JW Scheduler Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions​

Installing JW Scheduler

All Windows Vista, Windows 7,  Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers can run JW Scheduler. Please make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2. installed. This can be installed via Windows Update or from the Microsoft website.

Yes. However, you need to first install a copy of Windows using either Boot CampParallels or VirtualBox. Boot Camp is free and officially support by Apple, so this is likely the best option. VirtualBox is also free.

No, you must please use a Desktop computer or Laptop.

Using JW Scheduler

All data is automatically saved. There is no need to press save.

There are 2 ways. Option 1: Sync your congregation to the Cloud, then on the new computer click Open Congregation from Cloud. Option 2: Click Export Congregation, then on the new computer select Open Congregation from File.

One person should create a New Congregation, and click Enable Congregation Sharing. Tell the other person the Congregation ID and Password. They can then click Open Congregation from Sharing, and all data will be shared. Please see How to Share a Congregation or the How To Video for more information.

Using JW Scheduler in Restricted Territories

That is a personal decision each elder must make, in line with any relevant branch direction.

While all data on your local computer and any Shared data is fully encrypted, this is only as strong as your computer security. Therefore we recommend the following:

  1. Ensure your computer is encrypted with BitLocker or TrueCrypt.
  2. Ensure your computer has all the latest Windows Updates and Antivirus settings.
  3. Don’t store real names in the program. Use aliases or initials.
  4. Don’t store phone numbers or email addresses in the program.
  5. Use a strong password for both your computer and JW Scheduler password.

Yes! Your personal Registration Key can be used to install JW Scheduler on as many personal devices as you like. However please do not share your Key with anyone else.

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