Congregation Announcements

Congregation Announcements can be added to JW Scheduler and then sent to all publishers using the JWS Publisher app. Links and attachments can be added to the announcements.

To Add or Edit Congregation Announcements, click Congregation > Congregation Events and Announcements

JW Scheduler Congregation Announcements and Congregation Events Menu

New Congregation Announcement

  • Note: This feature is designed for Congregation Announcements that would usually be read out or posted on the Information Board for a period of time. This feature is not designed for permanent notifications to the Congregation. All Announcements must have an Expiry date within 180 days.
  • Note: Expired Congregation Announcements will be automatically deleted after 2 months.
  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Events and Announcements
  2. Under Congregation Announcements, click New
  3. Enter the Title
    • Note: This will show as the Title in the JWS Publisher App
  4. Set the Expiry Date
    • Note: The announcement will expire on this date and be automatically removed from the App and JW Scheduler. Announcements must have an expiry date within 180 days. Please do not add “permanent” announcements, this is not what this feature is designed for.
  5. Optionally, add an Attachment that can be opened in JWS Publisher App.
    • Note: Attachments must be either PDF, JPG or PNG, and they must be 5MB or less. Attachment filenames must use roman characters only.
    • Note: For security purposes, attachments will automatically expire after 90 days.
  6. Optionally, add a Link.
  7. Enter the Announcement text.
    • Note: The format you enter the announcement is how it will be displayed in the App.
  8. If you have enabled the JWS Publisher app, you can now send this Announcement to the app.

Common Questions and Problems

Yes, please see the Congregation Announcements subheading above.

Set the Announcement Expiry Date.

Please carefully re-read the the Congregation Announcements subheading above.

  1. Ensure all members are using the latest version of JWS Publisher App
  2. Ensure the attachment is either PDF, JPG or PNG format.
  3. Ensure the attachment is 5MB or less.
  4. Ensure the Attachment filename contains only roman characters. No special characters are allowed.
  5. The attachment might have expired. Remove and then re-add the attachment.
  6. Try deleting and re-creating the announcement.
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