JW Scheduler Features


JW Scheduler can quickly and easily schedule all parts of Christian Life and Ministry (CLM) meeting, including Main & Auxiliary classes. Supports Auto-Assign, recommended student and detailed Part History.

Learn more about scheduling the Life and Ministry Meeting

Congregation Secretaries can use JW Scheduler to enter Field Service Reports, maintain Congregation Publisher Records, compile the Monthly Congregation Field Service Report, print S-21 Publisher Record Cards and more.

Learn more about the JW Secretary program

The Public Talk Coordinator can schedule Local and Away Public Talks, including visiting speakers and hospitality. Neighbor Congregations and Members can be entered, along with their meeting times and locations.

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Field Service schedules can be scheduled by the Service Overseer, including Early Morning and Evening witnessing. The Conductor, Location and map can be entered, as well as any specific Group Field Service arrangements.

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The Service Overseer, map servant or assistant can record and organise the congregation Territory Assignments, including making map assignments to publishers.Host.

Learn more about Territory Assignment Records

All congregation Duties can be scheduled in JW Scheduler, including Attendants, Security, Sound, Video, Platform, Microphones as well as Custom Duties like Car Park or Zoom Host.

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Kingdom Hall Cleaning can be scheduled both for the Weekly Hall Clean or After Meeting Clean, or any other custom cleaning arrangements. Multiple Field Service Groups can be assigned.

Learn more about the Kingdom Hall Cleaning

JW Scheduler can schedule Lawn and Garden maintenance on a weekly or multiple-weekly bases. Multiple Field Service Groups can be assigned if required.

Learn more about Lawn and Garden Care scheduler

Circuit Overseer Visits can scheduled, including all Meetings, Field Service, Shepherding Visits and Meal Arrangements. All information required by the CO can be quickly and easily generated in JW Scheduler.

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Automatically synchronize and share all congregation information and schedules with other appointed brothers in your congregation. Congregation Sharing does not store any confidential data online, and is fully compliant with sfl.

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Publishers can see upcoming Christian Life and Ministry meeting & Public Talk assignments, Duties, Meeting & Field Service schedules, view upcoming Congregation Events & Congregation Announcements, as well as submit Field Service Reports.

Learn more about the JWS Publisher App


Record your congregation meeting attendance for both the Midweek and Weekend meetings. Display as a Congregation Summary, showing recent meeting attendance trends, or print to S-88.

Learn more about Congregation Meeting Attendance Records

Clearly organise and show who is handling the various congregation assignments, including COBE, Secretary, Field Service Overseer, Public Talk Coordinator, Literate Servant, Kingdom Hall servant, and much more.

Learn more about Congregation Assignments

Field Service Groups can be created and displayed in a variety of appealing ways, including showing the Group Overseer and Group Assistant, Special, Regular & Auxiliary Pioneers, and any children or non-publishers.

Learn more about Field Service Groups

It is important to keep track of each publishers Emergency Contacts. JW Scheduler makes this quick and easy, and includes a variety of ways to quickly access this data. E.G. Print a compact “1-page” Emergency Contact list for your wallet.

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