JW Scheduler User Access

User Access is used to limit or restrict what different brothers can access in JW Scheduler. This helps maintain confidentiality and avoid accidental editing.

For example, you might choose to allow only a few elders to edit Member Information, but allow other elders to view this information. You might allow a certain ministerial servant to edit the Congregation Meeting Attendance, but not access anything else. You might choose to allow only the COBE and Life and Ministry Overseer to edit the Life and Ministry Schedule, but other elders can view.

User Access is built into Congregation Sharing. If Congregation Sharing is enabled, User Access is automatically enabled and cannot be disabled.

To Edit or View User Access, click Congregation > Congregation Sharing > User Access

JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing Menu

How to Edit User Access

  • Note: Only Congregation Administrators can edit User Access. Any member who has Congregation Sharing – Edit access is considered a Congregation Administrator. We strongly recommend having at least 2 Congregation Administrators.
  • Note: If you are editing your own User Access, you cannot change your own Congregation Sharing User Access, otherwise you might lock yourself out! It will be greyed out.
  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Sharing
  2. Select the Shared Member
    • Note: If a member is not in the Shared Members list, they cannot connect to the congregation and therefore have no access.
  3. Click User Access
  4. The current User Access for that user will load and be shown.
  5. Adjust the User Access for each area of JW Scheduler by using the circle Radio Buttons. For each area of JW Scheduler can select either EditView or No access.
  6. Optionally, you may choose to select a Suggested User Access and then click Load. This will change the update User Access to the Suggested User Access.
    • Note: If you don’t click Load, nothing will change. You must click Load to load the suggested user access.
  7. Click Save to save any changes, or Cancel to close without saving.

Note: The Load Suggested field does NOT represent the current User Access. This is only used to load a suggested user access. The current User Access is show by the radio buttons for each screen, either Edit, View or None. When you re-open User Access for a member, the Load Suggested does not update, for obvious reasons.

JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing User Access

How does User Access work?

If a member has Edit access for a particular view, they can edit anything in that view. For example, if a certain Ministerial Servant has Edit access to Congregation – Meeting Attendance, he will be able to view, edit and print the congregation Meeting Attendance.If a user has View access for a particular view, they can only view. For example, if a certain Elder has has View access to Schedule – Life and Ministry Meeting, he will be able to view and print the Life and Ministry Meeting schedule, but not edit.If a user has None access for a particular view, they can not view, edit or print anything in that view. Instead they will receive a message telling them they do not have access.

App View User Access

JW Scheduler User Access works a little differently on the App View:
  • Any member with JW Scheduler App – View access can:
    • View the APP screen
    • Send data
    • Note: They cannot view App Members.
  • Any member with JW Scheduler App – Edit access can:
    • Send and Receive data
    • Edit Congregation App Settings
    • View or Edit App Members.
Please see JW Scheduler User Access for information about how to edit User Access.

User Access Problems

If you have a problem with User Access:

  1. Close and re-open JW Scheduler.
  2. Contact your Congregation Administrator and ask him to check your User Access.
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