How to Enter JW Scheduler Registration Key

Registration supports the development and maintenance of JW Scheduler. It shows appreciation for the considerable time and resources involved in developing this program. Even those of limited financial means can Register. We really appreciate the support given by registering JW Scheduler

After registering, your JW Scheduler Registration Key is sent via email, and is called <DATE>_JWScheduler.Key.

  1. Download and Save the Registration Key to your computer, e.g. My Documents
    • Note: Do NOT try and Open the Key from the email. You must only use JW Scheduler to open the key.
  2. Open JW Scheduler
  3. Click Settings > Enter Registration Key
  4. Find the Key on your computer, e.g. in My Documents
  5. Click Open
If you require further assistance, please see the video below for how to enter the JW Scheduler Registration Key.

Remember, you may install JW Scheduler on all your personal devices, such as desktop computers, laptops and Windows tablets. Your Registration Key will allow you to Register all your devices. 

Please do not install JW Scheduler on any Kingdom Hall computers. Please do not share your Key with anyone else.

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