How to Import a Congregation from CLM Explorer

JW CLM Scheduler is a JW app and  Christian Life and Ministry software program to help elders schedule the Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting. It is fast, easy-to-use and simple to learn!

It is now possible to import student and schedule data from CLM Explorer (by directly into JW CLM Scheduler. While CLM Explorer is a good program written by a good brother, many have found that JW CLM Scheduler is easier to use, simpler and quicker. If you would like to try for yourself, you can now import CLM Explorer data directly into JW CLM Scheduler.

Learn how to Import a Congregation from CLM Explorer.

  • Step 1: Open JW CLM Scheduler
  • Step 2: Select your Program Language and click OK. (Tip: This can be different to your Congregation Language)
  • Step 3: Click Import Congregation from CLM Explorer

That’s it! All Done! (Tip: There is no need to click save, everything saves automatically)

Note: If CLM Explorer is not currently installed on your computer, you can Import from a CLM Explorer Backup File.

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