JWS Publisher App Features

App Features allows you to enable or disable JWS Publisher app features.

To access App Features, click App > App Features button

JW Scheduler JWS Publisher app App Features button

Enable or Disable App Features

  1. Click App > App Features
  2. Tick the features you wish to Enable, Un-Tick the features you wish to Disable.
  3. Confirm each selection
  4. Close App Features
  5. Click Send App Data and send the changes to the app
JW Scheduler JWS Publisher app App Features

Current App Features

JWS Publisher app currently supports the following features:

Allow Submit Reports

Allows publishers to use JWS Publisher to submit their monthly Field Service Report.

Show 'Allow Data Processing' Message

Adds an extra checkbox to the JWS Publisher app Submit Field Service screen that the publisher must check before sending.

Add the message publishers will see in the box.

  • Note: We recommend only using this feature if absolutely necessary and if required by law.
  • Important: If you ENABLE Show ‘Allow Data Processing’ Message you must also set a message! There is no default message.

Show Field Service Group

Allows publishers to see their Field Service Group details on the Me screen of JWS Publisher app, including Group Name, Group Overseer, Group Assistant and Publishers.

Show Field Service History

Allows publishers to see their own Field Service History for the current Service Year, including totals and averages, and a summary of the previous Service Year. Publishers can view this on the JWS Publisher app Me screen.

  • Note: Field Service History is updated only after the Congregation Secretary clicks Congregation Field Service Report > Submitted to Branch, and then Prepares and then Sends the new Member data to the App. See Congregation Field Service Report Help

Allow Submit Away Periods

Allows publishers to view, add, edit and remove Away Periods on the Me page of the JWS Publisher app.

Publishers will receive a warning if they create an Away Period when they already have an existing assignment or duty, but the Away Period will still be created.

Show Territory Assignments

Allows publishers to view and Check In (return) any Territory Assignments on the Me page of the JWS Publisher app.

Show Field Service Assignments

Allows the Field Service Conductor and Field Service Custom assignment to be sent to the App.

This can be useful if brothers often forget to take the Field Service Group, but can be annoying if the same brothers regularly take the same group and don’t need reminders.

Show CLM Timing on Schedule

Shows the CLM Timing for all non-student parts on the midweek Meeting Schedule. The Start Time is based off your Congregation Information > Midweek Meeting time. Other times are based off the Meeting Workbook and cannot be changed.

Show Phone Numbers on CLM Assignment Slips

Any CLM Assignment Slips that include an assistant will show the publishers phone number under their name. This can be useful for helping the publishers coordinate preparing and practising the assignment.

  • Note: After enabling, phone numbers will only be applied to any new CLM Assignments sent to the App.

Common Questions or Problems

If you want access to the latest features as soon as possible, please become a Beta Tester and receive Beta Version Updates.

Otherwise please patiently wait until the next version of JW Scheduler is released. New versions are generally released every few months, and only after thorough testing by our Beta Testers.

We do not provide specific information about when a future update will occur, or what will be included in an update. These details are only released with the update. There is no need to contact us asking about any future update.

Please see Updating JW Scheduler for more information.

Please carefully re-read the sub-heading Enable and Disable App Features.

After enabling or disabling any App Features, you must click Send App Data and send the changes to the app.

To fix, simply Un-Tick then Re-Tick any App Features, and then send the changes to the app.

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