Congregation Events

JW Scheduler allows elders to enter all kinds of Congregation Events such as the Memorial, Circuit Assembly, Circuit Overseer visit, District Convention, Maintenance Day, Headquarters Representative visit, etc.

Congregation events that affect meetings (e.g. Circuit Overseers visit) will then automatically display on Schedules. Other “one-off” congregation events can also be scheduled and sent to a specific group publishers, e.g. Regular Pioneer meetings, Elders meetings, etc.

To Add or Edit Congregation Events, click Congregation > Congregation Events and Announcements

JW Scheduler Congregation Announcements and Congregation Events Menu

New Congregation Event

  • Note: Any Congregation Event older than 2 months will be automatically removed.
  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Events and Announcements
  2. Under Congregation Events, click New
  3. Select the Event Type
    • Note: See Event Types below for more information
  4. Enter the Event Name
  5. Enter the Event Description
    • Note: Please do not include any confidential information, e.g. Elders Meeting Agendas.
  6. Optionally, add an Event Link which will be sent to the JWS Publisher app
  7. Set the event Start Date and if required, set the End Date.
    • Note: One-day events like Circuit Assemblies should not have an End Date, and you should tick 1 day only.
  8. If the Event Type is Other, select the Group who should receive the Event.
    • Note: Other Events can be sent to Other Groups, which are created in Congregation > Groups and Families > Other Groups
    • Note: Events sent to specific Groups only work if publishers are using JWS Publisher app 1.3.0 or greater. Publishers using JWS Publisher app 1.2.9 or less will see all Events, regardless of Group.
  9. If you have enabled the JWS Publisher app, you can now send this Event to the App.
JW Scheduler Congregation Events and Congregation Announcements

Event Types

JW Scheduler currently supports the following Event Types:

  • Circuit Overseer. The Circuit Overseer visit. Also allows you to schedule Circuit Overseer Activities. Must start on Tuesday and end on Sunday.
  • Circuit Assembly. A Circuit Assembly. The Midweek Meeting Schedule will show Circuit Assembly.
  • District Convention. A regional or international convention. Will not replace any meeting parts.
  • Memorial. The memorial of Christ’s death. If it falls during the week, the Midweek Meeting Schedule will show Circuit Assembly, if it falls on the Weekend, the Weekend Schedule will show Memorial.
  • No Meeting. Any other event where you wish to replace or cancel meeting, e.g. Zone Visit.
  • Other. Use for any other Event type, e.g. Elders Meetings, Pioneers Meetings, LDC Meetings, Service Overseer Visit, etc. Does not replace any meetings.
    • Note: Other Events can be sent to a selected group of publishers, e.g. Regular Pioneers, Elders, etc. See Groups and Families > Other Groups for information about creating or editing groups.

Common Questions and Problems

No. To allow for greater flexibility and prevent accidental deletions, JW Scheduler will not remove any Assignments or Duties based on Congregation Events.

When scheduling, all Congregation Events are clearly displayed up the top in big, bold, red letters.

It is up to the brothers scheduling to remove any existing assignments or duties as needed.

The Duties Scheduler can only schedule duties for your regular Weekend and Midweek meetings.

If a Congregation Event requires duties, e.g. the Memorial, you have several options:

  1. Use the Duties Scheduler to schedule duties for that week as normal, and inform the brothers these duties are for the Congregation Event (e.g. Memorial). The date/times of the duties will reflect your regular meeting time, not the Event date or time.
  2. Include duty information in the Event Description of the main event.
  3. Create a separate Other Event. Include duty information in the Event Description and send this Event only to those who have Duties.
  4. Manually schedule those duties.
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