Schedule Circuit Overseer Visit

The JW Scheduler Circuit Overseer scheduler is designed to help the COBE, Secretary and Service Overseer all prepare for and arrange the Circuit Overseer Visit schedule the upcoming Circuit Overseer Visit.

To access the Circuit Overseer scheduler, click Schedule > Circuit Overseer Visit

JW Scheduler Circuit Overseer Visit Scheduler

Schedule the Circuit Overseer Visit

  1. Create a Congregation Event for the upcoming Circuit Overseer Visit.
  2. Click Schedule > Circuit Overseer Visit
  3. Select the Host
  4. Select the desired Day and Time of Day from the schedule view
    • E.G. Wednesday – Morning
  5. Under Activities, click New
    • Note: A Time Period can have multiple Activities.
    • Note: Alternatively, tick No Arrangements if you want to specifically highlight that this Time Period does not have any activities.
  6. Select the CO Activity Type
  7. Set the Time and Location
JW Scheduler Circuit Overseer Visit Scheduler Schedule CO Visit

Circuit Overseer Visit Activities

Field Service Arrangements

  1. Select either 1 or 2 CO Partners and CO Wife Partners
  2. Add any Notes

Shepherding Visits

  1. Select which elder will accompany the CO, i.e. CO Partner
  2. Select which Publisher will receive the Shepherding visit
  3. Add any other Notes (for the CO only)


  1. Select the Type of meeting
  2. Add any Notes


  1. Select the Publisher who will host the CO for the meal
  2. Add any Notes


  1. Select the Publisher who will accompany the CO
  2. Add any Notes
  • Note: Other can be used for any other activities during the week.

Send to Publishers

The Circuit Overseer Visit schedule can be printed and placed on the noticeboard, or emailed to all publishers. Please see Circuit Overseer Reports & Schedules

Additionally, if you have enabled the JWS Publisher app, this schedule will appear on the Circuit Overseer Congregation Event.

Prepare Information for the Circuit Overseer

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