App Send and Receive Data

Sending data to the App

Unlike Congregation Sharing, new assignments, duties, schedules or any other updates made in JW Scheduler are not automatically sent to the App. All data must be sent manually by the person who created it. This is for security purposes and to comply with sfl.

It is recommend to first make all the necessary changes and updates in JW Scheduler, and then send the new or updated data to the App. E.G. create a new month’s schedule, add some announcements or events, and then send the data.

It is also recommend to send any data to the App before you close JW Scheduler.

Note: It is not possible to send changes to the App that someone else made. The brother responsible for creating or updating a schedule is also responsible for sending this data to the App.

How to Send data to the App

  1. Once new or updated data has been added to JW Scheduler, click App
    1. Note: New or updated data might include adding a new member, assigning a new Public Talk, updating an Event, etc.
  2. At Data Waiting to Send you will see any data that needs to be sent to the App.
  3. If there is data waiting, click Send.
    1. Note: If there is no data waiting, obviously you can’t Send.
  • Note: Shared Members will need JW Scheduler App View Access or Edit Access to Send data. Please see User Access for more information.
JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition iOS & Android APP Send

What data can be Sent to the App?

Members. Any Publisher or CLM Student with a First Name, and without Member > Assign > Disable App ticked will show in the App Members list. Members who have already been Sent to App cannot be re-sent unless you change the member or click Reset PIN.

Events. Any future congregation event found in Congregation > Congregation Events & Announcements can be sent to the App.

Announcements. Any congregation announcement created or edited within the last 30 days in Congregation > Congregation Events & Announcements can be sent to the App.

CLM Assignments. Any future Christian Life and Ministry Meeting assignments, such as Chairman, Prayers, Auxiliary Counselor, Treasures from God’s Word, Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry school parts & assistants, and Living as Christians parts.

Weekend Assignments. Any future Local and Away Public Talks, Weekend Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Hospitality assignments. These are found in Schedule > Public Talks Local and Schedule > Public Talks Away.

Duties. Any future Duties, including Attendant, Security, Sound, Video, Platform, Microphones, Custom Duties, Cleaning and Garden Care. These are found in Schedule > Duties, Schedule > Cleaning and Schedule > Garden Care.

Meeting Schedules. All upcoming Life and Ministry Meeting or Weekend Meeting schedules in the next 3 months can be sent to the App. Only the next 2 weeks will be displayed.

Field Service Schedules. All upcoming Field Service schedules in the next 2 months can be sent to the App. Only the next 2 weeks will be displayed.

Conduct Field Service Group Assignments. By default, conduct Field Service Group Assignments are Disabled. To change, click App > tick or untick Show Field Service Assignments.

Receiving data from the App

When a publisher sends data back to the congregation, it is not automatically imported into JW Scheduler. It must be manually imported by an elder into JW Scheduler. This is for security reasons and to comply with sfl.

How to Receive data from the App

  1. Click App > App Members
  2. The column Data Waiting to Import shows which members have sent data back to the congregation, and is now waiting to Import.
  3. Select the Member who has data waiting to import.
    1. Note: You can select multiple members are once, or even Select All.
    2. Note: If you select only one member, you can see a Preview of the data waiting to import.
  4. Click Import
    1. Note: Importing data will overwrite any existing data.
JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition iOS & Android App Members Receive Data

What data can be Received from the App?

Publisher Reports. Once received, these are automatically saved into Members > Publisher Record

Contact Information. After sending a Contact Details Check request, publishers will send back their Contact Information. This includes the publishers name, address, phone numbers, email, Date of Birth, Date of Baptism, as well as their Emergency Contact Details.

  • Note: See App Members for how to send a Contact Details Check request.
  • Note: After any Emergency Contacts are imported, they may need to be linked to Congregation members. Please see Emergency Contacts Help.

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