Create a New Congregation

JW Scheduler allows appointed brothers to schedule and organize the Christian Life and Ministry meeting, Public Talks, JW Secretary , Attendants, Sound, Platform, Microphones, Kingdom Hall Cleaning, Field Service Groups and much more!

But the first step is to Create, Open or Import a Congregation.

If you are the first person in your congregation to start using JW Scheduler, you should either Create a New Congregation, Create a Sample Congregation or Import a Congregation.

If you currently or previously have used Majestic KHS, CLM Explorer or TSWin, then you should probably choose Import a Congregation. Otherwise please Create a New Congregation or Sample Congregation.

JW Scheduler Create New Congregation

How to Create a New Congregation

  1. Open JW Scheduler
  2. Select your program language.
    1. Note: This can be different to your Congregation language. E.G. JW Scheduler can be in English, while your congregation is Chinese.
  3. Click New Congregation
  4. That’s it! Your new congregation has now been created and a Congregation ID has been automatically allocated.
    • Tip: There is no need to press Save, everything saves automatically.

Note: You can now proceed to enter the Congregation Details, Add Members and start Scheduling! You can also automatically Share the Congregation with all other appointed brothers.

Note: JW Scheduler only supports one congregation at a time. If you move congregation or would like to create another New congregation, you must first Delete the current congregation. Please see How to Delete a Congregation.

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