Congregation Sharing

JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing allows you to automatically share all JW Scheduler data with other approved brothers in your congregation.

It is often a challenge for all appointed brothers to keep up-to-date with all congregation matters. Therefore, JW Scheduler has been designed to allow all approved brothers to quickly and easily view, organise and schedule congregation assignments and member information.

Congregation Sharing does not store any confidential data online, therefore is fully compliant with sfl. Congregation Sharing is also fully compliant with the strict European GDPR Privacy Laws, since the data is never accessed by anyone outside of the European Union.

Please see How does Congregation Sharing work? for more information about how Congregation Sharing works.

To enable or access JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing, click Congregation Congregation Sharing.

JW Scheduler Congregation Menu Congregation Sharing

Problems with Congregation Sharing

How to Enable Congregation Sharing

Note: If Congregation Sharing has already been enabled for your congregation, and you wish to connect to this congregation, please see How to Open a Congregation from Sharing. Only ONE elder should Create and Share the congregation, all other elders should Open this congregation from Sharing.

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Sharing
  2. Click the button Enable Congregation Sharing
  3. Identify yourself by selecting yourself from the List, and click OK.
    1. Note: If there are no members in this list, click Members > Add Member.
    2. Note: Only Elders can enable Congregation Sharing.
  4. Set your Favorite Scripture.
    1. Note: This is used to authenticate you, so please remember your selection.
  5. Create a Congregation Password.
    1. Warning: Do not forget this password! For security reasons, if you forget this password Congregation Sharing will be disabled and must be re-setup.
    2. Note: The Congregation ID and Congregation Password must be given to any approved appointed brothers who need to connect to your congregation.
  6. Your Congregation has now been shared!
    1. Note: To let other appointed brothers connect to this congregation, please see How to Add Members to Congregation Sharing below.
    2. Note: To connect to this congregation from your other personal devices, please see How to Open a Congregation from Sharing.Only

How to Add Members to Congregation Sharing

Before any other members can connect to your congregation, they must first be added to the Shared Members list. Only Congregation Administrators can add members to the Sharing List. Any member who has Congregation Sharing – Edit access is considered a Congregation Sharing Administrator.

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Sharing
  2. If you haven’t already done so, Connect to your congregation.
  3. Click Add Member.
  4. Find and Select the member, click OK.
    1. Note: If there are no members in this list, click Members > Add Member.
    2. Note: Adding a member to Shared Members does not send them an email or any notification. They must connect to the congregation themselves by clicking Open from Congregation Sharing.
  5. Tell the member the Congregation ID and Congregation Password.
    1. Note: For security reasons, the member has 7 days to connect before the invitation will expire. If a member expires, click Re-Share.
    2. Note: During this 7 day period, they can connect with multiple personal devices. After 7 days if they wish to connect with a new device, click Allow More Devices.
  6. The member can now use their JW Scheduler to Open from Congregation Sharing
JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing Main View

How other Members connect to Congregation Sharing

Congregation Sharing Important Information

  • Any member who has Congregation Sharing – Edit access is considered a Congregation Sharing Administrator. Please see User Access for more information.
  • Congregation Sharing only works with JW Scheduler 3.4. or later. Problems may occur if members are using different versions of JW Scheduler, so please ensure everyone always updates to the newest version of JW Scheduler as soon as possible.
  • If a member does not connect to the congregation for 30 days, they will Expire. A Congregation Sharing Administrator can select the Member and click the Re-Share button to allow them to connect again.
  • When the congregation is first shared with a member, they have 7 days to connect with their personal devices. If later they want to connect with another device, a Congregation Sharing Administrator can select the member and click Allow More Devices. This gives them another 7 days to connect.
  • If a member moves congregation or no longer qualifies to connect to the congregation, a Congregation Sharing Administrator should select the member and click Remove Member. However, they will still need to personally delete JW Scheduler from their personal computer.
  • Any member with Congregation Sharing – Edit or View access can view the Sharing Log by clicking the Sharing Log button.
  • To disable Congregation Sharing for your congregation, a Congregation Sharing Administrator can click Disable Sharing.

Congregation Sharing Questions

This shouldn’t be a problem, but it depends on what the brothers are doing.

If multiple brothers are viewing data, there will be no problems.

If multiple brothers are editing different parts of the congregation, that also won’t be a problem. For example, if the COBE is scheduling the Life and Ministry COBE parts, but the CLMO is scheduling the school parts, this will be fine.

Problems will only occur if two people are editing the same information at the same time. E.G. If both are editing the same member information at the same time.

It can take more than one minute for changes to be sent to the JW Scheduler Transfer Servers. It can take more than one minute for data on the Transfer Servers to be sent to another brother. Therefore it can take several minutes for changes to show up on another computer.

No. Once the data has synced, it will become immediately viewable. However you might need to refresh the view (e.g. click another view, then re-click that view).

No. In order to comply with sfl, data is not permanently stored on the JW Scheduler Transfer servers. Please make sure you regularly make a local Backup of your data. It would be wise to save these backups off-site in case your computer crashes.

Congregation Sharing User Access

User Access is now built into Congregation Sharing. If Congregation Sharing is enabled, User Access is also automatically enabled and can not be disabled. Please see JW Scheduler User Access for more information.

Congregation Sharing Registration Key

JW Scheduler now offers an option to Register JW Scheduler with a Congregation License. This allows all approved appointed brothers to use the FULL Version of JW Scheduler when connecting to this congregation.

Once a Congregation Registration Key has been entered by a Congregation Sharing Administrator, JW Scheduler will automatically convert to the FULL Version for each brother who connects to the congregation. There is no need for each brother to Enter the Registration Key. 

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