How does Congregation Sharing work?

JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing allows you to automatically share and synchronize all JW Scheduler data with other approved brothers in your congregation.

Congregation Sharing does not store any confidential data online, therefore is fully compliant with sfl. Congregation Sharing is also fully compliant with the strict European GDPR Privacy laws.

Diagram of how Congregation Sharing works

JW Scheduler How does Congregation Sharing Work diagram

Explanation of how Congregation Sharing works

  • Step 1: Elder A opens JW Scheduler on his own computer, and schedules a Christian Life and Ministry Meeting part.
  • Step 2: JW Scheduler converts this to computer code. This obfuscates all personal information.
  • Step 3: JW Scheduler encrypts the computer code.
  • Step 4: If Congregation Sharing is enabled, the encrypted string is sent to the JW Scheduler Transfer Server. Elder A first must authenticate with the Congregation ID and Congregation Password.
  • Step 5: Elder B opens JW Scheduler on his computer. He accesses the same congregation using the Congregation ID and Congregation Password. The encrypted string is retrieved from the JW Scheduler Transfer Server.
  • Step 6: JW Scheduler decrypts the string.
  • Step 7: JW Scheduler converts the data into readable format.
  • Step 8: The new schedule has been shared!
  • Step 9: The JW Scheduler Transfer Server deletes the encrypted string.

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