Email Schedules, Slips and Reports

In addition to saving and printing, JW Scheduler can email all Schedules, Assignment Slips and Reports to others.

You can choose to email to many or just a few, including to only those who have parts on the meeting.

How to Email Schedules, Assignment Slips and Reports

  1. Select the Report Type
  2. Select the Report
  3. Select the Template
  4. If required, select the Period
  5. Click either Email Document or Email PDF
JW Scheduler Printing and Reports Email Document PDF
  • Note: Before sending your first email, you must first Setup Email (see How to Setup Email below).
  1. On the left side, Select which members you want to email the report to
    • Note: You can use the filter to easily find the right members.
    • Note: The filter “Everyone with Parts” currently only works for Emailing Assignment Slips.
  2. Click Add > or Add All >>
  3. Click Send Emails
    • Note: The Result shows if the email was successfully sent, not if the email was successfully received. Please double-check that the email addresses are correct.

How to Setup Email

JW Scheduler Printing and Report Setup Email
  1. Click the Setup Email button
  2. Carefully follow the instructions at Setup your own SMTP Server
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