Publisher Records

JW Scheduler includes a JW Secretary program that allows you to record and view Publisher Record cards. This information can be kept up-to-date by the Secretary and automatically shared among all Group Overseers and congregation elders.

The Congregation Field Service Report will be generated based on the information entered in the Publisher Records. Various other reports also use this information, such as Congregation Summary.

Publisher Records can be found on the Members > Publisher Record tab

  • Note: This was previously found under Secretary, however for ease of use has now been moved to Members.
JW Scheduler Secretary Members Publisher Record

How to Edit Publisher Records

  1. Click Members.
  2. Select the member to edit.
  3. Click the Publisher Record tab.
  4. Select the Service Year.
  5. Double-click a field to edit. E.G. Double click the June 19 Placements to enter the publishers placements for June 2019.
  • Note: The Publisher Record only exists for Publishers and Unbaptised Publishers.

Report Fields: All fields found in the Field Service Report, i.e. Placements, Video Showings, Hours, Return Visits and Bible Studies. All these fields are visible when printing S-21 Publisher Record Cards. Only Hours, Return Visits and Bible Studies is part of the Congregation Field Service Report.

  • Note: Hours can be entered in increments of 15 minutes. To record 15 minutes, please enter 0.25.

AP (Auxiliary Pioneer): Tick if the publisher Auxiliary Pioneered that month. This will automatically add “AP” to the Remarks, which are visible when printing.

  • Note: If a member is set as a Continues Auxiliary Pioneer on the Member Information tab, AP will be automatically ticked for all future months. If they stop serving as a Continuously Auxiliary Pioneer, AP will be automatically unticked for all future months.

Late: Tick this box if the member submitted this Field Service Report late (i.e. after the Congregation Field Service Report was already submitted). The figures will be automatically added to the next months Congregation Field Service Report.

Remarks: These notes will appear when printing the S-21 Publisher Record Cards. This can be used for Hour credit, such as Bethel volunteer work or attending the Pioneer Service School.

Qualified as UBP: When a publisher first qualifies as an Unbaptised publisher, select the month they first started preaching and Tick this box. UBP will also be added to Remarks.

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