Congregation Information

After you have either created a new congregation, opened an existing congregation, or imported a congregation, you can enter and update the Congregation details and information.

To edit and update Congregation Information, click Congregation > Congregation Information

How to Edit and Update Congregation Information

Congregation ID: This is your unique Congregation ID and is automatically assigned by JW Scheduler. You will need this ID to Share the Congregation with others.

Congregation Name: The name of your congregation.

Congregation Language: The language of your congregation. This will affect the language of the Life and Ministry Meeting, Public Talks, Schedules and Printing.

  • Tip: This can be different to the JW Scheduler Program Language. For example, you can set JW Scheduler to be in English, but your congregation is Chinese.

Weekend Meeting Day: The day of your weekend meeting. This affects how various schedule dates display and print, such as Public Talks.

Midweek Meeting Day: The day of your midweek meeting. This affects how various schedule dates display and print, such as the Life and Ministry Meeting.

Midweek Meeting Time: The midweek meeting start time. This will affect how the Life and Ministry Chairman’s Outline and other reports print.

Usual number of Schools: How many Life and Ministry meeting schools you usually have.dasd

  • Note: You can also add or remove schools on the Life and Ministry Schedule view.

Congregation Sharing

User Access

Please see User Access.

How to Backup your Congregation and data

To backup your congregation and data:

  1. Click the Backup Congregation button.
  2. Select a location to save the backup.
  3. Click OK.

Your Backup File will then be saved as a ZIP file. You can transfer your backup file to USB, OneDrive, Google Drive or any other location. You could also send this to another brother who uses JW Scheduler. All Congregation, Members, Scheduler and Field Service data is saved in the backup file.

  • Note: All backup files are fully encrypted, and can only be opened again by JW Scheduler.
  • Tip: Another way to Backup your congregation is to enable Congregation Sharing. This will create an encrypted backup on the JW Scheduler Servers.

How Restore a Congregation

To restore a congregation and all data from a JW Scheduler backup file:

  1. Click the Restore Congregation button.
  2. Confirm that all existing data will be overwritten.
  3. Click Continue.

All Congregation, Members, Schedule and Field Service data in the backup file will then be restored to JW Scheduler.

How Delete a Congregation

To delete a congregation and all data:

  1. Click the Delete Congregation button.
  2. Choose if you also want to delete all Members and Schedules.
    1. Note: Sometimes you might want to leave the existing members, for example if your congregation splits. That way you can create a new congregation, but leave the existing members. Later you can delete the members who are no longer part of the new congregation.
  3. If you have enabled Congregation Sharing, you will also be asked to choose if you want to remove the Congregation from the JW Scheduler servers.
  4. Confirm your choice by clicking Continue.

Depending on your choices, all Congregation, Members, Schedule and Field Service data in the backup file will be deleted.

  • Note: This can not be undone!
  • Tip: Only remove the congregation from Sharing if no other members of your congregation still use JW Scheduler.

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