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JW Scheduler allows you to store lots of useful and valuable information about congregation Members. This information can be kept up-to-date by the elders and automatically shared among all congregation elders.

Additionally, JW Scheduler is also very flexible. You can enter as little or much information as you want. In fact there is no requirement to add anything more than the first name!

Member Information can be found on the Members > Information.

JW Scheduler Member Information

Add and Edit Member Information

  1. Click Members
  2. Select the member to edit
  3. Click Information
  4. Enter as little or much information as you like
  • Note: Apart from the First Name, all other member information is optional. In fact, even the First Name could be an alias or abbreviation (e.g. in restricted territories)

First, Middle and Last Name. The first name, middle name and last name of the member. This will show on the Publisher Record card, and the First name field is used for the JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App.

Display Name. This will be used throughout JW Scheduler when showing the member name, and is also used on many Reports and Templates such as the S-21 Assignment slip.

Phone (Home, Mobile and Work). Enter any or all of the members Home phone number, mobile phone number and work phone number.

Address. The Address of the member.

  • Note: If you tick Link to Family, this member will use the Family Address, and you don’t need to enter an address.

Email. The email address of the member.

  • Note: The members email address is also used for emailing Assignment Slips and other schedules to members. (Optional)
  • Note: Elders require an email address to use Congregation Sharing.
  • Note: Please do not use your jwpub email address.

Date of Birth. The Date of Birth of the member.

  • Note: The Format of all dates can be changed in Settings > Short Date Format

Family Head. Tick the box if the member is a Family Head. This will create a new Family, which can be selected by their family members.

  • Note: Families can also be added and removed from Congregation > Groups and Families.
  • Note: Changing the Address for the Family Head will also update the Family Address.

Family. Select the Family the member belongs to. This will affect how the member is seen on the Families filter and various Reports.

Gender: The gender of the member. This is also used when assigning Life and Ministry School parts.

Elderly/Infirm. Tick if the member is Elderly or Infirm.

Child. Tick if the member is a Child. This can then be shown on the Field Service Group List.

Custom Field: This is a Custom Field that can be changed according to your local congregation circumstances. For example, in Europe you might use this field for GPDR Compliance. In Australia you might use this for Working with Children Check.

  • Note: The custom field name is set for the congregation, not per member.

Notes: Enter any additional notes about the Member as needed.

Moved. Tick this box only if the member has moved and will likely move back again soon. If the member will not move back soon, please just Delete the member.

  • Note: Moved members data remains in JW Scheduler, and can be seen using the Moved filter.
  • Note: Deleting a member does not affect any previous or historial Congregation field Service Reports. If a member has moved and is not likely coming back, please Delete the member.
  • Note: If a member passes away, please also Delete the member.

Set a Member as Away or on holiday

  1. Click Members
  2. Select the member to edit
  3. Click Information
  4. Click the Away Periods button
  5. Click New
  6. Select the From date
  7. Select the To date
  8. Click OK
  • Note: During this period, the member will not be available for selection for any parts, duties or assignments.
  • Note: Multiple Away Periods can be set.
JW Scheduler Member Away Periods

Add or edit a Members Emergency Contacts

  1. Click Members.
  2. Select the member to edit.
  3. Click Information.
  4. Click the Emergency
  5. Contacts button.
  6. Click the New button.
  7. Enter the Name, Address, Phone, Email, Relationship and Notes.
  • Note: Multiple Emergency Contacts can be added.
JW Scheduler Member Emergency Contacts

Members History

  1. Click Members
  2. Select the member
  3. Click Information
  4. Click the History button
  • Note: History is based off what has been Scheduled for that member and will automatically be removed after 3 years.
JW Scheduler Member Assignment and Part History
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