Import Congregation from Majestic KHS

JW Scheduler and KHS Majestic (Kingdom Hall Scheduler) are JW apps or theocratic software programs designed to help elders schedule the Christian Life and Ministry Meeting, Public Talks, Duties, Kingdom Hall Cleaning, Lawn and Garden Care and even more.

If you are currently using KHS Majestic we invite you to give JW Scheduler a try. That way you can determine which app better suits your needs and the needs of the brothers in your congregation.

JW Scheduler Import Congregation from Majestic KHS

Import Data from Majestic KHS into JW Scheduler

Important Notes - Please read first

  • JW Scheduler believes your congregation and member data is your own, and you should be able to Import and Export your data as you wish. We also believe that as true Christians, it is both reasonable and right to allow data exchange between other JW scheduling programs. For this reason, JW Scheduler supports Importing and Exporting data into a variety of common file formats. Unfortunately, not all software companies agree with us and some make great efforts to stop people changing software. It can sometimes be difficult to export your data from other software programs, but we will try our best to help you.

Step 1

Please Contact Us to request instructions.

Step 2

Follow the provided instructions carefully.

Import Data from Majestic KHS into an Existing Congregation

Important: We strongly recommend you import Majestic KHS data when you first create a JW Scheduler congregation by following the instructions above. If you have already created a JW Scheduler congregation, we strongly recommend you first Delete the congregation before importing.

However, if someone else in your congregation has already been using JW Scheduler for a long time, you can import the following data into an existing JW Scheduler congregation:

Importing Problems

Please see Import Problems

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