JW Scheduler Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions have been especially prepared for people who are not yet using JW Scheduler and want to learn more.

If you are already using JW Scheduler, please see Help & Support for answers to all your questions.

Installing JW Scheduler

All Windows Vista, Windows 7,  Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11 computers can run JW Scheduler. Please make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2. installed. This can be installed via Windows Update or from the Microsoft website.

JW Scheduler can also be installed on Apple Mac computers and Linux computers running a Windows Emulator.

JW Scheduler cannot be installed on Chrome OS, iOS or Google Android.

JWS Publisher app can be installed on Apple iOS, Google Android and Amazon devices.

Yes, please see What are the System Requirements for JW Scheduler? above

No, to install and run JW Scheduler you must please use either:

  • Desktop computer or Laptop running Windows or Mac
  • Linux computer running a Windows Emulator.

The Apple iOS and Google Android mobile operating systems are quite limited and were not designed for developing complex desktop applications.

Tablets and phones are wonderful tools for attending meetings & the ministry, but they are not designed for deep study, research, congregation management and scheduling.

It is entirely reasonable that all appointed brothers own a simple and affordable laptop or desktop computer. That way they can use Watchtower Library, write and print talks, perform in-depth research, write correspondence to the branch and perform other congregation duties.

In fact, a cheap laptop can be purchased for just a few hundred dollars, which is cheaper than an iPad and many smart phones!

Only the JWS Publisher App (design for publishers) runs on iOS, Android and Amazon phones and tablets.

JW Scheduler is not web-based. It must be installed locally on a computer. This ensures your data is always kept safe and secure on your local computer.

While web-based applications are convenient, sfl simply does not permit web-based applications storing congregation data. Web-based applications also allow the website administrators full access to everyone’s data. We do not feel comfortable with this.

Unless this clear sfl direction changes, we have no plans to create a web-based version.

JWS Publisher app

JWS Publisher app is a free mobile app designed for congregation publishers! It runs on Apple iOS, Google Android and Amazon Fire tablets and phones.

JWS Publisher app is a different and separate program to JW Scheduler, with a different audience, different purpose and different functionality:

  • JW Scheduler is a Desktop program designed for appointed brothers
  • JWS Publisher is a mobile app designed for publishers.

JWS Publisher app allows publishers to see upcoming Christian Life and Ministry meeting & Public Talk assignments, upcoming Duties, submit Field Service Reports, view upcoming Congregation Events and any recent Congregation Announcements, and much much more.

Learn more about the JWS Publisher app

JWS Publisher app can be downloaded and installed on any Apple iPhone, iPAD or iPod Touch running iOS 10 or greater, any Android phone or tablet running Android 4.4 or greater, and any Amazon Tablet running Android 4.4 or greater.

At this time, JWS Publisher app cannot be installed on Windows desktop computers. We are working to enable this in the future.

JWS Publisher app is not web-based. It can be installed on Apple iOS, Google Android and Amazon mobile devices.

In the future we hope to also make it available on Windows 11.

Since JWS Publisher app can already be installed on virtually every single mobile device, there is no need to make a web-based version.

Importing and Exporting Data to/from other programs

Yes. JW Scheduler can import data from several other theocratic software programs, including Majestic KHS, Hourglass App, TSWin, CLM Explorer or CSV file.

Please see:

Yes. It is best to import data when first creating a new Congregation in JW Scheduler.

However you can import the following data into an existing JW Scheduler congregation:

Yes, JW Scheduler strongly believes your congregation and member data is your own, and you should be able to Import and Export your data as you wish. We also believe it is fair and right to allow data exchange between other scheduling programs.

JW Scheduler data can be exported to the common CSV format for importing into other programs.

Congregation Sharing

JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing allows you to automatically share all JW Scheduler data with other approved brothers in your congregation.

It is often a challenge for all appointed brothers to keep up-to-date with all congregation matters. Therefore, JW Scheduler has been designed to allow all approved brothers to quickly and easily view, organise and schedule congregation assignments and member information.

Please see How does Congregation Sharing work? for more information.

Yes. All data is stored on your local computer and is encrypted. Congregation Sharing does not store any confidential information online, therefore is fully compliant with sfl. Congregation Sharing is also fully compliant with the strict European GDPR Privacy Laws, since the data is never accessed by anyone outside of the European Union.

Please see How does Congregation Sharing work? for more information.

Yes. JW Scheduler includes User Access which can control which elder or ministerial servant can Edit or View each part of JW Scheduler.

Please see User Access for more information.

Yes. Congregation Sharing does not store any confidential data online, therefore is fully compliant with sfl. Congregation Sharing is also fully compliant with the strict European GDPR Privacy Laws, since the data is never accessed by anyone outside of the European Union.

Please see How does Congregation Sharing work? for more information.

Yes, you would first setup and Enable Congregation Sharing on one computer, then Open Congregation from Sharing on your other computer.

Please see Congregation Sharing Help for more information.

Updating JW Scheduler and Meeting Schedules

All users can receive meeting schedule updates for free. There is no need to register to receive updates.

JW Scheduler will automatically update the CLM schedule.

Please see Updating Christian Life and Ministry Meeting schedule for more information.

All users can receive program updates for free. There is no need to register to receive updates.

Please see Installing or Updating JW Scheduler for more information.

Congregation Merging or Splitting

It is not possible to merge multiple congregations in JW Scheduler.

However, if your congregation is merging with another, the easiest way to handle this is first choose which congregation has the most members, and make this the “new” congregation. You can change the Congregation Name and other details in Congregation Information.

Then transfer all members from the other congregation, and import them into the new congregation. You can also choose to transfer only some of the members.

The easiest way to handle a congregation split is to create a New Congregation for the smaller of the two new congregations, and continue to use existing congregation for the larger one. You can change the Congregation Name and other details in Congregation Information.

Then, transfer all members from the existing congregation and import them into the new congregation.

Finally, remove any members who were transferred from the existing congregation.

Field Service Reports

There are multiple ways to do this, depending on your preference:

  1. Using JW Scheduler, the congregation Secretary can enter all members field service reports.
  2. Using JW Scheduler and after enabling Congregation Sharing, each Group Overseer can enter each group members field service report.
  3. Using JWS Publisher App, each member can submit their own field service report. The Congregation Secretary or Group Overseer can then “import” this into JW Scheduler.
  4. Using JWS Publisher App, a Group Overseer can be set as a Delegate for another member, and then submit field service reports for these publishers.

JW Scheduler Data and Backups

All data is saved on your local computer, in your AppData folder (e.g. C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\JW Scheduler\MyData).

All data is fully encrypted at all times.

Each time you close JW Scheduler or Update JW Scheduler, an Automatic Backup is made on your local computer.

Your computer will store the last 30 Automatic Backups.

Automatic Backups are stored in the users AppData folder (e.g. C:\Users\\AppData\Local\JW Scheduler\Backups)

Even though JW Scheduler makes Automatic Backups, we still strongly recommend regularly making off-site backups (e.g. to USB) in case your computer crashes, is stolen or destroyed.

Please see Backup or Restore Data for more information.

All data is automatically saved. There is no need to press save.


Yes! Your personal Registration Key can be used to install JW Scheduler on as many personal devices as you like. However, if you have an INDIVIDUAL Registration Key, please do not share your Key with anyone else.

If you want all brothers in your congregation to use the Full Version of JW Scheduler, please purchase a CONGREGATION Registration Key.

Please see Register JW Scheduler – Registration Questions for more information. 

Yes, that is fine. You may give your Registration Key to another brother as long as you no longer use it. Please do not share one key with multiple brothers.

Please see Register JW Scheduler – Registration Questions for more information. 

Please check and search your email mailbox. Since all Registration Keys are emailed, most likely your mailbox still has a copy of the key.

Please see Help > Registration Help for more information.

Simply register again on the website. You will automatically receive your new Registration Key after payment. Please enter the key by following the instructions in the email. Your congregation data will not be affected.

We recommend re-registering during the last week of your current license registration.

Please see Register JW Scheduler – Registration Questions for more information. 

JW Scheduler Security

Yes. JW Scheduler takes data privacy and security very seriously. We feel that your member and congregation data is yours, and should be fully secure at all times.

We also understand we are living in critical times, and soon the Great Tribulation will arrive.

Please see JW Scheduler Security and Privacy for more information.

That is a personal decision each elder must make, in line with any relevant branch direction.

Several of the JW Scheduler developers spent many years serving in banned countries. Therefore, JW Scheduler has been designed to be extremely secure, and require the absolute minimum amount of personal information.

Only the First Name field is needed, and in fact, you could use an alias or initials as the First Name, which is common practise in restricted territories.

For elders, an email address is also needed.

While all data on your local computer and any Shared data is fully encrypted, this is only as secure as your local computer.

We strongly recommend the following:

  1. Ensure your computer is encrypted with BitLocker or TrueCrypt.
  2. Ensure your computer has all the latest Windows Updates and Antivirus settings.
  3. Don’t use full names in JW Scheduler. Use aliases, initials or only the first name.
  4. Don’t add contact information, such as address or phone numbers, in JW Scheduler.
  5. Use a strong password for both your computer and for JW Scheduler.

JW Scheduler Notifications

No. JW Scheduler is designed for our worldwide brotherhood, not just the USA or certain western countries.

JW Scheduler is currently used by many thousands of brothers in over 65 languages, living in over 140 countries. Many different countries use many different messaging apps and mobile phone networks.

It is completely impossible to send SMS or TEXT messages to brothers in more than 140 countries, nor is this necessary.

JW Scheduler already offer multiple ways to notify brothers or publishers of upcoming Public Talks, Assignments or Duties, such as:

  1. Via the JWS Publisher App
  2. Via Email
  3. Via electronic Assignment Slips or schedules
  4. Via printed Assignment Slip or schedules
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