How to Open a Congregation from Sharing

Congregation Sharing allows all approved appointed to automatically and securely share and synchronize all Congregation, member and schedule data.

If another elder or Congregation Administrator has already created a JW Scheduler Congregation and then Enabled Congregation Sharing, you can Open a Congregation from Sharing.

Your Congregation Administrator must tell you:

  1. Congregation Sharing Region
  2. Congregation ID
  3. Congregation Sharing Password

Please also be ready to create a 6-digit Member PIN. This is used to identify you, so you should please remember this.

  • Note: We kindly request each person who uses Congregation Sharing first spend a few minutes reading the Congregation Sharing Help to learn how Congregation Sharing works, how to correctly use Congregation Sharing, and what your responsibilities are.
JW Scheduler Open Congregation from Sharing

Open Congregation from Sharing

  1. Click Open Congregation from Sharing
    • Note: If you have already created a congregation or already have a congregation open, you must first Delete that Congregation. You can only have one congregation open at a time. Please see How to Change or Delete a Congregation.
  2. Select your Congregation Sharing Region, enter the Congregation ID and Congregation Password.
    • Note: Your Congregation Sharing Region, Congregation ID and Congregation Password will be given to you by the Congregation Administrator. You must enter this information exactly right. If you select a different Sharing Region it will not work.
    • Note: If you have problems connecting, please see Common Congregation Sharing Problems.
  3. Click Connect
  1. Identify yourself by selecting your name from the list
    • Note: If your name isn’t in the list, this means the congregation has not been shared with you. Please contact a Congregation Administrator.
  2. If you have already connected before, please Enter your 6-digit PIN.
    • Note: If you have forgotten your Member PIN, please ask a Sharing Administrator to reset it for you.
  3. If you have not connected before, you must Create a 6-digit PIN.
    • Note: Your PIN must be 6-digits and is used to authenticate you.
    • Note: You have the responsibility to remember this PIN.
  4. Click Identify
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