JW Scheduler Languages

Our worldwide brotherhood is truly a wonderful blessing! We believe all our friends, no matter where they live or what language they speak, should be able to quickly and easily schedule the Christian Life and Ministry meeting, Public Talks, JW Secretary matters and more.

As evidence of this, JW Scheduler is currently available in over 30 languages!

  • English
  • Spanish Español
  • Arabic عربى
  • Chinese Mandarin (Simplified) 中文简体
  • Chinese Mandarin (Traditional) 中文繁体
  • Cibemba
  • Dutch Nederlandse
  • French Français
  • Greek Ελληνική
  • German Deutsche
  • Gun
  • Haitian Creole Kreyòl Ayisyen
  • Hindi हिंदी
  • Indonesian bahasa Indonesia
  • Italian Italiano
  • Korean 한국어
  • Japanese 日本語
  • Polish Polskie
  • Portuguese (Brazil) Português (Brasil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal) Português (Portugal)
  • Romanian Română
  • Russian русский
  • Swahili Kiswahili
  • Swedish Svenska
  • Tagalog (Filipino)
  • Tamil தமிழ்
  • Telugu తెలుగు
  • Turkish Türkçe
  • Twi (Ghana)
  • Vietnamese Tiếng Việt
  • Yoruba Èdè Yorùbá
  • Zulu IsiZulu

Improve an Existing Translation

It takes time and effort to translate JW scheduler into many different languages. Can you help? Have you noticed any problems with the translations? Please see How to help Improve JW Scheduler Translations.

Request a New Language for JW Scheduler

JW Scheduler also allows you to run the program in one language, and produce schedules in another language. This is especially useful for language Groups or language learners.

For example, you can set your Program Language to English, but your Congregation Language as Chinese.

Another unique feature is that JW Scheduler allows you to set an Auxiliary Class as a ‘Foreign Language Group’. This allows the group to schedule their own Treasures Talk, Digging for Spiritual Gems and Congregation Bible Study.

How to Update Public Talk Outlines

Have you noticed any problems with the Public Talk Outlines in JW Scheduler? Are there new Public Talk Outlines or do existing Public Talk Outlines need to be updated?

If so, please help us update the JW Scheduler Public Talk Outlines so that everyone can benefit.

Please see How to Update Public Talk Outlines.

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