Update Public Talk Outlines

Every weekend Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world enjoy listening to a Public Talk. Each year more and more Public Talk Outlines are added, and sometimes existing Outlines are updated.

Have you noticed any problems with the Public Talk Outlines in JW Scheduler? Are there new Public Talk Outlines or do existing Public Talk Outlines need to be updated? If so, please help us update the JW Scheduler Public Talk Outlines so that everyone can benefit.

Add or Update Public Talk Outlines

  1. Before adding or update anything, first open JW Scheduler, click Settings > Check for Updates and install any latest updates.
  2. Close JW Scheduler
  3. Download and install the free software called Notepad++
  4. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\JW Scheduler\ProgramData\
  5. Open the folder with your language.
    • Note: The Language Codes are the same as JW.org. E.G. Spanish = S
  6. Right-click the Outlines.xml file > click Edit with Notepad++
  7. Only edit text in-between the tags. E.G. Does God Count You Personally Important
  8. Optional: If an outline has a Note from the branch, you can include this inside  tags. This will be shown in JW Scheduler when selecting that Outline.
  9. Save the file
  10. Test your updates by opening JW Scheduler.
  11. Upload the saved file below, so everyone can benefit from your updates.
  • Note: Outline files are updated with each new JW Scheduler release. This means any changes you make will be overwritten unless you send them to us for inclusion in the next update.
JW Scheduler Update or Fix Translation Open Files

Upload Updated Outlines

Important: Always click Settings > Check for Updates before you make any changes, to ensure you are using the latest translation files.

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