Printing in JW Scheduler

JW Scheduler contains many attractive, practical and informative Schedules and Reports, allowing you to quickly and easily view your congregation data.

All schedules and reports can be Previewed, Printed, Saved or Emailed. They can be saved or emailed as either Document, PDF, Image or XPS.

To Save, Print or Email Reports, click Printing > Save, Print & Email Reports

To Email, click Printing > Email

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Congregation Summary Graphs

In addition to Saving, Printing and Emailing data, JW Scheduler allows you to view Congregation Summary graphs for different areas of your congregation.

Congregation Summary graphs allows elders to see a quick overview of how the congregation is doing in certain areas.

Meeting Attendance

The Average Midweek and Weekend Meeting Attendance for the last 12 months.

This data is  based off Congregation > Meeting Attendance Records

Publisher, Auxiliary Pioneer and Regular Pioneer

The total Count, Average Hours, Average Placements, Average Video Showings, Average Return Visits and Average Bible Studies for either Publishes, Auxiliary Pioneers or Regular Pioneers.

Tick which items you wish to see on the graph.

JW Scheduler Printing Congregation Summary Graphs Publishers Auxiliary Pioneers Regular Pioneers

Common Questions and Problems

Please carefully re-read the section Congregation Summary Graphs above.

Graph data is  based off previously Submitted Congregation Field Service Reports. Therefore these must have been Submitted for the data to show.

Please see Translation or Languages Help

The Printing, Emailing and Report language is based off your Congregation Language, not Program Language.

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