Congregation Events & Announcements

JW Scheduler allows elders to enter upcoming Congregation Events such as the Memorial, Circuit Assembly, Circuit Overseer visit, District Convention, Maintenance Day, Headquarters Representative visit, etc.

Congregation events that affect meetings (e.g. Circuit Overseers visit) will then automatically display on all Schedules (e.g. Life and Ministry Meeting, Public Talks, Duties, etc).

Congregation Announcements can also be added to JW Scheduler, and then sent to all publishers using the JW Scheduler App.

To Add or Edit Congregation Events and Announcements, click Congregation > Congregation Events and Announcements

JW Scheduler Congregation Announcements and Congregation Events Menu

How to add Congregation Events

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Events and Announcements
  2. Under Congregation Events, click New
  3. Select the Event Type
  4. Set the Event Name
  5. Optionally, add an Event Link which will be sent to the JWS – Publisher App

E.G. 2020 Circuit Assembly with CO

  1. Set the Event Description
    • E.G. “Love Builds Up”
  2. Set the Event Start Date and if required, set the End Date.
    • Note: One-day events like Circuit Assemblies should not have an End Date.

How to add Congregation Announcements

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Events and Announcements
  2. Under Congregation Announcements, click New
  3. Enter the Announcement text.
    • Note: The format you enter the announcement is how it will be displayed in the App.
  • Note: If you have enabled the JW Scheduler App, you can now send this Announcement to the App.
  • Note: Announcements are automatically removed from the JW Scheduler App after 30 days, or when the announcement is manually deleted.

Common Questions and Problems

The Duties Scheduler can only schedule duties for your regular Weekend and Midweek meetings.

If a Congregation Event requires duties, e.g. the Memorial, you have several options:

  1. Use the Duties Scheduler to schedule duties for that week as normal, and inform the brothers these duties are for the Congregation Event (e.g. Memorial). The date/times of the duties will reflect your regular meeting time, not the Event date or time.
  2. Include duty information in the Event Description.
  3. Manually schedule those duties.

No, however we may increase the 30 days length in a future update.

We will not be adding “permanent announcements” since that is not the purpose of this feature.

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