Improve JWS Publisher App Translation

Our worldwide brotherhood truly is a wonderful blessing! To help our friends in as many places as possible benefit from the JWS Publisher App, we are trying to translate JWS Publisher in as many languages as possible.

However it takes time and effort to translate JWS Publisher into different language. Can you help?

Improve JWS Publisher App Translation

JWS Publisher Language files are maintained in Google Docs. Before each new update, the latest updates are copied to the JWS Publisher App and released to all publishers.

To help improve the JWS Publisher App translation:

  1. Under JWS Publisher App Translation Files below, click the language you wish to improve.
  2. You will be taken to the Google Doc for that language.
  3. Make changes to the green text only.
    1. Please do not change anything else.
    2. Please do not change the purple text.
    3. Please do not change the quote marks, brackets or any other formatting.
    4. Please do not add or remove any lines.
JWS - Publisher App Improve Translation Edit Green Text
JWS - Publisher App Improve Translation Add Comment
  1. For the benefit of other translators, you may add a Comment to parts of the translation by clicking on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Once you have finished updating, simply close. Everything saves automatically. You changes will likely appear in the next release of JWS Publisher.

JWS Publisher App Translation Files

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