Neighbor Congregations

Neighbor Congregations and Neighbor Members are used for scheduling Public Talks.

If you add Neighbor Congregations and Neighbor Members, it makes it quicker and easier to schedule both local and away Public Talks. JW Scheduler will show you which Public Talk Outlines neighboring members can deliver, so you can better schedule the public talks for your local congregation.

Additionally, if neighboring congregations also use JW Scheduler they can Export and send you their public speakers, allowing you to directly Import their public speakers. You can likewise do the same, Export your public speakers for other congregations to Import. This saves everyone time, keeps records up-to-date and reduces mistakes.

To view and edit Neighbor Congregations and Neighbor Members, click Congregation > Neighbor Congregations

JW Scheduler Congregation Menu Neighbor Congregations
JW Scheduler Congregation Neighbor Congregations

How to Add a Neighbor Congregation

  1. Click Congregation > Neighbor Congregations
  2. Under Neighbor Congregations, click New
  3. A new Neighbor Congregation will be immediately added.
  4. Enter the Name, Weekend Meeting Day, Weekend Meeting Time, Public Talk Contact Name, Public Talk Contact Details and any Notes.

How to Add a Neighbor Member

  1. Click Congregation > Neighbor Congregations
  2. Select the Neighbor Congregation
  3. Under Neighbor Members, click New
  4. A new Neighbor Member will be immediately added.
  5. Enter the NamePhone and Email of the new member.
  6. Select their Privilege.
  7. Enter the Talk Outlines they can give, separated by a comma. E.G. 14, 78, 123, 145

How to Import Neighbor Members

Note: The neighboring congregation must first use JW Scheduler to Export and send you their Exported Public Speakers list. At the present time there is no way to automatically share this information.

  1. Click Congregation > Neighbor Congregations
  2. Under Neighbor Congregations, click Import Public Speakers
  3. The Neighbor Congregation and all public speakers will be imported.

How to Export Neighbor Members to share with other congregations

If the other congregation is also using JW Scheduler:

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Information
  2. Click Export Public Speakers button
  3. Send the exported file to other congregations.

If other congregation is not using JW Scheduler:

  1. Click Printing > Public Talks category.
  2. Select Away Public Speakers List report.
  3. Click Save as Document or Save as PDF button, and then send to other congregations.

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