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Registration supports the development, maintenance and support of JW Scheduler. Software development is very time-consuming and very expensive.

Registering shows appreciation for the considerable time and resources involved in developing this program. The Apostle Paul worked as a tentmaker to support his ministry, we work as a part-time software developers to support our full-time ministry.

Even those of limited financial means can Register and your support is greatly appreciated.

“The worker is worthy of his wages.”  – Luke 10:7

How to Register

Receiving your Registration Key

Enter the Registration Key

Congregation Registration Key​

I have Lost my Registration Key

Removing Registration Key

Registration Cost

Before Registration Questions​

After Registration Questions

How to Register

Please visit Register JW Scheduler 

Receiving your Registration Key

After you register, your Registration Key will be automatically sent to your email address within a few minutes, however this can sometimes take several hours to arrive. The key will be called DATE_NAME_TYPE.JWSchedulerKey

If you don't receive the Registration Key Email after a few hours

  1. Double-check the email address you entered when you paid is correct.
  2. Check your email SPAM or JUNK folders. Sometimes the registration email is marked as SPAM.
  3. Wait 24 hours.

If after 24 hours you still have not received the Registration Key Email

  1. Click Contact Us > Problem or Bug > Registration
  2. Enter the required information, including attaching screenshots.
  3. Click Send

Enter the Registration Key

Method 1

  1. Open the Registration email
  2. Save or Download the Key to a safe location on your computer, e.g. My Documents
  3. Close JW Scheduler
  4. Open Windows Explorer and find the saved Key, then double-click the saved Key.
Step 1 - Open the Registration email
JW Scheduler Register Option 1 Step 1
Step 2 - Save or Download the Key to a safe location on your computer, e.g. My Documents
JW Scheduler Register Option 1 Step 2
Step 3 - Save or Download the Key to a safe location on your computer, e.g. My Documents
JW Scheduler Register Option 1 Step 3
Step 4 - Open Windows Explorer and find the saved Key, then double-click the saved Key
JW Scheduler Register Option 1 Step 4

Method 2

  1. Open the Registration email
  2. Download or Save the Key to a safe location on your computer, e.g. My Documents
  3. Open JW Scheduler
  4. Click Settings
  5. Click Open Registration Key button
  6. Find the Key on your computer, e.g. in My Documents
  7. Click Open
JW Scheduler Register Enter Registration Key

Congregation Registration Key

JW Scheduler offers an option to Register JW Scheduler with a Congregation License. This allows all approved appointed brothers to use the FULL Version of JW Scheduler when connecting to this congregation.

Once a Congregation Registration Key has been entered by a Congregation Sharing Administrator, JW Scheduler will automatically convert to the FULL Version for each brother who connects to the congregation. There is no need for each brother to Enter the Registration Key.

I have lost my Registration Key

  1. Please first search your emails. Since your registration key was emailed to you, it likely is still saved in your emails. You can search for “JW Scheduler” or “JW Scheduler Registration” and you should find it.
  2. If you still can’t find it, please Contact Us with the following information:
    • The email address you used when registering.
    • The name you used when registering.
    • The date you registered. (as close as possible)

Removing Registration Key

Removing a Registration Key is only needed if you change from an INDIVIDUAL License to a CONGREGATION License, or visa-versa.

Before changing License, please remove your existing Registration Key to avoid conflicts.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Remove Registration Key
    • Note: If you are using Congregation Sharing and have a Congregation License, this will affect all other Shared Members.
JW Scheduler Register Remove Registration Key 1

Registration Cost

Software development and support is very expensive and very time-consuming. Despite this, we try very hard to keep our registration costs as low as possible. This allows many more brothers, even in poorer countries, to benefit from JW Scheduler.

Did you know?

JW Scheduler is used by thousands of congregations in 65 different languages and in over 150 countries worldwide. Our JWS Publisher app is freely used by tens of thousands of publishers every day.

JW Scheduler contains at least twice as many features as other software programs, yet is less than half the cost. For example:

Individual user
JW Scheduler: $10
Majestic KHS: $25
CLM Explorer: $25
OCLM Software: $25

Congregation with 5 elders (COBE, Secretary, LMMO, Field Service Overseer, Public Talk Coordinator)
JW Scheduler: $30 (unlimited users)
Majestic KHS: $125
CLM Explorer: $50 (only COBE and LMMO)
OCLM Software: $50 (only COBE and LMMO)

Additionally, JW Scheduler has a LIMITED FINANCIAL MEANS registration of only $2 that is available to anyone who is unable to afford the Standard Registration, not just pioneers or special full-time servants.

Before Registration Questions

Simply register again by purchasing a new Registration Key. You will automatically receive your new Registration Key after payment. Please enter the key by following the instructions in the email. Your existing congregation and data will not be affected.

A License Registration lasts for 372 days (1 year + 1 week) and starts from the time of payment. We recommend renewing your license within the last week of your current registration.

If your Individual License was purchased within the last 60 days, it can be upgraded to a Congregation License by paying the difference between the Individual License cost and the Congregation License cost.

Please pay this amount using the Donation button below, then Contact Us with your original payment details and new payment details. We will then manually create a Congregation Licence Key and email it to you. Your existing congregation and data will not be affected.

If your Individual License was purchased more than 60 days ago, we are unable to offer an upgrade.

Instead, please register for a new Congregation License and you will automatically receive the Congregation Registration Key after payment.

After receiving your key, please follow the instructions in the email. Your existing congregation and data will not be affected.

Please ask a friend in your congregation to help you. We are sure the friends will be more than willing to help.

Yes of course. We understand not all brothers have a debit card or credit card. So please feel free to register multiple times for different ones in your congregation. You will receive a new Registration Key each time you register, which can be given to others.

Alternately, you might consider purchasing a Congregation License which automatically covers everyone in your congregation.

We greatly appreciate the work of full-time and special full-time servants! Our team are all currently in full-time service, and between us have spent over 30 years in the full-time service, including over 10 years in special full-time service. Some have served for many years where the need is greater in 4 different countries, from the well-off to extremely poor. We all fully understand the blessings and sacrifices of the full-time ministry.

We do not offer special discounts to full-time servants or special full-time servants for the following reasons:

  1. Many full-time servants and special full-time servants living in western countries are far better off financially than regular publishers living in poorer countries. This is a fact.
  2. The amount of time someone spends in Jehovah’s service is not a direct indicator of one’s financial means. We do not discriminate against brothers who are of limited financial means but are not in full-time service.
  3. In the case of special full-time servants, their allowance includes a sizeable part for discretionary spending. The allowance is specifically calculated to allow special full-time servants to make modest purchases like these.

Instead of arbitrarily offering discounts to full-time servants or special full-time servants, we use a much fairer method to help those who cannot afford the standard registration: LIMITED FINANCIAL MEANS Registration. This is available to any publisher who is unable to afford the Standard Registration, not just full-time servants.

Please Contact Us and explain the situation.

After Registration Questions

Please carefully re-read the section Receiving your Registration Key above.

Please locate your existing Registration Key, and use that to Register JW Scheduler on your new computer.

If you have lost your Registration Key, please carefully re-read the section I have lost my Registration Key above.

When you Enter your Registration key, it is saved to your local Settings file. If your local Settings file is deleted, you will need to re-enter your Registration Key.

If this happens every time you open JW Scheduler, likely there is a problem with your Windows User Profile. Please see Settings Help – Registration for more information. 

  1. Open JW Scheduler
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Remove Registration Key
  4. Click Open Registration Key and locate the new Individual key.
  5. Click OK.
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