How does the JW Scheduler iOS & Android APP work?

JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition is an iOS and Android App that allows publishers to electronically see data generated in JW Scheduler. This includes upcoming Christian Life and Ministry meeting & Public Talk assignments, upcoming Duties, submit Field Service Reports, view upcoming Congregation Events and any recent Congregation Announcements.

The JW Scheduler App does not store any confidential data online. Only non-confidential data that is usually found on the congregation notice board is stored online. This is protected and access is restricted to only the specific member in your congregation. This ensures that JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition fully complies with sfl.

Data for JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition iOS & Android App comes from your local congregation only. Your local congregation must first use JW Scheduler (Desktop Edition) to generate and send any schedules, congregation events or announcements to the App.

JW Scheduler Publisher Edition iOS Android APP How it Works
  • Step 1: An elder opens JW Scheduler and enables the JW Scheduler App.
  • Step 2: An appointed brother uses JW Scheduler to create the Christian Life and Ministry, Public Talk, Duties or cleaning schedule.
  • Step 3: That brother uses JW Scheduler to send the data to the App.
  • Step 4: A publisher downloads the JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Step 5: Using information his elders gave him, he opens the App, logs into the congregation and identifies himself.
  • Step 6: His JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App will now receive any assignments, duties, congregation events and announcements from his local congregation.
Note: JW Scheduler (for appointed brothers) only works on a Desktop computer or laptop, whereas JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App only works on mobile devices (e.g. phones, tablets). There are no plans to change this. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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