How to Share a Congregation

JW CLM Scheduler is a JW app and Christian Life and Ministry software program to help elders schedule the Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting. It is fast, easy-to-use and simple to learn!

Learn how to Share a Congregation between Elders, for example between the COBE and CLMO.

  • Step 1: Open JW CLM Scheduler
  • Step 2: Click on the Congregation button
  • Step 3: Tick the box Enable Congregation Sharing
  • Step 4: Enter the COBE Email and CLMO Email (Note: The emails are used to Reset the Password in case you forget)
  • Step 5: Set the Congregation Password, and re-enter
  • Step 6: Click Create

That’s it! All Done!

For others to Connect to this Congregation, they will need the Congregation ID and Congregation Password.

Why Download JW Christian Life and Ministry Scheduler?

Do you find scheduling the Christian Life and Ministry meeting time-consuming and difficult to manage? Download JW CLM Scheduler and spend more time with your family, preaching or shepherding!

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