Import Problems

Minor Problems

If you experience minor problems importing data, there is likely nothing we can do. There are some data incompatibilities between different software programs. Likely it will only take a few minutes to fix up your data or enter any missing data.

Major Problems

If you experience major problems importing data:

  1. In JW Scheduler, click Settings > Check for Updates and see if there is a new Build Version. If so, install and try again.
  2. Carefully re-read the Import Instructions
  3. Carefully check the Import Log to see what data did or didn’t import, and why
  4. Ensure Congregation Sharing is Disabled. You should not enable Congregation Sharing until after all Importing has been fully completed.
  5. Try importing again, ensuring you carefully follow each step 100% accurately
  6. Take screenshots of the program you are importing from, each step you are performing, and the resulting data
  7. Click Help > Contact Us > Problem > Importing
    • Note: You must please include the Import Log and multiple detailed screenshots
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