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JW Scheduler 4.4.2

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JW Scheduler 4.4.2

Release Date: 2020-09-24

Important Information

If you are using the App: After updating from 4.3.2 (or lower), to 4.4.0 (or higher), a Congregation Administrator should:

  1. Click App > Refresh Congregation
  2. Click App > App Members > Select All > Refresh Member
  3. Ensure Publishers update to JW Scheduler App 1.1.5 or higher
  • Note: The “Connected” number will reset and only show those who are connected using App 1.1.5 or higher.



Several bug fixes and improvements.



  • Added various messages to UI when data is linked and should be edited elsewhere, e.g. Public Speakers.
  • Improved the security of Congregation Announcement attachments. Please re-add any attachments and wait until App 1.1.6 is released.
  • Improved ‘New Version’ messaging and ‘Important Information’ will be made clearer. (starting next version)


  • Many small bug fixes, thanks to everyone who reported! Next time we hope our Beta-testers will find them all first!



  • Delegates for the Publisher Edition App. You can now assign a Publisher to act as a “Delegate” for another publisher. This means they can submit reports and see any upcoming Assignments and Duties on the App. See Help > App Members.
  • Show Field Service Conductor Assignments. You can now allow the Publisher Edition App to show Field Service Conductor Assignments. Enable on the App page. Note: This only applies to FUTURE or Refreshed assignments. See Help > App.
    • Note: After updating, a Congregation Administrator should:
      1) Click App > Refresh Congregation
      2) Click App > App Members > Select All > Refresh Member
    • Note: Publishers must use JW Scheduler App 1.1.5 or greater to see any new data. (Released over the next few days)


  • Congregation Publisher Records for CO Visit updated. Now prints to one PDF, and includes Title Pages between groups.


  • The App > Send and Receive Data page has been removed, and the App page has been greatly simplified. To Send Data, click App > Send. To “Receive” or Import data, click App > App Members.
  • Congregation > Field Service Groups has been renamed to ‘Groups and Families’ and now allows you to create and edit Families.
  • Many behind-the-scenes improvements to how the App communicates with JW Scheduler. This should result in a more reliable connection with App.
  • Public Talk Outlines now have a Tick next to each Outline the brother can give.
  • Schedule Public Talks Local now highlights upcoming Events.
  • Select Public Speaker UI updated, and also now shows “Last Given” for Neighbour Public Speakers.
  • Territory Assignments now allows for “None” member to be selected when entering Past Territory History.
  • CLM Scheduling minor UI improvements.
  • Beta Testing Notifications. All Beta Testers should please carefully review the requirements and expectations of Beta Testers.


  • Many App fixes and improvements.
  • Many other minor fixes to CLM Chairman Outline, Public Talks, Public Speaker, Families, etc.

Previous Versions of JW Scheduler

JW Scheduler 4.3.2

Download Link: JW Scheduler 4.3.2

Release Date: 2020-09-01

    App Delete or Change commands are no longer automatically sent, and must be sent by Elders using App Send and Receive.
  • App Logs improved.


  • Various App fixes.
  • Family fixes and improvements. You may need to untick/tick Family Head and re-assign families.
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements.



  • Beta Version Updates. JW Scheduler is used by thousands of brothers all around the world. It has also grown in functionality and complexity. We try very hard to thoroughly test all updates before they are released, but like all software, bugs and problems do still appear.

    To minimize disruption, as of the next update JW Scheduler updates will be released FIRST as a Beta Version, and THEN about a week later as the Standard version.

    We greatly appreciate any who are willing to help test and offer suggestions for new features and updates to JW Scheduler. If you would also like to help, after updating please click Settings > tick Receive Beta Version Updates. Please click Help > Beta Version Update for more information.

  • View. The Congregation Field Service page now includes a section, to make it even easier for the Congregation Secretary to submit your monthly report to the branch.


  • Summary


  • Territory Assignment Records now allow selecting the Check Out and Check In dates.
    – Territory Assignment Records now has User Access.
  • Backup ZIP files are now password protected in addition to being encrypted. This means old Backup files and old Automatic Backups will not work with JW Scheduler 4.3.1 and above.
  • After restoring a ‘Shared’ Congregation from Backup, you now have the option to update the Shared Congregation with the restored data.
  • Field Service Groups page updated with a count of members, and Family View option.
  • Family Head Address can now be linked with Family Members.
  • Added descriptions to Getting Started buttons
  • Help has been updated with a Roles section to quickly assist brothers learn how to use JW Scheduler.
  • Help has been updated with many of our recently released new features.


  • App Import Contact Details Check. also Please ensure all publishers are using App version 1.1.2.
  • Event Dates now match Settings.
  • Various other minor fixes.



  • Territory Assignment Records. Can now add congregation territories to JW Scheduler, and assign them to Publishers, including printing to S-13. Please see Congregation > Territory Assignment Records.
  • Export to Circuit Assistant. Circuit Assistant is a program used by Circuit Overseers, and JW Scheduler can export files ready for direct import into to Circuit Assistant.
  • Add Attachments or web links to Congregation Announcements. They can then be opened on the JW Scheduler App. (Note: Publishers must be using JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition v1.1.1 or later)
  • JW Scheduler App ‘Check Contact Details’. Elders can now send a “Check Contact Details” request to App Members, which lets publishers check and update their Contact Details and Emergency Contacts, then return this information back to JW Scheduler. See App > App Members. (Note: Publishers must be using JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition v1.1.1 or later)
  • Preview Received App Data. You can now preview any received App data and decide to either Import or Delete. See App > App Send and Receive Data.
  • Receiving App Data. See how much new App Data is waiting to be Received. (Note: This number may be inaccurate the first time, and will correctly synchronize after pressing Receive.)


  • S-13 Territory Assignment Records.


  • App screen re-designed and split into multiple screens: App, App Send and Receive Data & App Members.
  • More information added to CLM Assignments, which helps students better follow directions in the Meeting Workbook.
  • Weekly Overview screen now shows Field Service.
  • Can now add a “No Field Service Arrangements” tag to a Field Service timeslot. This should only be added if you usually *do* have a group at that time.
  • Sharing Log split into Master Log and Transaction Log. Master Log shows connection changes to your Sharing (e.g. password changes, members added, etc) whereas Transaction Log shows data transfers.
  • Sharing Region now shown in big coloured letters on Congregation Sharing screen. Please remember your Sharing Region.
  • Inactive Publishers last Publisher Record Card is now stored indefinitely, even if longer than 3 years (as per sfl).
  • Send Multiple App data types at the same time.
  • Various templates updated, e.g. excluding Inactive from Missing Report template.
  • Member IDs and Group IDs now visible for easier debugging.


  • Fixes to Weekly Overview, CLM Scheduling, Auto-Assign, etc.
  • Fix to App data, which caused some duties to be shown to multiple users.
  • Various fixes to templates and reports, e.g. Duties Schedule, CLM Schedule, Field Service Summary, etc.
  • Various fixes to public talk scheduling.
  • Fix to Sharing Server sometimes causing all Shared Members to disappear.
  • Add Disable Sharing button to ‘Identify Member’ if NO shared members in list.
  • Improved detecting “App Connected”.
JW Scheduler 4.2.1

Download Link: JW Scheduler 4.2.1

Release Date: 2020-07-21


  • Can fully customize both Living 1 and Living 2 Part theme and time. This allows you to add an extra Living 2 part if needed.
  • All elders will now be emailed when the Congregation Sharing password or Congregation App PIN is changed, or if the congregation is Removed from Sharing or the App is Disabled. Accidental changes are causing problems for some congregations.
  • Field Service Reporting can now be Disabled for the JW Scheduler App.
  • JW Scheduler App can now send parts of hours, e.g. 0.25 hours.


  • New Emergency Contact List Reports. Both a Standard and Condensed report, with various customizations possible.
  • New Member Information Check Report. Print this and give to each publisher to ensure their personal information and emergency contact information is up-to-date.
  • New Missing and 0-hour Report template. This shows those with either a Missing or 0-hour report for the last 6-months.


  • Clearing the Field Service Record will now allow an update to be sent to the App, which allows the publisher to enter their report again.
  • Weekly Overview can now select week, and other design improvements.
  • CLM Part History know shows in reverse order, with the newest history at the top.
  • CLM Assistant Assignment Slip and App notification now shows details about which part the assistant is helping with.
  • Congregation Field Service Report screen can now list which publishers are being counted as “Active” for the Field Service Report. This is in addition to Irregular and Inactive.
  • Added Search on Members list.
  • Emergency Contacts can now be ordered. This order is used when printing.
  • Emergency Contacts can now be selected from other congregation members.
  • CSV Files can now be imported into existing congregations.
  • App Members list now show only Not Yet Connected.
  • Added a “Delete” button for a Members History.
  • Public Talks assignments will now save even without a Public Speaker.
  • Added Notes field to Public Speakers from other congregations. This field will not be exported, and could be used to rate speakers from other congregations.
  • Public Talks Away view now freezes the left two Date columns.
  • Duties Schedule printouts now only show duties that have been assigned.
  • Attendant & Security, and Sound & Video both now separated on Duties Schedule.
  • Opening Song and Closing Prayer now added to Public Talk Schedule templates.
  • Delete Congregation dialog box is now clearer.
  • S-89 now splits the Heading according to the original S-89 PDF.
  • Many other minor updates and improvements.


  • Various fixes to templates, app connections, sharing connections, S-21 printing, etc.
JW Scheduler 4.1.1

Download Link: JW Scheduler 4.1.1

Release Date: 2020-07-03



  • Several bug fixes and improvements, including sending Meeting Schedules to the App.



  • New Field Service Report Entry Screen. In addition to Member > Publisher Records, the Congregation Secretary can now use the Congregation > Congregation Field Service Report – Publishers screen to enter all Reports for the month. This can also be used to quickly check for Missing Reports, and can be Filtered by Group.
  • Transfer Publishers. JW Scheduler can now quickly transfer publishers to other congregations who are also using JW Scheduler by clicking Members > Transfer. Additionally, we have added 2 Transfer options (PDF and CSV) when transferring publishers to Congregations who don’t use JW Scheduler.
  • Song and Closing Prayer can now be scheduled for Local Public Talks. This information can only be seen on the App, but will be added to other schedules and reports in the future.
  • New Member Information Template. Please see Printing > Members > Member Information


  • Added Warning when adding a Congregation Event which will clear that weeks meetings (e.g. Memorial, Convention, etc.). Due to the Coronavirus, you should please select Event Type Other for any upcoming Conventions or Assemblies where you will STILL have a midweek or weekend meeting.
  • Added Warnings when your congregation only has 1 Sharing Administrator and/or not all elders have an email address recorded.
  • Added “AP” and/or “Credit” to Remarks when printing S-21 Publisher Record Cards, if the publisher was an AP or had Credit for that month.


  • Some Assistants were swapped when showing on the App. Please Refresh these meeting parts.
  • Improvements to importing from Hourglass and Majestic KHS.
  • When adding a new Family, list of Families now sort alphabetically and immediately refresh.
  • Moved and Disfellowshipped ones no longer show in “Everyone” list and have been removed from various other places. They can now only be seen under the Moved or Disfellowshipped Filters.
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be adding the Translation Files for the JW Scheduler App to our website in the next few days. If you would like to help translate the App into other languages, please click Help > JW Scheduler App or Help > Improve Translation.

JW Scheduler 4.0.1

Download Link: JW Scheduler 4.0.1

Release Date: 2020-06-15


– Congregation Announcements now can include a Title, which will show in the App.
– Various other minor UI updates and improvements.

– Various minor fixes.



  • User Interface has been completely refreshed with a modern design and colour scheme. We hope you like it 🙂
  • Based on comprehensive User Testing, we have adjusted almost every screen to be easier to use and more consistent.
  • New icon and graphics to unify JW Scheduler and the JW Scheduler Publisher Edition App.


  • Field Service Meeting Schedule. You can now schedule Field Service Meetings. (This also can be used for Zoom Field Service Meetings)
  • Group Field Service arrangements can be entered for each Field Service Group.
  • Members can now be displayed by Family, under Filter > Families.


  • The JW Scheduler Publisher Edition App has completed Beta Testing and can now be made available to all publishers! The JW Scheduler App will start appearing on the official Apple Store and Google Play store over the next few days.
  • Field Service Meeting schedules can now be sent to the App.
  • Added a Clear button for data waiting to be sent to the App. This should only be used if there are data corruptions or errors.


  • Public Talk Schedule added new Alternate template.
  • Field Service Schedule template added.
  • Field Service Groups now has Portrait template, and can now include Field Service Meeting information.


  • Member Information has been split into separate Information and Spiritual screens, with some additional fields and Custom fields added.
  • Member – Assign now only contains assignments found in JW Scheduler.
  • Neighbour Congregations screen has been renamed Public Speakers, and now includes your own Public Speakers.
  • Kingdom Hall address can be entered for your own congregation and Neighbour Congregations. This is sent to the App with Away Public Talk Assignments.
  • Weekend Meeting time can now be set, and is used in the JW Scheduler App to set the Reminder times.
  • Setting someone as Disfellowshipped will now remove all future assignments and duties, and disable all privileges.
  • Creating a new Member or adjusting a member will no longer set any default Member settings.
  • Public Talk Schedule can now optionally remove Hospitality and Away Speakers.
  • Several Templates have been updated and improved, including adding A4 and Letter sizes to more templates.
  • Congregation Sharing Password can now be reset if you forget your password. A new temporary password will be sent to the email address of ALL Shared elders. Please ensure all elders have their email address set and is visible in Shared Members list.
  • Added a Warning if JW Scheduler has been left open for more than 2 hours. Please DO NOT leave JW Scheduler open when you are not using it.
  • S-21 Publisher Records Averages now include BLANK in the average, except for Hours. BLANK hours are considered “missing” reports, not 0 reports.
  • Adjusting User Access for yourself will now automatically apply, and doesn’t require closing and re-opening JW Scheduler.
  • Congregation Sharing and App Logs now save and open in a text file.
  • If there is a Congregation Sharing problem, the screen will now automatically switch to the Congregation Sharing view to allow you to resolve.
  • User Access has been simplified a little.


  • Public Speakers Import/Export fixed. Easily import Public Speakers from other congregations using JW Scheduler.
  • Incorrect Meeting Schedule dates sent to the App have been fixed. Any existing Schedules will need to be “Refreshed” to see the changes.
  • Sharing Region was sometimes reset when changing Program Language. This has now been fixed.
  • Various other bug and crash fixes.

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