Open a Congregation

If someone else in your congregation already uses JW Scheduler and has already created a JW Scheduler Congregation, then you should Open a Congregation.

Or perhaps you want to open JW Scheduler on another computer, or you have a new computer and want to re-install JW Scheduler. In those cases you might also want to Open a Congregation.

  • Note: JW Scheduler only supports having one congregation. If you already have created a congregation, such as a Sample Congregation, and wish to open another, please first Delete your Congregation. If you want to have multiple congregations, you will need multiple computers or Virtual Machines.

There are 3 ways to Open a Congregation:

  1. Open a Congregation from Sharing
  2. Open a Congregation from File
    • Note: You or another elder must have already created a JW Scheduler Congregation and created a Backup File.
  3. Open a Congregation from Automatic Backup
    • Note: Everytime you close JW Scheduler it creates an Automatic Backup on your local computer only.
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