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It is often a challenge for all elders to keep up-to-date with all congregation matters. Therefore, JW Scheduler has been designed so that all Elders and appointed brothers can quickly and easily view, organise and schedule congregation assignments. JW Scheduler allows appointed brothers to automatically & instantly synchronize and share all congregation, member and schedule information. To access Congregation Sharing, click Congregation > Congregation Information

How to Enable Congregation Sharing

  1. Create, Open or Import a Congregation
  2. Click on Congregation > Congregation Information
  3. Tick Enable Congregation Sharing
  4. Enter two different Email addresses.
    1. Note: These email addresses are only used for Congregation Password Recovery. Please accurately enter this information, otherwise you will not be able to reset the Congregation Password in case you forget.
  5. Set a Congregation Password.
    1. Note: This password will later be given to any appointed brother who will connect to this congregation.
  6. Re-enter the Congregation Password
  7. Click Share

How to Share the Congregation with others

  1. Give the Congregation ID and Congregation Password to other appointed brothers in your congregation.
  2. They can then use JW Scheduler to Open the congregation from Sharing.

How to view the Congregation Sharing Log

All Congregation Sharing activity is logged, for example: Connecting to the congregation, editing and viewing the congregation, members and schedule, etc.

To view the Congregation Sharing Log:

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Information
  2. Under Congregation Sharing, click the Sharing Log button.

How to Edit the Congregation Sharing Password or Recovery Email Addresses

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Information
  2. Under Congregation Sharing, click the Edit button.
  3. To edit the Password Recovery Email Addresses, simply edit these fields.
  4. To edit the Congregation Password, first tick Edit Password?, then enter and confirm the new Congregation Sharing Password
  5. Click Update

Note: If you edit the Congregation Sharing Password, you must please tell all other appointed brothers who access JW Scheduler. They will need the new password to connect.

JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing Edit Password and Recovery Email Addresses

How to Reset the Congregation Sharing Password

If you forget the Congregation Sharing password, please ask the other elders in your congregation.

If every single elder has forgot, you will need to Reset the password:

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Information
  2. Un-tick and then Tick Enable Congregation Sharing
  3. Enter the Congregation ID and what you think the Congregation Password might be.
  4. If the Password is incorrect, you will be given the option to Reset the password. Click Reset Password.
  5. A new Congregation Sharing Password will then be emailed to the two Congregation Password Recovery email addresses.

Note: For security reasons, if you and every other Elder forgets the Congregation Sharing Password, and no longer have access to the two Congregation Password Recovery email addresses, then there is no way to recover the password. Please be responsible when setting the Congregation Sharing Password and two Congregation Password Recovery email addresses.

How to Remove the Congregation from Sharing

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Information
  2. Under Congregation Sharing, click the Remove button
  3. Alternately, if you delete the Congregation you will be asked if you want to also Remove the Congregation from sharing.

Note: If you remove the Congregation from Sharing, this will affect all others who are Sharing this Congregation.

Congregation Sharing Errors

If you experience Congregation Sharing errors, please:

  1. Try closing and reopening JW Scheduler.
  2. Double-check your internet connection.
  3. Wait 24 hours and try again. Sometimes the Sharing Server is down for maintenance.
  4. If it still doesn’t work, please Contact Us.

User Access

Once a Congregation has been shared, you can enable User Access. Please see User Access.
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