Sample Congregation

JW Scheduler is a software program or JW app designed to help Elders and other appointed brothers quickly and easily schedule the Christian Life and Ministry meeting, Public Talks, Duties such as Attendants, Sound, Platform, Microphones, Kingdom Hall Cleaning, Lawn & Garden Care and more. JW Scheduler also includes JW Secretary software to record Publisher Records, Congregation Field Service Reports, Meeting Attendance, Congregation Assignments and more. JW Scheduler can help organize Field Service Groups and track emergency contact information.

If you are the first person in your congregation to start using JW Scheduler, and would like to see how JW Scheduler works, you could choose Sample Congregation. This will generate a Sample Congregation and allow you to explore JW Scheduler with randomly generated sample data. Later you can Delete the Sample Congregation and create your real congregation.

JW Scheduler Create Sample Congregation

What is a JW Scheduler Sample Congregation?

A JW Scheduler Sample Congregation is a fully complete and functioning congregation, with randomly generated data. It allows you to see and test JW Scheduler running in a realistic environment.

JW Scheduler will generate sample Field Service Groups, sample Publishers, sample Life and Ministry Schedule, Sample Public Talk, Duties and more. It will also generate sample Field Service data.

  • Note: A Sample Congregation can not be Shared using Congregation Sharing.

Once you have tested JW Scheduler with Sample data, you can Delete the sample congregation and Create or Import your own congregation.

JW Scheduler Sample Congregation
  • Please Note: A Sample Congregation uses randomly generated data. The data is simulated and does not represent any real personal information.

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