JW Scheduler Frequently Asked Questions

Installing JW Scheduler

All Windows Vista, Windows 7,  Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers can run JW Scheduler. Please make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2. installed. This can be installed via Windows Update or from the Microsoft website.

Yes. However, you need to first install a copy of Windows using either Boot CampParallels or VirtualBox. Boot Camp is free and officially support by Apple, so this is likely the best option. VirtualBox is also free.

No, you must please use a Desktop computer or Laptop. Please see Apple iOS & Google Android Editions below for more information.

Updating JW Scheduler and Meeting Schedules

JW Scheduler will automatically update the CLM Schedule about one week after the new English epub files appears on JW.org. This allows time for all languages to appear on JW.org. Sometimes translation teams provide epub files late, please be patient.

First, you can try to manually perform an update by clicking Settings > Update. If that doesn’t work, please check your Internet connection. Some anti-virus programs or firewalls might block JW Scheduler from connecting to the Internet, so please adjust these settings to allow JW Scheduler to connect to the Internet.

When JW Scheduler is opened, it will automatically check and detect if a new version is available, and let you know. The new version can be downloaded from the JW Scheduler Download page.

Importing Data from other programs

Yes! When you first open JW Scheduler, click Import Congregation from Majestic KHS. Please see How to Import from Majestic KHS for more information.

Yes! When you first open JW Scheduler, click Import Congregation from CLM Explorer. Please see How to Import data from CLM Explorer for more information.

Yes! When you first open JW Scheduler, click Import Congregation from TSWin. Please see How to Import data from TSWin for more information.

Sorry, not at this time. But we are working on it and hope to have this functionality available in the future.

Congregation Sharing

Congregation Sharing allows all appointed members of a congregation to access the same Congregation, Member, Schedule and Secretary data. Congregation Sharing also allows you to synchronize the data between your own multiple computers.

If you enable Congregation Sharing, data is automatically uploaded to JW Scheduler servers whenever a change is made, and then downloaded when you open JW Scheduler. The data is also kept on your local computer in case you decide to stop sharing in the future, or have Internet problems.

Yes. All data is first encrypted on your local computer, then sent to JW Scheduler servers using an encrypted SSL channel, and finally encrypted again on the JW Scheduler servers before saving. Only users who have your Congregation ID and Password can connect to and decrypt the data.

JW Scheduler use a private Microsoft Azure Cloud Server that is located in the United States. By using Microsoft Azure services, we benefit from their expert focus on security, speed and reliability. You might have noticed that JW.org also uses Microsoft Azure cloud services.

No. As mentioned above, all Congregation Sharing data is fully encrypted. Only those with the Congregation ID and Congregation Password can access the congregation data.

Yes! Congregation Sharing is entirely optional, but you will find Congregation Sharing is a wonderful feature that saves all brothers lots of time and effort. It also provides an off-site backup for your data.

Yes, this is possible. You can share a congregation manually by performing a Congregation Backup, save this Backup File to USB, and then give that USB to others. They can then Open Congregation from File. Please note that obviously the data will not be automatically synced every time someone makes a change.

Apple iOS & Google Android Editions

There are currently no plans to release the full JW Scheduler on iOS or Android. This would involve a huge amount of work, and is really not necessary. Tablets and Smartphones are wonderful tools for attending meetings & the ministry, but they are not designed for deep study, research, congregation management and scheduling.

It is entirely reasonable that all appointed brothers own a simple and affordable laptop or desktop computer. That way they can use Watchtower Library, write and print talks, perform in-depth research, write correspondence to the branch and perform other congregation duties.

In fact, a cheap laptop can be purchased for just a few hundred dollars, which is cheaper than an iPad and many smart phones!

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in preliminary design mode for a new app called JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition for Apple iOS and Google Android. This app will compliment JW Scheduler and enable Congregation Publishers to receive notifications and reminders on their phone for upcoming CLM Parts, Talks, Duties, Cleaning and possibly more. We anticipate this app will be free for all Publishers. More details will be made available in the future.

Using JW Scheduler

All data is automatically saved. There is no need to press save.

There are 2 ways. Option 1: Use Congregation Sharing. First enable Congregation Sharing on your first computer, and then on the new computer click Open Congregation from Sharing. See Congregation Sharing for more information. Option 2: Click Backup Congregation, then on the new computer select Open Congregation from File or Restore Congregation.

  1. Open JW Scheduler
  2. Click Congregation > Congregation Information > Backup Congregation
  3. Choose a safe location for the Backup file. (e.g. USB)


Yes! Your personal Registration Key can be used to install JW Scheduler on as many personal devices as you like. However please do not share your Key with anyone else.

Yes, that is fine. You may give your Registration Key to another brother as long as you no longer use it. Please do not share one key with multiple brothers.

Restricted Territories

That is a personal decision each elder must make, in line with any relevant branch direction.

While all data on your local computer and any Shared data is fully encrypted, this is only as strong as your computer security. Therefore we recommend the following:

  1. Ensure your computer is encrypted with BitLocker or TrueCrypt.
  2. Ensure your computer has all the latest Windows Updates and Antivirus settings.
  3. Don’t store real names in the program. Use aliases or initials.
  4. Don’t store phone numbers or email addresses in the program.
  5. Use a strong password for both your computer and JW Scheduler password.

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