Print Reports and Lists

JW Scheduler can print a large variety attractive and practical Reports and Lists to help elders see how the congregation and field ministry is going. These reports can be easily saved, printed, or emailed.

Please see the description of all Schedules, Reports and Lists in JW Scheduler.

To Print Reports and Lists, click Printing

How to Print Reports and Lists

  1. Select the Report Type
    1. Note: The types Congregation, Members, Life and Ministry Meeting, Public Talks, Duties and Secretary all have Reports and Lists.
  2. Select the Report
  3. Select the Template
  4. If required, select the Period
    1. Note: Most Reports and Lists do not require a Period.
  5. Click Save As Document or Save As PDF
    1. Note: Reports and Lists can also be emailed. Please see Email Schedules, Slips and Reports for more information.
  6. Once the Report has been saved, click Yes to Open Now.
  7. Print
JW Scheduler Printing and Reports Printing Reports and Lists

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