Import from Hourglass

JW Scheduler and JW Hourglass are JW apps or theocratic software programs designed to help JW congregation elders maintain congregation Publisher Record Cards and Field Service Reports.

If you are currently using Hourglass App, we invite you to give JW Scheduler a try. That way you can determine which app better suits your needs and the needs of the brothers in your congregation.

JW Scheduler Import Congregation from Hourglass App

How to Import from Hourglass

  1. First you must use the Hourglass website to Export the congregation.
    1. Visit and login.
    2. Click Congregation > Export
    3. Download the hourglass-export file to your computer, e.g. My Documents.
  2. When you first open JW Scheduler, you will be given the option to create a New Congregation, Open Congregation or Import Congregation.
  3. Select Import Congregation from Hourglass
  4. Click Import

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