Add or Import Members

Adding Members to JW Scheduler is quick and easy. You can add as much or little member and spiritual information as you like. There are several Custom fields to add extra information that might only apply to your congregation or area.

The Members view also allows you to see a list of all members. This list can be filtered by Field Service Group and by many other criteria, e.g. Active Publishers, Pioneers, Elders, etc.

To Add, Edit or View Members, click Members

JW Scheduler Member List

How to Add a new Member

  1. Click Members
  2. Click New button
  3. The new member will now been created. You can now add as much or little information as you want. You should at least enter the First name.

How to Import Members

It is possible to Import Members from Hourglass App, TSWin, CLM Explorer or CSV file into an existing JW Scheduler congregation.

  • Note: It is not possible to import members from KHS into an existing congregation. You can only import from KHS when setting up a new congregation. Please see Import from KHS.
  • Note: To Merge or Split two JW Scheduler Congregations, please see Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Click Members > Import/Export button
  2. Under Import, first create a Backup of your data
  3. Choose to either:
    1. Import from CLM Explorer, or
    2. Import from TSWin, or
    3. Import from Hourglass, or
    4. Import from CSV file
  4. Carefully follow the provided instructions.
  5. Repeat if you need to Import from multiple programs.
  • Note: Data might not import perfectly, due to some data incompatibilities between JW Scheduler and other programs. However you should find most data imports correctly.
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