Receive or Import App Data

When a publisher sends data back to the congregation, it is not automatically received by JW Scheduler. It must be manually imported by an elder into JW Scheduler. This is for security reasons and to comply with sfl.

Receive data from the JWS Publisher app

  1. Click App > App Members
  2. The column Data Waiting to Import shows which members have sent data back to the congregation, and is now waiting to Import.
    • Note: You can also Filter the App Members List by Data Waiting and by Field Service Group
  3. Select the Member who has data waiting to import.
    • Note: You can select multiple members at once, or even Select All.
    • Note: If you select only one member, you can see a Preview of the data waiting to import.
  4. Click either Import or Delete
    • Note: Importing data will overwrite any existing data.
    • Note: If you do not want to import certain data, simply select that data and click Delete
JWS - Publisher App iOS & Android Members

What data can be Received from the App?

Publisher Reports

Publisher Reports are imported and saved into Members > Publisher Record

Contact Information

When a publisher returns a Contact Information Request, the returned data will contain the publishers name, address, phone numbers, email, Date of Birth, Date of Baptism, as well as their Emergency Contact Details.

This is imported and saved into Members > Information and Members > Emergency Contacts

  • Note: After Emergency Contacts are imported, they may need to be linked to Congregation members. Please see Emergency Contacts Help.

Territory Assignments Checked In

Checked In (or returned) Territory Assignments are imported and saved into Congregation > Territory Assignment Records

  • Note: The territory will eventually be removed from the publishers app when they next receive an assignment, duty or any other change.

Away Periods

New or updated Away Periods are imported and saved into Members > Away Periods.

  • Note: If the publisher has any existing Assignments or Duties during an Away Period, both the publisher and the elder importing will receive a Warning. These conflicts should then be manually fixed.
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