Solve Congregation Sharing Problems

Firstly, please understand that Congregation Sharing does NOT work like OneDrive or Google Drive. Due to the restrictions in sfl on storing confidential data online, JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing has limitations. Unlike OneDrive, Google Drive or any other data sharing software, JW Scheduler does not create a master copy of your data anywhere except your local computer. This makes it easier for your data to be “out-of-sync” with others. To minimise this happening:

  1. Ensure all members of your congregation update to the latest version of JW Scheduler around the same time.
  2. DO NOT enter any new data in JW Scheduler if others in your congregation have already updated to a newer version.
  3. Regularly check your Local Sharing Logs to make sure data is sharing correctly. Others should do the same.
  4. When entering lots of new data, such as many new members, please ensure your internet connection is working fine.
  5. Regularly take backups of your data. This is quick and easy, and the best defense against Sharing problems.
  6. Open JW Scheduler at least once a month.
  7. Try to have at least 2 elders who are Congregation Sharing Administrators.
    1. Note: Any elder who has Congregation Sharing – Edit Access is considered an Administrator.

How to diagnose Congregation Sharing problems

  1. Please ensure all elders are all using the latest version of JW Scheduler. Problems will occur if elders are using different versions. The latest version also contains the latest bug fixes and updates.
    1. Note: To update to the latest version, either open JW Scheduler and click Update or Download JW Scheduler from our website.
  2. If all users are using the latest version, the easiest way to fix a problem is for the Congregation Administrator to select any members who are having problems from the Shared Members list, and click Re-Share. The next time they connect, their data will be refreshed with your data.
    1. Note: If your data is out-of-date, then whoever has the most up-to-date copy should Re-Share with you.
  3. If problems continue, please check the Local Sharing Logs on both your computer and any brothers who are having problems. This should clearly identify which files are not sharing correctly.
    1. Note: Click Congregation > Congregation Sharing > Local Sharing Log to access this.
  4. If you Restore from Backup a Shared Congregation, the backup data will not automatically be sent to other members.
    1. To send this to other members, for each member in Shared Members, click ReShare.
    2. To send this to your other computers, select your name in Shared Members, click Allow More Devices.
  5. If you Restore from Backup a Shared Congregation, please note any existing Sharing Transactions will be downloaded to your computer. This might cause problems with your data, to fix this: The Congregation Administrator should Disable Sharing, then Restore from a previous Backup, then Re-enable Congregation Sharing.
  6. If all elders forget the Congregation Sharing Password, Congregation Sharing must be reset. Please contact us with your Congregation ID.
  7. If all elders lose access to Congregation Sharing, Congregation Sharing must be reset. Please contact us with your Congregation ID.
  8. If you have followed all of the above, and still are experience other problems with Congregation Sharing, please first check the Local Sharing Logs to determine what might have caused the problem. Then please feel free to Contact Us. Please include a detailed description of the problem and if possible include screenshots or copies of the Local Sharing Logs.

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