Assign Privileges and Duties

In order to quickly and easily schedule the Christian Life and Ministry Meeting (CLM) parts, schedule Public Talk and other Duties, JW Scheduler needs to know which members should be assigned to perform these parts.

Therefore, JW Scheduler lets you quickly and easily tick which parts, privileges and duties a member should be scheduled.

Assign parts, privileges and duties can be found on the Members > Assign tab.

JW Scheduler Members Assign Duties Roles and Privileges

How to Assign Parts, Privileges and Duties

  1. Click Members.
  2. Select the member to edit.
  3. Click the Assign tab.
  4. Tick the part, privilege or duty you want the member to perform.
  • Note: Based on the Member Information, default values are automatically set. For example, CLM Students will have all Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry ticked. Therefore please set the Member Information before assigning parts.

Treasures from God’s Word: The various parts and roles for the midweek Christian Life and Ministry Meeting, including the Treasures from God’s Word section.

Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry: The various school parts given during the midweek Christian Life and Ministry Meeting – Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry section, including being an Assistant.

Living as Christians: The parts found in the Living as Christians section of the meeting, including the Congregation Bible Study.

Public Talks: All parts and duties involved in the weekend meeting, including Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Hospitality for visiting public speakers. Also tick whether the member is approved for Local or Away Public Talks, and enter which public talk outlines they can give when travelling.

  • Note: If you tick Away Public Speaker, please don’t forget to also enter the Outlines they can give. Enter each outline separated by a comma, e.g. 2, 45, 87, 142

Duties: The various duties associate with smoothly running the congregation, such as Sound, Video, Platform etc. Also includes a Custom Duty which can be set based on your local circumstances. By default this is set to Security.

Other: Tick who is approved for Public Witnessing.

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