead of ‘JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition’. Apple users are not affected at this time.

Release Notes



  • Data from Backup can now be restored by Data Type, rather than always restoring everything. Click Congregation > Restore Data. Reminder: We strongly recommend making regular off-site backups in case your computer crashes, is stolen or damaged.
  • Automatic Backups will now keep the last 40 backup files. (up from 20)
  • Congregation Field Service Report now displays how the figures are calculated, and includes a “late” label next to any late reports from previous months.
  • JW Scheduler will now save your last Screen Size when closed, and re-open to that size next time. (Excluding full-screen)
  • Assignment Slips updated to 2020/12 version.
  • CSV Export can now handle Unicode characters.


  • Multiple bug fixes, e.g. CSV Export, Assignment Slips, Territory Assignments, Public Speaker Import/Export, Printing certain reports, Congregation Sharing Roles, Regular Pioneers, etc.


  • Amharic አማርኛ

Several minor bug fixes.



  • Public Speaker Sharing. You can now share Public Speakers, Send and Receive Public Speaker Requests from within JW Scheduler. Please see Help for more information.
  • Public Speaker Away Frequency. You can now set how often a Public Speaker should give Away talks. This shows in Public Talks – Away.
  • Circuits. Organize your Public Speakers and Neighbor Congregations into Circuits. All existing congregations are moved to Unassigned.
  • Set Next Year’s Meeting Date and Time for your congregation and all Neighbor Congregations.
  • New Public Talks Filters to help select an Outline: ‘Selected Speaker Can Give’, ‘Not Given 5+ Years’, etc.
  • Public Talks Select Speaker can now ‘Filter by Selected Outline’ to show which Public Speakers can give that Outline.
  • Public Talk Schedule now has multiple Custom Assignments.
  • Public Speakers can now be Exported to JW Scheduler, CSV, Document or PDF.
  • Public Talk Outlines which are being Revised or should not be given will now display a Warning if selected.
  • Congregation TimeZone. This TimeZone is now used for all dates/times on the JW Scheduler App.
  • More duties can be Customized.


  • Schedule a Public Talk only with a Congregation, without a Speaker.
  • Import Public Speakers from CSV File
  • Schedule Public Talks Local and Public Talks Away have been updated to accommodate Public Speaker Sharing.
  • Changes made to Neighbor Congregations, e.g. Meeting times, will now refresh to the JW Scheduler App
  • Can now Transfer multiple members at once, e.g. for Congregation Mergers or Splits.
  • Circuit Assembly and Convention Events no longer clear Assignments and Duties. This allows for more flexibility due to COVID.
  • Circuit Overseer Scheduling can now select None for Host.
  • Program Data files now moved to Program Files for increased reliability.
  • Member ‘Does Not Report Here’ changed to ‘Reports Directly to Branch’.
  • Congregation Field Service Report now includes ‘Reports Directly to Branch’ numbers in gray, like Special Pioneers.
  • ‘Reports Directly to Branch’ publishers now count towards Active Publishers.


  • Public Talk Invitations for Incoming Speakers
  • List of upcoming Incoming Speakers with their Contact Details
  • Report for all Neighbor Congregations and Public Speakers
  • New Blue Public Talk Schedule Template
  • Public Talk Schedule will now show the Convention or Assembly Theme
  • School Summary renamed to CLM Assignments by Member
  • Life and Ministry Schedule now swaps the Review for the CO Visit week


  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • If a congregation uses Congregation Sharing, Receive Beta Updates will now apply at a Congregation level, and can only be enabled/disabled by a Congregation Administrator.
  • We still have a need for more Beta Testers. Please see Help > Beta Testing for more information.

JW Scheduler Download Archives

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