Help Improve JW Scheduler Translations

Our worldwide brotherhood truly is a wonderful blessing! To help our friends in as many places as possible benefit from quickly and easily scheduling the Christian Life and Ministry meeting, schedule Public Talks, Assignments and more, JW Scheduler is currently available in more than 20 languages!

However it takes time and effort to translate JW scheduler into many different languages. Can you help? Have you noticed any problems with the translations? or Would you like to request that JW Scheduler is translated into a new language?

Improve an Existing Translation

If you would like to improve an existing translation, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Translation files below and Save them to your computer
  2. Download and install the free software called Notepad++
  3. Right-click the downloaded Translation file > click Edit with Notepad++
  4. Edit the text in-between the tags. E.G. <BibleStudy>Estudo bíblico</BibleStudy>
  5. Save the Translation files
  6. Upload the saved Translation files below

JW Scheduler Translation Files

There are 3 translation files for each language: ProgramUI.xml contains all the JW Scheduler software and report data. This is the main language file. Outlines.xml contains the Public Talk outlines and StudyNumbers.xml contains the Teaching brochure lesson titles.


Program UI


Study Numbers

English (for reference)

Chinese Mandarin (Simplified) 中文简体

Chinese Mandarin (Traditional) 中文繁体

Haitian Creole Kreyòl Ayisyen

Indonesian bahasa Indonesia

Portuguese Português

Portuguese (Portugal) Português

Russian русский

Telugu తెలుగు

Upload improved Translation files

Request a New Language for JW Scheduler

We are happy to consider requests for new languages for JW Scheduler, however please first evaluate JW Scheduler and decide whether you definitely want to use it. Much time is wasted creating and maintaining languages for people who don’t end up using JW Scheduler.

After you have determined you definitely will use JW Scheduler, please Contact Us to request a new language.

Please also state whether you are able to assist with checking the new language translation, and how many friends would like to use JW Scheduler in the new language.

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