How does Congregation Sharing work?

JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing allows you to automatically share and synchronize all JW Scheduler data with other approved brothers in your congregation. Congregation Sharing does not store any confidential or sensitive information online, therefore is fully compliant with sfl. Congregation Sharing is also fully compliant with the strict European GDPR Privacy laws.

How does Sharing work?

Here is a real-world example of how Congregation Sharing works:

  • Elder A opens JW Scheduler on his own computer and schedules a Christian Life and Ministry Meeting part.
  • Your local JW Scheduler obfuscates the data so it has no meaning outside of JW Scheduler.
  • JW Scheduler encrypts the obfuscated data using a unique encryption key generated by your own computer. This creates a set of seemingly random and meaningless strings.
  • JW Scheduler creates a secure connection to your selected transfer server.
  • JW Scheduler uploads these randomised strings to your secured congregation folder on the transfer server.
  • Elder B opens JW Scheduler on his computer. His computer authenticates with the transfer server using the Congregation ID, Congregation Password and his Member PIN.
  • If authenticated, his computer creates a secure connection to your congregation folder and checks for any updated strings.
  • If any updated strings are detected, they are retrieved from the JW Scheduler transfer server.
  • JW Scheduler uses his unique locally generated encryption key to decrypt the randomised strings. 
  • JW Scheduler interprets the data converting it back into meaningful information.
JW Scheduler How does Congregation Sharing work diagram

Sharing Security and Protection

JW Scheduler takes data security and data protection very seriously and ensures your congregation data is fully secure at all times. Congregation Sharing has been designed so that your congregation information can only be accessed by approved brothers in your congregation who are using JW Scheduler and know your sharing password.

This is no other way anyone else can ever see your congregation data.

Congregation Sharing implements the following best-practise security processes:

  1. JW Scheduler uses data obfuscation techniques to ensure any transfered data is meaningless unless viewed inside JW Scheduler.
  2. JW Scheduler uses end-to-end encryption, which means your data is fully secured before it is transferred to other appointed brothers and cannot be opened by anyone outside your congregation.
  3. JW Scheduler uses 256-bit Encryption Keys uniquely generated by your local computer using your congregation Sharing Password. This means your local data is converted to randomised and meaningless strings before ever leaving your computer.
  4. JW Scheduler developers or support personnel do not and cannot access your encryption keys. It is therefore physically impossible for them to decrypt, view, see or edit your data under any circumstances.
  5. Data transfer uses HTTPS connections, so it is additionally encrypted on the transport layer (known as TLS).
  6. The only “data” that ever leaves your local computer is a randomised and meaningless string of characters.
  7. Our sharing transfer servers are fully secured by Congregation ID, Congregation Password and Member PIN, only allowing your approved congregation members to transfer the randomised strings to other congregation members.
  8. If you Disable Sharing, the meaningless encrypted strings are permanently removed from the sharing server.
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