JW Scheduler Auto-Assign

JW scheduler supports Auto-Assign during Life and Ministry Meeting schedulingWeekend Assignment schedulingDuties schedulingKingdom Hall Cleaning scheduling and Garden Care scheduling.

Auto-Assign will automatically select which members will handle a part, assignment or duty, and then allow the brother to make any necessary changes. Auto-Assign is very quick and easy to use.

Auto-Assign can save time, ensures members are evenly scheduled and ensures members are not scheduled for multiple parts on the same day. However, Auto-Assign does not replace the role of the responsible brother!

How does Auto-Assign work?

Auto-Assign uses an algorithm to determine who should be scheduled for a particular assignment or duty. This is based on the type of part, when the member last gave the part, and if they have any other assignments or duties on that meeting. 

A computer can never replace the thinking ability and wisdom of a human. Auto-Assign is not designed to do the job of a responsible brother. Auto-Assign cannot take into account important factors such as:

  • Is a particular assignment an easy or difficult topic?
  • Is it suitable for the student?
  • Is the student new, experienced or somewhere in between?
  • Who would be the most appropriate householder or for that particular student?
  • In some places, parents prefer not to have a part the same week their children do. In other areas, especially in small congregations, this not a problem and very common.

Therefore Auto-Assign must only be considered a tool to help the responsible brother. It is his responsibly for making the assignments, not a computer program or algorithm. Auto-Assign should never be used to make 100% of all assignments.

How to use Auto-Assign?

While scheduling the Christian Life and Ministry Meeting, Public Talks, JW Duties, Kingdom Hall Cleaning or Garden Care:

  1. Click the Auto-Assign button
JW Scheduler Auto-Assign Button
  1. Tick which Assignments or Duties you want to Auto-Assign
  2. Select how many weeks to Auto-Assign
    • Note: The Life and Ministry Meeting can only be auto-assigned one week at a time.
  3. Click OK
    • Note: Auto-Assign will overwrite any currently selected Parts/Duties and clear any future selected Parts/Duties assignments.
JW Scheduler Life and Ministry Meeting scheduler Auto-Assign

Common Questions and Problems

If there are not enough available members to fulfill a particular assignment or duty, Auto-Assign will not assign that part. It will leave it blank, allowing you to manually assign later.

For example, if there are 4 members in your congregation who can be assigned to be the Life and Ministry Meeting Chairman, but they all already have an assignment that meeting, Auto-Assign will not assign the Chairman.

Apart from Prayers and certain duty types, Auto-Assign will never assign a member two Assignments or two duties on one meeting. Of course, you can manually assign this if needed.

Auto-Assign uses the date a member last gave a part or assignment to determine who should give the next one. If any future assignments exist, this will cause problems for the algorithm, which will assume the “last date” is in the future, and will not assign the parts correctly. Therefore auto-assign will first clear any future dates, then make the assignments.

Please carefully re-read How does Auto-Assign work above.

In some places, parents prefer not to have a part the same week their children do. In other areas, especially in small congregations, this not a problem and very common.

JW Schedule is designed for the global brotherhood in over 140 countries, not just certain western countries.

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