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To see App Members, click App > App Members

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Only members listed as App Members can use the JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App and connect to your congregation.

  • Note: By default, all Publishers and CLM students with a First Name are listed as App Members.

A report of all App Members and their Member PINs can be printed by clicking App > App Members > Print, or from Reports > Members > App Members

  • Note: We recommend Group Overseers help those in their field service group install and use the App.
JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition iOS & Android App Members Receive Data

How to Add, Edit or Remove a Member

To Add a Member

  1. Members are automatically added to the App Members list when the following is true:
    • They are a Publisher or CLM Student.
    • They have a First Name
    • Disable App is unticked (in Members > Assign)
  1. Members in the App List are displayed according to their status:
    • Light yellow. Members added to the App Members list and Sent to the App, but who have not yet connected. These members can connect to the App.
    • White. Members who have been Sent to the App and have connected.

To Edit a Member

  1. To edit any member details, use Members > Member Information.
    • Note: If you change their First Name, remember you also must Send this data to the App.
  2. To change a Members PIN, select the Member, click Reset PIN.

To Remove a Member

  1. Click Members > select the member > click Assign > tick Disable App, OR
  2. Click Members > select the member > Delete the member
  • Note: Disfellowshipped members are also automatically removed from the App.

Refresh Member

If some of the Member data is not showing up correctly on their App, such as Assignments, Duties or submit Field Service Report status, simply select the member and click Refresh Member.

Reset PIN

Resetting the Member PIN gives them a new Member PIN and also refreshes their Member information. This can be used if a user has problems connecting.

The Member PIN will then be updated and the new PIN will be displayed in the App Members List.

Check Contact Details

Check Contact Details is used by elders to allow publishers to check and update their Contact Details, as well as their Emergency Contacts.
  1. Click App > App Members
  2. Select the member or multiple members
  3. Click Check Contact Details
This will cause a Check Contact Details notification to show in the publishers JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App on their mobile device. They can then see and update their Contact Details, as well as their Emergency Contacts. Once they have verified this information, publishers will Send this information back to the congregation.To Import their checked Contact Details, please see App Send and Receive Data.
This process ensures the publishers contact details and emergency contact details are never stored online, but are simply transferred to and from their phone back to the local congregation elders.


If a publisher or CLM student does not own a mobile phone or does not want to use the JW Scheduler App, another publisher can be set as their Delegate.

This means the delegated publisher will see the following in JWS – Publisher:

  • Me view: A Delegates card listing who they are delegated for.
  • Congregation view: The “Submit Field Service Report” card for the other person (at the start of the new month)
  • Assigments view: Any upcoming assignments for the other person.
  • Duties view: Any upcoming duties for the other person.

A publisher can only have one delegate, but publishers can be assigned as delegates for multiple publishers.

  • Example 1: Brother John is the Group Overseer. There are 3 older sisters in his group who do not have mobile phones. Brother John can be assigned as the delegate for those 3 older sisters, and can submit their reports using the App.
  • Example 2: Brother James is a family head. His younger children are CLM students, but do not have mobile phones. Brother James can be assigned as the delegate for his children, and will see any upcoming CLM assignments.

To Assign a Delegate:

  1. Click App > App Members
  2. Select the member who requires a delegate.
  3. Click Assign Delegate
  4. Select the member who will act as their delegate.
  5. Click OK
  6. Click App > Send Data

To Remove a Delegate:

  1. Click App > App Members
  2. Select the member who has a delegate
  3. Click Remove Delegate
  4. Click App > Send Data

Delegates Limitations

The Delegates feature is not designed to be used by Group Overseers to submit field service reports for their entire group. That does not make sense. The direction is that Group Overseers should ‘help collect the monthly field service reports’, not physically submit each report. Group Overseers can use JW Scheduler at any time to see who has or hasn’t submitted their report, and then ‘immediately follow through’.

Group Overseers can also use JW Scheduler to see the report of each person in their group, and ‘offer help as needed, according to the circumstances of the individual’.

It is also not possible to turn on the Delegates feature for “only Submitting Reports”. Again, this is not the design.

Import Data

Please see Receive Data from the App for more information.

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