All Schedules & Reports in JW Scheduler

JW Scheduler produces many attractive, practical and appealing Reports, Templates and Schedules. These can be saved as PDF or Document as well as emailed. New reports and templates are regularly added, and you are welcome to suggest a new report or template.

JW Scheduler currently has the following Reports, Templates and Schedules:


Weekly Overview
Field Service Groups
Congregation Assignments
Congregation Summary
Meeting Attendance Records


S-21 Publisher Cards
Congregation Publisher Records for CO Visit (sfl 22:12)
Field Service Summary
Group Field Service Reports Collection

This report should be given to Group Overseers to help them “collect” the Field Service Reports from members of their Group. The report is intentionally blank to allow the Group Overseer to fill in the information, and send back to the Secretary. Summary
Missing and 0-hour Reports

This report shows any Missing and 0-Hour reports for the last 6 months from the selected Period. This allows Group Overseers or the Secretary to follow up any missing reports.

Regular Pioneer Hours
Baptised 1 Year


Members Spiritual Details
Emergency Contact List (sfl 26:2)
Assignments by Member
Assignments Field Service Member List
Weekend Assignments Member List
Duties Member List
App Members

Life and Ministry Meeting

Life and Ministry Meeting Schedule

The Monthly Schedule should be printed and placed on the congregation noticeboard. JW Scheduler supports the Branch recommended S-140, as well as a selection of other appealing reports.

Chairman Outline

The Chairman Outline should be given to the Chairman for the meeting. This attractive and functional report allows the Chairman to easily prepare for and conduct the Life and Ministry meeting.

Assignment Slips
School Worksheets
School Summary
Student Usage

Public Talks

Public Talk Schedule

The Local Public Talk Schedule should be printed and placed on the congregation noticeboard. This shows all the Local public talks, public speakers, congregations, as well as the Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Public Speaker Hospitality. Designed to be simple and easy-to-read.

Public Talk Assignments

Print or distribute the Public Talk Assignments to each Local and Away Public Speaker. They are given a complete list of all upcoming public talks, including the Date, Outline and Congregation. The report is appealing and easy to understand.

Away Public Speakers List
Weekend Assignments Member List
Public Talk History

Field Service

Field Service Groups

The Field Service Groups Report is a list of all Field Service Groups and their members. This can be printed and placed on the congregation noticeboard. This shows the assigned Group Overseer and Assistant, and lists all member names in alphabetical order. Appointed brothers, pioneers and unbaptised publishers are marked as such. The total numbers are printed below for easy comparison.

Field Service Schedule


Duties Schedule

The Duties Schedule should be printed and placed on the congregation noticeboard. This shows all the assigned Duties in a simple and easy-to-read format. Optionally, you can include the Cleaning Schedule as past of the Duties Schedule.

Duties Member List
Assignments by Member

Cleaning & Garden Care

Cleaning Schedule
Garden Care Schedule

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