Import a Congregation

JW Scheduler can import a congregation and data from Majestic KHS, Hourglass, TSWin, CLM Explorer and CSV file. This allows you to use JW Scheduler with all your existing congregation, member, and schedule data.

JW Scheduler Getting Started

How to Import a Congregation

  1. Under Getting Started, select either:
    1. Import Congregation from Majestic KHS, or
    2. Import Congregation from Hourglass, or
    3. Import Congregation from TSWin, or
    4. Import Congregation from CLM Explorer, or
    5. Import Congregation from CSV file
  2. Carefully follow the instructions to prepare the data, which is different for each program.
  3. Click Import

Note: If you have already created a congregation, it is best to first Delete the congregation before importing from Majestic KHS, CLM Explorer, Hourglass or TSWin. However it is now also possible to Import Members into an “existing” JW Scheduler congregation.

Note: It is possible that not everything will import perfectly. Unfortunately there are some data incompatibilities between JW Scheduler and these programs. However you should find most data imports correctly. 

How to Import Data into an Existing Congregation

It is best to Import data when first creating a new Congregation in JW Scheduler. However you can also import Members into an existing JW Scheduler congregation, including Importing members from multiple programs.

Please see How to Import Members into an “existing” JW Scheduler congregation.

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