Help Improve JW Scheduler Translations

Our worldwide brotherhood truly is a wonderful blessing! To help our friends in as many places as possible benefit from quickly and easily scheduling the Christian Life and Ministry meeting, schedule Public Talks, Assignments and more, JW Scheduler is currently available in over 30 languages!

However it takes time and effort to translate JW scheduler into many different languages. Can you help? Have you noticed any problems with the translations? or would you like to request that JW Scheduler is translated into a new language?

Improve Translation of JW Scheduler (Desktop Edition)

If you would like to improve an existing translation, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the free software called Notepad++
  2. Close JW Scheduler
  3. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Local\JW Scheduler\ProgramData\
    1. Note: The AppData folder is hidden, however if you type the name directly into Windows Explorer, you can navigate to it.
  4. Open the folder with your language.
    1. Note: The Language Codes are the same as E.G. Spanish = S
  5. To edit the translation: Right-click the ProgramUI.xml file > click Edit with Notepad++
  6. To edit the Public Talk Outlines: Right-click the Outlines.xml file > click Edit with Notepad++
  7. To edit the Study Numbers: Right-click the StudyNumbers.xml file > click Edit with Notepad++
JW Scheduler Update or Fix Translation Step 1
  1. Only edit text in-between the tags. E.G. Estudo bíblico
    1. Note: Do NOT edit or alter the in any way, or you will break the program and will need to reinstall JW Scheduler.
  2. Save the file
  3. Test your updates by opening JW Scheduler.
  4. Upload the saved files below, so everyone can benefit from your updates.

Important Note: Translation files are usually updated with each new JW Scheduler release. This means any changes you make will be overwritten unless you send them to us for inclusion in the next update.

JW Scheduler Update or Fix Translation Save

Upload improved Translation files

Important Note: Since the translation files are updated with each new JW Scheduler release, we are unable to accept older version translation files. Old translation files will break JW Scheduler for everyone. Please use the latest translation files when fixing a translation.

    Improve Translation for JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition App

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