Transfer or Export Member Information

We believe all Member data inside JW Scheduler is yours and you can do with it as you wish. Unlike some other popular programs, we do not believe in locking you into JW Scheduler.

JW Scheduler supports transferring members to other congregations using JW Scheduler, and other congregations who don’t use JW Scheduler. JW Scheduler also supports exporting your data to CSV file, Timothy and Circuit Assistant.

  • Note: Timothy and Circuit Assistant are two programs used by many Circuit Overseers to help them manage data for congregations in their Circuit. We are working directly with Circuit Overseers to ensure JW Scheduler remains compatible with these programs, and we are committed to designing and updating JW Scheduler so it can be useful and helpful to our hard-working Circuit Overseers!

How to Transfer Members

  1. Select Members view
  2. If you want to transfer only 1 member: Select the Member you want to Transfer.
  3. If you want to transfer multiple members: Ensure no members are selected. Use the Filter and Group to list only the members you want to transfer.
    • Note: If you are transferring many members, for example because a congregation is splitting or merging, first create a new Field Service Group called “Transfer” or similar, then move these members into this group. Finally select the group “transfer” and you can now transfer all members in that “transfer” group.
  4. Click the Transfer button.
  5. Choose how to transfer the data:
    • For Congregations using JW Scheduler, click to JW Scheduler file
    • For Congregations not using JW Scheduler, click either to PDF files or to CSV files.
  6. Choose the location on your computer you want to save the transfer files.
  7. Click Save
    • Note: This data can now be emailed or sent to the new congregation.
    • Note: After transferring members, you must still manually Delete them. Please see How to Delete members for more information.
JW Scheduler Member Transfer

How to Export Members to CSV

  1. Select Members view
  2. Set the Member and Group Filters to display the specific members you want to Export.
  3. Click Members > Import/Export button.
  4. Under Export, click To CSV file.
  5. Choose the location on your computer you want to save the file.
  6. Click Save
JW Scheduler Members Export

How to Export Members to Timothy for Circuit Overseers

  1. Select Members view
  2. Click Members > Import/Export button.
  3. Under Export, click To Timothy file.
  4. Choose the location on your computer you want to save the file.
  5. Click Save
    • Note: This file can then be sent to your Circuit Overseer for importing into Timothy.
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